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Abs after 40 – Does it really work?


Abs after 40 is a fitness program for men that longs for 90 days. It is comprised of the three-phased system that targets to help people over the age of 40. With the program, you will get the well-defined abdominal muscles and increased energy and testosterone levels.

This review about abs after 40 reveals that this is the 12-week program that contains nutritional meals diet plan, exercise programs, and shortcuts to six packs. It will also recommend you that whether you should or should not invest your future health with this program.


The person behind abs after 40

This program is created by the 53-year old fitness icon. Mark Mcilyar is not only a male model and he not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

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This man can be called as the ripped grandpa. The creator of this program has cuts, lean, toned, and amazing body in this age. He himself told his own story that he was over flabby from the belly area at the age of 49. After 50, he underwent a major transformative process that makes his body what it looks like today.

What happens to men after 40?

It is harder and harder for men to workout after 40. As the years go by, and if you don’t take the proper care of your fitness, you’ll be in terrible shape. He focuses on the point that many exercises you see are only geared to the younger men. These are the workouts that can not be done by the person that are over 40. In or above 40, you will hurt yourself if you will not care. It is because your body is at different point in your 40s.

He further says that it is almost impossible for a person above 40 to start a new diet plan. They are habitual of the cooking of their wives and it would be difficult for them to change their habits.

Abs after 40 is the program that will give the low impact on your body. It is a group of multi-joint exercises that stimulate the two or three groups of muscles. Moreover, it further triggers the release of testosterone in good quantity. It will also give enormous strength to your body. But you have to complete the 90 day course with workouts.

The Abs after 40 program answers every one of these worries and even uses a touch of terrifying strategy to tempt buyers to try the item – yet from what we have encountered in this way, this is important to inspire individuals to become tied up with the Abs after 40 techniques that work. “In the event that you don’t make a move, it’ll simply continue deteriorating and more regrettable”.

He goes ahead to say, “Tummy fat isn’t simply ugly, it puts you at hazard for some deadly illnesses”. Tummy fat, as per Mark, hinders such joys in life, for example, playing with grandchildren, attracting ladies, sexual life, and more.

Mark guarantees there is only “one basic thing” men must do to pick up their six-pack abs body. He indicates that it needs to do with settling a weakening hormone system. Men begin losing testosterone even at their late 20s and when they’re in their 40s it’s fundamentally diminished. This impacts muscle and fat quotients too, so settling hormones ought to prompt to a leaner, stronger body.

Mark is a fitness model now. He found how to turn everything around by experimentation. Fitness coaches and exercise center participation didn’t work for him. He declares it’s not anybody’s blame that these strategies don’t work. It’s essentially that ONE THING they should do any other way that is inadequate in their lives.

Most workout schedules don’t help older men lose tummy fat. They may work for more youthful men but not for older men. He guarantees that testosterone is the one basic thing that figures out that whether older men will have six-pack. That is the reason regardless of how much an older man may work out, and how well he eats, tummy fat won’t leave until he ups his testosterone levels.

Abs after 40 workout and nutritional program details

This program will provide you the exercises that will only last about 25 to 25 minutes maximum. Following components are included in this program:

– Hormone Rejuvenation Exercise Plan Customized For Men Over 40 — Workouts Which Are 100% Compound Movements with Free Weights — Diet Consisting Of Food Which Actually Brings a Man’s Hormones into Balance

These parts are synthesized into phases of the Abs over 40 programs in the following order:

— Phase One: Weight Loss Jumpstart (melt off body fat)

— Phase Two: Male Hormone Optimization (boost testosterone)

— Phase Three: Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode (with Mark’s A40’s sets)

The movements that he recommends are the workouts like squats and deadlifts. These are the movements that can be proved dangerous for the older men. The creator of this program has customized these moves so they are no longer dangerous for the older people. This type of training is necessary for building up testosterone levels in the body.

Here is the list of things to expect in the program abs after 40:

-Intro: Abs after 40 Nutrition System: Mark’s Meal Plan Blueprint

-Week 1: How to Prepare Your Abs after 40 Food Choices

-Week 2: The 60 Minute Grill-And-Go Method

-Week 3: How to Become a Grab-And-Go Snack Guru

-Week 4: How to Prepare Zero Carb Chicken Tacos

-Week 5: Tasty Foods That Support High-T and Weight Loss

-Week 6: Pack on More Lean Mass by Eating More of These Dietary     Fats

-Week 7: Super Convenient T-Boosting Foods for a Defined Six Pack Abs

-Week 8: Trigger Your Body to Produce More Testosterone

-Week 9: Getting the Support for Fast Weight Loss Success

-Week 10: 7 Easy Ways to Stay On Track with Your Weight Loss Goals

-Week 11: 3 Simple Ways to Balance Your Social Life with Losing Weight

-Week 12: 6 Must Have Supplements for Men Over 40

This program will cost you $97. But it is only for the first 500 hundred men. After that, this will cost you $197.

Final verdict

This guy gives the complete natural method of increasing the testosterone level. All his logics and all his theories about the perfect body after 40 make complete sense. If you have any idea of body building, you will get to know that what he is trying to say. But mostly people are convinced and satisfied with this program.