1 hour Belly Blast Diet Review: How effective this new weight loss program is?

If we talk about the trends of the modern world, then a perfectly trimmed body is what every heart desires. People who are overweight are generally looked down upon by others. Such people also suffer because they lack self-confidence and are a victim of inferiority complex. Sometimes, even if people try to shed off their unwanted fats, their body does not accept the change so readily. But now that problem can be solved as 1-hour Belly Blast, brings about a diet, that may actually work for many homeless people.

Being overweight is just not bad for your self-confidence and your visual appearance, but it is also likely to invite a number of health issues down the road.



What is the 1-hour Belly Blast Diet?

1-hour Belly Blast Diet is an advanced e-book that explains the diet plans, one can adapt according to his/ her body, in a calculative way. The inventors of this diet program are a living proof that it works and hence many other people who have experienced weight loss, due to this diet plan.

The diet basically starts by assessing and analyzing 8 factors about the individual and then uses the given information to determine the best approach for the diet. Then, it customizes the diet plan for the individual. It just takes into account the age, gender, weight, BMI, blood sugar level, Blood Pressure level, moods, and cholesterol level.

Then 1-hour Belly Blast prepares a diet plan that does not force you to cut your diet or count calories. You can eat what you want, for 3 out of 7 days of the week. It means that 3 cheat days in a diet program. Wow!

Who is Dan Long?

Dan Long is the author of this efficient program. He, along with his wife, was able to follow their self-made program and they not only lose weight but were also able to reverse other health issues like Cholesterol level, Blood sugar level, and Blood Pressure level. Due to his obesity, he nearly had a heart attack, so he reformed his ways for a healthier and better life.

1-hour Belly Blast Diet- Features:

This diet plan is broken down into three main domains:

  1. The first one is easy to follow the template of micronutrients. It also explains that when and why a particular nutrient is needed. Moreover, it shows you that how you can modify your intake of carbs, fats, and proteins by simply choosing a suitable template for yourself. The template, then suggests you the right food, its portion, and the appropriate time for the best results.
  2. The second one is a set of guidelines and instructions that guide you about your diet and how to set it according to your lifestyles. This domain basically explains to you about the carbohydrate intake and about how you much you require it, according to your lifestyle
  3. Sometimes, when people have actually achieved their desired results, they still continue with the 1- hour belly blast diet. But the difference now is that their goal has changed. Now, they do not want to shed their excess body weight, but rather they want to maintain it. So this domain has templates for such cases.

If we talk about the general layout of the 1- hour belly blast diet, thenyou will most probably love their easy to read and understandable script of the manuals. The whole diet plan is broken down into various manuals that provide a bunch of knowledge without making you feel overwhelmed.

Another thing that makes it distinct is that it has ‘cheat days’ so that the person following it does not feel starved or deprived.


The working 1- hour belly blast diet works solely on the following three principles:

  • Diet-Induced Thermogenesis
  • Nutrient Timing Frequency
  • Overfeeding

These three are the pillars on which the whole foundation of the diet plan lays. Now we will discuss these three aspects in detail

  1. Diet-Induced Thermogenesis:

When we consume food, it directly impacts our metabolism, but the impact is based on the food we eat. It may increase or decrease its rate. The measurement of how a food can increase your metabolism by evaluating the calories it contains is called Diet-Induced Thermogenesis. It is generally shown in the form of a percentage. The higher the value of the Diet-Induced Thermogenesis, the higher the metabolic rate.

1-hour belly blast diet tells about the foods that can improve the metabolic rate, in order to deal with the weight

  1. Nutrient Timing Frequency:

Our bodies have an inbuilt cycle on which it works. So, it means that even for digestion, this cycle works. If the right food is taken at the right time, then It can help in reducing the chances of weight loss. It is a fact that our digestive system treats food differently at different times of the day.

The 1- hour belly blast diet combines the nutrient timing frequency with the diet-induced thermogenesis and overfeeding, so that diet plan is less restrictive and it serves the purpose as well.

  1. Overfeeding:

This is most vital part of the diet as it allows you to have your way with your diet. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want. If a person is happy and satisfied, then it is less likely to get obese. Moreover, this principle is also involved to keep the other health issues at bay.

Bonuses with the 1-Hour Belly Blast Diet:

There are three bonuses you get with this diet program. These e-books just elevate the working of the weight loss process.

  • The 2 Minute Belly Flab Targeting Solution
  • 21 Powerful Food That Shrinks Belly Bulge Fast
  • Eating Out Restaurant Survival Guide


  • Easy Diet Plan:

The most likable factor of this diet plan is that it is not very restrictive. It does not force you to starve yourself or deprive of the flavors of your favorite foods. Instead, it uses the Nutrient Timing frequency technique to prevent the fat accumulation, and increase the metabolism.

  • Based on scientific research:

It is purely based on the scientific and peer research, so it has been engineered and jotted down in an easy and user-friendly way for the people.

  • Makes you stress less:

People generally undergo stress and anxiety when they are following a certain diet plan or routine. This only harms their body. The diet plan also does not work in the stress mode. People become conscious of what they eat and how much they eat. Even when they starve, they do not lose weight. It happens because the body releases the stress hormones in the body, which reduces the metabolic rate and elevate the need for more food, resulting in hunger pangs.

  • Say no to starving:

Diet does not necessarily mean that you have to cut down on your favorite meals. No. It absolutely does not mean that. It means that you have to be smart and a little calculative about what you eat and at what time you eat.

  • No side issues:

Many traditional weight loss diet plans have many side issues. Yes, those diet plans are also helpful and they may work as well, but they are usually torturous and agonizing.

One problem with low carb diet programs is that it leads to bad breath, fatigue, low concentration levels, cravings, etc

  • Boost your Confidence:

Well, this is the most obvious and the most important benefit that all the diet plans have in common. It boosts your confidence. You look good and then you feel good. This instantly makes people like you and feel happy.

Final Verdict:

If you are serious about losing your weight but also do not want to give up on your favorite food, then 1-Hour Belly Blast Diet program is the best diet program for you. It has no side effects and allows you to eat what you desire. All it requires is the will and determination to lose weight. That’s all


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