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13 veggie breakfast recipes for a perfect healthy start!


Well it might be a concern for vegan to make a vegan meal every morning creating a perfect start for them. Keeping in mind plating up an all-nutritious platter isn’t a piece of cake. Finding vegetables and fruit to go best with a person’s health style could be a difficult task.

For making a vegelicious morning, here we are with 13 amazingly vegetal recipes that will go a long way, creating a perfect blend of taste and nourishment in meals in just few minutes. These crumbling and velvety textured dishes are to be delved, so that palate could witness something it have never tasted before.

Matcha Breakfast Pizza

This beautiful looking tasting macha pizza, could boost mornings with amazing energy and excitement. This meal works as an emerging anti-oxidant for cardiovascular strengthening. This wholesome diet includes buckwheat flour, nuts, bananas, coconut milk, goji berries, bee pollen, nuts, and seed. Pizza crust is made from buckwheat flour, while ground cinnamon and maple syrup adds tastes to it and coconut yogurt as healthy pizza sauce. Macha, a finely refined tea powder is used a seasoning.

Tofu Scramble Recipe with Roasted Tomatoes

This easy to make southwest dish comprising of 5 ingredients can leave anyone wondering for the splash of flavors it holds. The fusion of tomatoes with spicy combo of garlic powder and mixed herbs when seasoned together gives a heavenly start to anyone’s dully morning. Turmeric gives this tufo a loved-by-everyone yellow color and taste that is hard to forget. This healthy scramble is equipped with superior health benefits of tomatoes, garlic and turmeric.

Raw Cashewgurt Bowl


Yogurt loses its essential vitamins, calcium and good fats in the manufacturing process. The finished product may look like yogurt but is left with preservatives, refined sugar and fillers for smooth blend. For a strict vegetarian dairy product might not be a good option. For this Raw Cashewgurt Bowl is a must eat meal before going to work. Recipe includes psyllium husks powder for giving this cashew mixture, a yogurty texture and thickness. Fruits, berries, cashews and granola are a cherry on the top for this breakfast blend. Giving it a mellow, creamier and fruity taste.

Whole-Grain Raspberry Energy Bar


No less than any energy bar, these stacked healthy granola bars with whole grain and raspberry will make mornings go crunchy and sweet. This raspberry treat is high with fibers and vitamins. Recipe includes oats, ground flaxseeds, walnuts, whole-wheat flour and wheat germ for a mild buttery taste and a bit chewy and sticky. This delicious course makes sure everyone for routine work with tummy filled with healthy and tasty.

Ultimate 4-Layer Vegan Sandwich


This super-yummy looking sandwich, beyond any doubt taste super delicious. Made from Sprouted grain bread with homemade dried tomatoes, basil and hummus spread, sprinkled with red chili flakes and lemon juice for adding flavor to it. With further ado this protein breakfast is ready to be eaten.

Cashew Cream and Fruit Parfait

This rich in fiber, proteins and good fat diet is a must follow recipe for a vegan. This parfait, has layers of blended cashew, folded with fruits, nuts and berries like mousse. This magic blend gives a burst of flavors for a bump-start in the morning.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Cookies


These gluten-free, tender and moderate sweet cookies can make any vegan go head over heels in love with them. Roasted raisins and almonds creates almost impossible to resist aroma, when baked with bananas, flax seed, oat flour, oats, coconut flakes and dark chocolate chips creates further magnificence. Water and flax seed when combined together creates an egg-cellent texture, making it nutty-mouth and appealing. These perfect breakfast cookies are super healthy for it has fiber, vitamins and proteins that goes well for a vegan.

Spiced Apple Cider Donuts


These lovely curves as breakfast can enlighten anyone’s mood. Tossed with apple cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and salt these spicy-sweet doughy rounds can fix donuts carvings of anyone. Made from spelt flour which is beneficial for stabilizing blood sugar levels. Ready for their morning dip in tea these donuts are a proper fix for nutrition.

Vegan French toast


French toast without eggs? Sounds absurd! But yes for vegan dieters we have a healthy substitution too. These easy-breezy nutritious toasts has yeast for thickness, cinnamon and nutmeg for spicy twist. Instead of refined sugar the sweetness in these toasts is because of maple syrup making the healthy and are prepared quickly.

Simple Mango Chia Pudding


This mango-licious pulpy breakfast has chia seeds that is enrich with omega-3 fatty acids, best for heart and keeping abreast cholesterol. Apart from omega-3 this meal provides fibers, proteins and good fats for stabilizing blood sugar and keeping metabolism running in good state. Chia seeds when soaked in liquid better take coconut milk, forms a gooey liquid when wrapped with mango gives an absolute delight. Serve it glass bowls so one can see the runny chia seed with mango pulpy pudding.

Acai Breakfast Bowl


This Brazilian dish with colorful fruity treat can push-start anyone’s morning. For fixing vegan’s sweet-tooth this can go a long way. Acai berries a primary ingredient this breakfast bowl is a lot better. Nutrient-dense breakfast bowl includes bananas, coconut milk and pure acai berry puree. Topped with shredded apples and pomegranate seeds this icey-nicey breakfast is to fill tummies with some huge healthy stuff.

Vegan Banana Nut Scones


Confectionary at store could be full of calories plus could have used gluten and dairy filler. To avoid this gluten and diary risk, Vegan Banana Nut Scones are here to resume a vegan. Made from soft and smooth bananas mash, crushed pecans with walnuts for extra nutty robust flavor. To avoid sugar, natural nut butter could do well, so grab a piece and leave for work.

Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfast Pudding


This heavenly-blue dessert breakfast can leave anyone astounding with its amazing flavor and velvety blue texture. Prepared from buckwheat, a fruit seed when grind together becomes buckwheat flour similar to quinoa. Overnight soaked buckwheat flour when mixed together with anti-oxidants enriched blueberries creates a smooth fruity spell. While maple syrup, bananas and lemon juice gives it a sweet-sour flavor.

These amazing vegan diets is fit for a vegan diet followers or anyone who wishes to munch on these light, creamy and healthy breakfast recipes.



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