20 Health Benefits of Marijuana (Cannabis plant)

Although Marijuana has a slightly negative connotation due to its “high” effect, yet medical marijuana has been legalized for a number of medicinal purposes. It is made from the hemp or Cannabis plant.

The Cannabis plant has many medicinal and healing properties. The dried leaves or stems of this plant have been used in ancient medicine to treat multiple diseases and conditions. Other names by which this plant is referred to are hemp and marijuana. While they have different connotations, yet they are derived from the same species of Cannabis sativa L. This is why we’ll use the alternate names in this article when listing their benefits.

The Cannabis plant has different beneficial substances that aid the human body in its daily functioning. Commonly found in the derivatives of this plant are Cannabinoids that are significantly involved in the working of the plant. They are known to have healing and relaxing effects.

Now we will look briefly at some of the multiple benefits of Marijuana.

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Benefits of Marijuana:

Marijuana is gaining popularity due to the extensive scientific research on hemp or Cannabis. Although some aspects require a bit of backing but overall this plant has been a remedy in ancient medicinal practices too.

Some of the benefits of Marijuana are listed below:

1. Reduces anxiety and stress: Marijuana relaxes the body and releases the hormones that are responsible for stress relief. It also lessens anxiety and panic attacks this way. But it all depends on the dosage. High intake may result in heightened anxiety. This is why it is important to adjust the dosage to minimize side effects and maximize the benefits.

2. May help with chronic pains/aches: Marijuana interacts with the brain centers for pain relief and releases chronic pains or aches. It can act as a pain reliever.

3. Regulates sleep cycle: When your body is relaxed and stress-free, a calming sensation is induced in the brain. This can help with regulating your sleep cycle and patterns.

4. Treats insomnia: The regulation of sleep cycle leads to a solution for insomnia. Lack of sleep can leave you fatigued and lethargic. So a healthy body demands a proper sleep schedule too.

5. Helps with muscle spasms: Since marijuana can act as a pain reliever, thus it also reduces the risks of muscle spasms and pain.

6. May help control epileptic seizures: Severe forms of epilepsy can lead to more seizures. Medical marijuana is known to significantly cause a reduction in epileptic seizures.

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7. Reduces inflammation: The cannabinoids present in Marijuana can help to reduce inflammation. This can lessen your pain and activate pain relief centers in brain.

8. Relieves arthritis discomfort: A reduction in pain and inflammation can also relieve the discomfort for arthritis patients that intake marijuana.

9. May improve lung capacity: When taken in occasional doses, Marijuana may help improve the lung capacity. This happens by increase in lung airflow rates and lung volume.

10. May help treat PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) “is an anxiety condition caused by a traumatic experience.” Most commonly, veterans suffer from this. Marijuana qualifies as a treatment for this due to its relaxing properties.

11. Reduces pain and nausea from chemotherapy: In cancer patients, Marijuana use tends to reduce the pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy. The loss of appetite in cancer patients can also be catered to by intake of Marijuana.

12. Stimulates appetite: Marijuana “may play a critical role in the leptin pathway of appetite stimulation.” This can help to boost and stimulate appetite, especially in patients with eating disorders and anorexic symptoms. The loss of body weight and strength can be gained back. The patient finds more appetite to consume substances.

13. Helps relieve PMS: Cannabis or hemp can act as a pain reliever, mood up-lifter and can deal with emotional stress. Thus it helps relieve the symptoms of PMS. In your monthly cycle, you can get pain relief without restoring to painkillers or tranquilizers that may lessen the flow of bleeding and cause more pain.

14. Treats glaucoma: Marijuana lowers eye pressure and relaxes the optic nerve. This is why it is used as a treatment for glaucoma too.

15. Slows tumor growth: The uncontrolled cell division leading to tumor growths can be slowed down by the action of Marijuana. It can also result in the death of cancer cells, but this area is still being researched.

16. Prevents migraine attacks: Marijuana intake slows down the frequency of migraine attacks. This is because it acts as a pain reliever and can also relieve the headache pain or nausea caused by migraines.

17. Relieves symptoms of chronic diseases: The pain, inflammation or discomfort associated with chronic diseases can be relieved by marijuana.

18. May slow the progression of Alzheimer’s: Certain compounds in marijuana are now known “to promote the removal of toxic clumps of amyloid beta protein in the brain, which are thought to kickstart the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. ”

19. Can work as an anti-depressant: Marijuana contain cannabinoids that act as an anti-depressant in the human body. They regulate hormonal level and fix any chemical imbalance. Thus, Marijuana can also act as reprieve from depression.

20. May improve joint health: As Marijuana is known to relieve the symptoms of chronic diseases, thus diseases like arthritis, etc. also come in this category. Full-bodied pain relief and reduction can improve your joint health. Research is still being carried on to see if marijuana can repair joints too.

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Consumption of excessive drugs and painkillers can result in other side effects in the body. Thus, Marijuana with its wider range of benefits can help to provide the body the relief it is looking for.

Marijuana research has led to the discovery of many positive health and healing benefits. This is why it has been legalized in many states. Potent extracts of hemp/Cannabis/ Marijuana can provide a number of health benefits.

But before this, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor. Setting the dosage according to your body type is essential as over-dosage may lead to drastic results. It is also advisable to use the strain/extract with minimal, low or no THC content. This will reduce the risk of psycho-activity caused by intake of Marijuana.

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