1. Change your appetite pattern

Remember, when you eat whatever is left after a major rich supper and still felt hungry the next day. That is because of the overeating that you did. It makes the receptors of the stomach less sensitive, so it does not convey the message to your brain that you are full. You should take the small portions of food that are rich in fiber and also of low calories. You can take fruits, vegetables and whole grains that will keep your receptors satisfied without guiding you towards the leftover food.

2. Start every morning with grapefruit

You need to stock the grapefruits in your house as the acids in the grapefruit slow the digestion process and the person feels full all the day. Only half of the grapefruit is enough to fulfill your 64% of vitamin C requirement of the body.

3. Move your chitchat session to the walk

Instead of meeting friends for dinner or coffee, suggest a reunion while walk. You are ought to give your 104 % when you are accompanied by the workout friend. Ask him for a walk n talk session or join any fitness club with your friend.

4. De-puff with roll ups

Hold the resistance band tightly between your hands and lay down on the floor with your face in an upward direction. Stretch your legs and arms overhead. Pull your abs in and tuck your chin. Lift your arms toward the ceiling and extend your shoulder and head as far as you can. Keep your feet stiff on the ground and try to touch your toes. Do the 5-8 repeats of this session along with 30 minutes of cardio workout.

5. Drink soup to get a flat belly

Pennsylvania State University’s researcher recently revealed that when you consume a bowl of low-calorie soup before each meal can help you to cut 20% of the calories of that meal.

6. Do cardio

A Duke University confirms that the cardio exercises are the best to burn the belly fats. Aerobic training or cardio exercises burn 67% of more fats than any other training.

7. Eat a lot of dark chocolate

Monosaturated fatty acids are found abundantly in dark chocolates. It contains 3 times more flavonoid antioxidants than milk chocolate that keeps the red blood cells from sticking together. It can also help to make your belly slim by giving you the feeling of the packed stomach.

8. Consume fiber

You should eat 10 grams of fiber daily. It makes your body carry 4% of fewer fats. There are many enjoyable ways of increasing fiber in your diets like apples, artichoke, and pinto beans.

9. Vacuum your house

Vacuuming is the great workout for abs. Tuck your muscles in while you push the vacuum back and forth. It will make your belly tighter.

10. Eat eggs

Eggs have the proteins that fight from the belly fats. When you eat 2 eggs for the breakfast, you ought to lose 65% of weight than the other carby foods. So start your morning by taking one or two hard boil eggs.

11. Try some garden works

Work in the garden is yet another tough workout. It includes all the sessions like bending, lifting, digging and pulling. Gardening allows your body to contract and twist your middle section, which is really a good abs workout.

12. Reduce pretzels

High amount of salt increases the fluid in your body which makes you gain more water weight.

13. Grab a Hula-Hoop

Hula-Hoop is very effective in losing weight. You just need to move your waist back and forth, keeping the upper and the lower body static. Remember, move your midsection back and forth, not in a circle.

14. Use avocado in your diet

10 grams of monosaturated fatty acids are present in half of the avocado. It stops the receptors that tell the body to store fats around the midsection.

15. Skip soda

Cut your habit of soda. They make on increases in your belly fats. You need to switch your fizzy drinks to detox drinks in order to get a flat belly.

16. Halt your wine intake

Drinking wine regularly can make your jeans tighter. Wine is known to raise the cortisol level in the body that accumulates fats inside your belly.

17. Workout under water

Swimming is the best fat burning exercise. You can try twisting your waist with fast breathing. It makes your abdominal muscles work even harder. You can also try free strokes.

18. Kayaking

Kayaking is a very tough abs-crunching workout. Continuous paddling gives you stiff abs for the longer period of time.

19. Have sunflower seeds

The sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and MUFAs. These minerals play the vital role in inflammation. 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds are enough for one day.

20. Try smoothies for flat belly

Smoothies are rich in antioxidants. Adding nuts or flaxseed oil to your smoothies not only gives you the rich combination of healthy fats, but also helps you to shed some weight in a tasty manner.

21. Tuck the tummy in

Whenever you go for a walk, always keep your belly stick to your spine. Do it until you become comfortable with it. It helps a lot in shaping the abs.

22. Turn to seafood

Salmon, tuna, and some other fish contain fatty acids and omega-3 that are fast in burning fats. Try to cook the fish in low-calorie way. You can take the baked or boiled instead of fried one, which is stuffed with fats and calories that accumulate inside of your stomach.

23. Sip more water

Drink a lot of water as it helps you out in flushing away all the toxic substances that are present inside of your body. Drinking water does not increase your water weight. It keeps you fresh for the whole day. It also suppresses hunger. If you are bored with the plain water taste you can also add a lemon or a teaspoon of honey just to make it a little easier to gulp.

24. Sleep to burn fats

Latest research shows that the people who don’t get enough sleep of at least 7 hours a day tend to eat more than the people who take their regular nap of 7 hours a day.


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