5 Recipe Hacks for Healthy Glowing Skin

Your personality is your identity in the eyes of others in which skin plays a very important role. It can either make you look 10 times younger or 10 times older than your age. The attractive and gorgeous skin adds into your personality.

That is the reasons why we spend a lot of money in cosmetics and take expensive skin nourish treatments at the salon. But the fact is, these treatments are temporary and are only limited to the outer skin. The inner treatment of our skin is simply based on what we eat and how we eat.

Of course, not everyone is born with the perfect radiant skin, but still, with the simple homemade recipes, anyone can get a younger looking skin. There are some key supplements in the food that can protect your skin from damaging.

These are omega 3, vitamin C, caffeine, and lycopene.  In Asian countries, usually the climate is very hot and that is the primary reason for skin problems like acne, skin inflammation, rashes, early wrinkles, and tanning.

There are numerous drinks that can help you to make your skin look younger. Some of them are given below:


Edible green leaves are the instant source of carotenoids and vitamin A. they are one of the key supplements that can aid to achieve a younger looking skin. Hence, the blend of
mangoes with leaves make the taste of smoothie unique.

(2 Servings)


1.5 cups chopped kale leaves

1.5 cups frozen mangoes

1 cup fresh orange juice

¼ cup chopped parsley

2 celery, chopped

¼ cup chopped mint

Mix all the ingredients in processor. Blend until smooth.


Cantaloupe is enriched with alpha-carotene which then combines with yogurt and ginger forming more than 6mg of beta-carotene, hence, making the skin radiant.

(4 Servings)


2 cups cantaloupe

3 tablespoon sugar

15 ice cubes (or more as required)

6 oz yogurt (plain)

0.5 teaspoon grated ginger.

Combine all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.


This kale-and-squeezed orange twosome will fuel sound nourishment with greater than 6 mg of beta-carotene. Celery of medium size is suggested.

(1 Serving)


¼ cup ice cubes

0.5 cup cilantro springs

1 chopped celery

2 kiwi, chopped

0.5 cup tangerine juice

Combine all in the blender and mix well.


This smoothie has the burst of more than 11 mg of beta-carotene. Other than that, it is really delicious. Carrot when mixed with whey powder and cream cheese, gives a creamy cake consistency.

(1 Serving)


Ice cubes as required

1 scoop vanilla whey powder

2 g of glucomannon

0.5 cup carrot juice

1 tablespoon cream cheese

¼ teaspoon cinnamon (ground)

2 table spoon toasted wheat grains

0.5 teaspoon flaxseed oil

Tuck all the ingredients and mix until smooth.


Apricot is yet another fruit replete with beta-carotene. A mixture of milk and yogurt with apricot is not only healthy but also tasty. Use of fresh apricots is suggested instead of canned ones.

(2 Servings)


6 apricots

1 cup milk

0.5 cup yogurt

Few drops almond extract.

Combine apricot, yogurt, milk and almond extract in the mixer. Blend until smooth texture is formed.

Besides eating, there are also some reasons that play a major role in the destruction of your skin. You need to knock those off.

One of the major problems is dehydration that we face. You need to drink at least 12 glasses of water to avoid the dry and stretchy feeling of your skin.

Cut down smoking and liquor. It would never reduce your stress level but would kill your immune system as well as your skin cells.

Avoid going under the sun in its hottest hours. You may find it fun but the exposure of your skin to the UV rays can damage your skin to the extreme.

Work out for about 15 minutes a day at least. Other than cutting fat, it also helps your skin to stay healthy. It regulates your blood flow in the body that travels across the skin cells keeping it fighting fit.

Another thing comes in is the bad eating habit of ours. Our skin is in the need of different nutrients that can be obtained from healthy food like fruits and vegetables. Rather than that, we prefer to eat junk food and oily food which later leaves the red beauties on our face.

Make less use of makeup. It doesn’t matter how expensive the product is, it still going to damage your skin to the large extent. It makes a fake layer on your skin hiding the natural one. The damage depends upon that how long this layer is going to stay on your skin. So if you really need to wear makeup, try to wash it away within an hour or two.

Cleanse your skin daily. It would help you to wipe off all the dirt and harmful chemicals that stick to your face because of pollution or makeup. These particles clog the skin pores and thus results in dryness. So no matter how much you are tired after a long hectic day, wash away the filth from your face and let your skin breath.

Apply sunscreen while you walk out of the house. You have no idea how dangerous these sun rays could be for the skin. With the excess exposure of your skin to the sun, many severe diseases like premature aging and skin cancer (the most common of all) take place.

Exfoliate your skin twice a week. Use the scrubs with the natural ingredients. They would also help you to lose all the dirt, blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin from your face. Don’t scrub daily; it would crackle your skin.

Moreover, it is necessary that you should keep your skin hydrated. Apply moisturizer every time after taking shower.

Increase the intake of food that is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, zinc, fibers, and protein. All these can be found in the green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, and eggs.

Thus, these were some guidelines to keep your skin healthy from within as well as from outside.

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