Many expecting moms must have come across old wives tales about pregnancy. For example if your baby bum is low it’s a boy; if you are craving sweets you’re having a baby girl, and the long list goes on. But since pregnancy is the most important thing in a woman’s life, expecting moms should be cautious about certain myths and misinformation to avoid stress and unnecessary worry. It is vital for pregnant women’s health and that of their little ones to debunk the not so entertaining and stressful myths about pregnancy.

  1. Eating for two

Yes we have heard this a lot from not only the old wives we know, but from our ancestors as well that eating more is necessary for the health of our baby.


Well science doesn’t support this advice. In fact a woman only needs to add 300 calories to her normal diet for her baby’s nourishment. And those 300 calories are definitely not “eating for two”. It is quite less than what many women would think. For example adding just an extra slice of bread or a cup of Greek yogurt is sufficient to provide you with 300 calories you need.

  1. Start taking prenatal vitamins only when you get positive test result

The moment your pregnancy test shows positive result you are advised to buy prenatal vitamins that primarily contain folates or Folic acid. That is really good if you start taking prenatals as soon as you find out you are pregnant. But it is even better that you start taking folic acid around 3 to 6 months before getting pregnant or at the time when you start trying to conceive. Adequate amount of folic acid inside your body before pregnancy is important as it prevents the neural tube defects in the embryo.

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  1. Avoid sea food in pregnancy

Another myth! Seafood is considered harmful for the fetus, and pregnant women are often told to avoid it. But the fact is that fish is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids that are very beneficial for the health of baby. It helps in the development of brain and strengthening of immune system. It also known to prevent any vision related defects in the fetus. Moreover, vitamin D in fish is very important for the development and strengthening of baby’s bones and joints. Thus it would be unwise to stop eating this nutritious food while you are pregnant. Yes, sushi and other fish in raw form should be avoided as they are likely to contain bacteria and parasites. Similarly fish with high levels of mercury in it should be avoided. But of course omitting all kinds of seafood from your menu is silly.


  1. Pregnant women should not engage in any sort of exercises

Exercise during pregnancy is safe and it benefits both, the mother and the baby. It is a wrong idea to put expecting mothers to complete bed rest for the next nine months.

Expecting mothers should continue all the exercises of their normal routine during pregnancy as well. The more active a woman is during her pregnancy, the more are the chances of complication-free delivery at the time of birth. However activities that may cause any physical injury or trauma should be avoided while pregnant.


  1. Avoid sex during pregnancy

Saying NO to sex during pregnancy is another misconception. It is believed that intercourse can hurt the baby. Whereas in actual the baby is naturally protected and cushioned against external harms by the amniotic sac and fluid. Moreover the cervix is 3cm to 5cm long distancing the baby from the vagina. Therefore, any harm caused to baby by having sex during pregnancy is very unlikely.

  1. A C-section is always followed by a C-section

A general perception is that once a C-section will always be a C-section. But that is not entirely true. Women who have c-section at first can always have their next baby through natural vaginal birth. It totally depends on the mother-to-be unless and until there are any serious health related complications. Why C-sections are mostly followed by C-sections is because of the fact that doctors do not give the women, who had their first babies through surgery, any alternatives to C-section and therefore, they have to agree to undergo the surgery once again.

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