7 Reasons Why Monday Morning Workout is Best for the Rest of the Week

Spending whole weekend resting on couch watching weekend’s blockbuster is valid. Waking up for morning walk on Monday might be a difficult task for most of us, since weekend make us lazy and lethargic. Hating Monday morning for the office work and tiring activities it has planned for us is fair enough but making excuses to avoid workout isn’t acceptable.

Staying fit isn’t just staying at home and making excuses to skip it. It requires sheer dedication and hard work. A Monday morning in this case is a great opportunity for most of us to bump-start our week with full zest and energy. Choosing to wake up and workout on Monday morning is totally a winner’s move. An American journal of Preventative Medicine published that people are keen to start a healthy routine from the week’s starter day and majority would start working out from Monday rather than other week days.

Well if seeking out for a motivation to start exercising on Monday, we’ve 7 great reasons for why Monday morning workout is better for the rest of the week and no one should really give-up on that.

Mondays are inspiration for working out the entire week

Mondays help people get enough inspiration to exercise for the rest of the week days. The best part about Monday workout is that it makes us feel energetic and helps us maintain a routine for exercise. According to Gretchen Rubin, author of New York Times, “There’s something about starting on a Monday that makes you feel like you’re off to the right start, this idea of don’t break the chain is really powerful.” According to her, Monday fill entire week with full motivation and zest towards exercise that then becomes hard to resist on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and so on for the rest of the week.

Smile, for the rest of the week

Exercising helps people to smile for the rest of the week, surprised? Well the rocket science behind smile and early morning exercise lies in the fact that sunlight boost mood enhancer that keeps people to wipe away depressing thoughts. Serotonin, it is a mood improving neurotransmitter or known as antidepressant. For all intents and purposes morning walk is the most effective and natural way to lift serotonin. It can be improved by exercising daily. That’s one of the great good reason why no one should miss a morning walk. Serotonin adjusts the mood, prevents people from getting depressed and make people feel good about themselves and their surroundings. Serotonin can be released by stepping into sunlight, by including carbohydrates in diet and by exercising.

Will be able to control anxiety in a far better way

Stress starts as week starts, well it is not much surprising, and week days are for work and for doing great efforts. According to research, morning walk relaxes mind which improves cognitive ability so a person can perform best during office hours. For ultimate peace of mind a Monday morning exercise is best, as it stimulate brain signals which lessens stress and aids in controlling it. It also tends to suppress anxiety. So before we panic about the piles of work lying on office table, get up, get set and go out in the sun.

Brush up self-control and promotes positivity

Keep a good track of life and participate in more healthy activities rather than just spending time sitting at home and switching between same 3 channels for hours. Instead set alarm for early morning, prepare joggers and track-suit to run down the lane for an hour or two. Routine exercise prompts activity not in in brain but also pumps up the entire body and its mechanism. Walking for just 15 minutes could help put a break on cravings of desserts, cigarettes and related addiction. Science has proven that morning workout releases GABA neurotransmitters which control body from anxiety and fear. GABA receptor is a chemical herald that is released in the brain. This receptor’s purpose is to diminish the movement of the neurons. According to some researchers one of the purposes that GABA assists is to control the panic or anxiety experienced when neurons are frenzied.

Annoyed of being insomniac? Try waking up early for a walk

Try setting a proper routine for exercise and consider it as a compulsory part of daily routine. Try not to miss it even at weekends. Exercise utilizes the full potential of a person making him enough tired at night to crawl inside the blanket at proper time. Change every day mundane habits and refine them. Add a running twist to it and endure pleasure of sound sleep. Get 45 more minutes to rest, as per research, exercise helps insomniac to have more sleep at night. So the quality sleep we all were longing for could be achieved through a mere daybreak pushups or perhaps a little running on treadmill or in the sun shine.

Promote better cognitive capability, intellectual and reasoning aptitude

Well, a fresh mind is able to answer more positively, perform task quickly and more accurately, is able to find out creative solutions and can deal with pressures. See the wonders of few minutes of morning workout. So renew gym membership today to excel in professional and personal life. Physical exercise has a great momentum to lift levels of brain-derived neurotropic factor curtailed as BDNF. Through this cramming a lesson or a new concept is lot easier, it also improves reasoning and analytical habits. Now contribute amazing ideas in a company project and impress everyone there. According to a survey memorizing vocabulary becomes 20% faster in people who are involved in exercise and goes to gym.

Money making

Obviously when a person is doing his best, starting day with a perfect smile and great dedication towards work. When everyone else gets exhaust and demands a half day, on the other hand gym going person stay stick to the work, proofreading documents and preparing for an important presentation. Then don’t worry my friend promotion is waiting for that person. So make some more money while just slighting adjusting routine and making a permanent place for exercise, gym and morning walk.

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