7 recreational ways of making tofu a super delight cuisine!

Well many of us don’t really know about this dish namely Tofu and those who know, are not willing to taste it. The reason could be mere dislike or they are not really aware about the ways this south Asian cuisine could be recreated. The new ways of spicing tofu are not only mouthwatering but are hard to resist.

Before we proceed, let us first delve about this dish, Tofu or bean curd is popular from its derived source of soya which is made from curdling fresh soya, pressing them hard it gets its traditional shape of solid cube blocks that are called tofu when chilled completely, it is similar to the traditional method of preparing dairy cheese.

According to myths or perhaps truth that is, Tofu has Chinese roots and was discovered about 2000 years ago by a Chinese cook. After its discovery the taste was widespread and was soon adapted by many other continents. This unique veggie aroma and flavor became a part of east Asian and southeast Asian cuisines.

Stated by writer of Healthy in a hurry Karen Ansel R.D.N said, “Tofu is not an only a vegetarian food but it provides boost of energy and protein that means it supplies all the amino acids and essential nutrients that a body needs to create muscles, hormones and antibodies”.

This vegetarian platter contains eight essential amino acids as well as it is an excellent source of iron, calcium and vital minerals that are needed for proper growth and enhances workability like; manganese, selenium and phosphorous. Along with that it is also a good source of vitamin B1 hence it is a supreme food from nutritional and health perspective which provides protection against cancer, halts the development of fatal tumors and heart diseases, lessening the perils of cardiac attacks.

It is a low fat vegan food as per serving is about 4.8 gram and calories as low as 76 plus zero cholesterol.

Since, Tofu is not appreciated much by people because of its boring appearance and uniform taste this dish need a transformation to make it mouthwatering and appetizing. For this purpose, some of the methods mention below can turn it up into flavorful dish.

Add some chilies to this vegetarian bowl


The right flavors can be enjoyed when excessive liquid is sieved out before marinating tofu, leaving behind extra liquid could ruin the balance of spices. Many famous Vegetarian blogger recommends wrapping the cubes of tofu in a paper towel, and setting them aside by placing something heavy for around 20 minutes.

After giving tofu their specified block shape it is then to be marinated and cooled for around 30 minutes for solidifying its cubes. Seasoning that can be used are red pepper, brown sugar and soy sauce. Tofu could have been preserved in a classic ginger garlic flavor before it makes its way to the oven or grill pan. This gives the dish a flavorful twist while golden grilled chunks are not only eye catching yet tasty as well.

Sauté and serve them


Another magical way of creating tofu is to gently stir fry these cubes until golden brown. These stirred cubes could be mixed with pasta, could be used in salads or it could be used with asparagus light coconut milk, peanut butter, grated ginger and can be served by squeezing lemon juice over it or served with steaming hot brown rice. This vegetable square gives a unique fusion of flavors with other vegetables and makes it a crunchy dish whose taste is hard to forget.

Fold this in chili sauce


Well for all of those who wish to see tofu in their main course and are finding a good way to prepare it, to their utter surprise the wait is now over. For clinching this dish as a main course cubes could be utilized in a Bolognese sauce which could be served with spaghetti or tacos.

As a healthy yet yummy breakfast – tofu with scramble eggs


Scrambled eggs make morning sunshine more bright due the tasty blend of eggs and spicy herbs. Adding another amazing delight to these scrambled eggs are to add the cubes of tofu. Every bite becomes a unique composition if vitamins and protein. Not only this the perfect square shape of tofu resembles the texture of scramble eggs making it a best choice over chicken cubes. For quick and handy breakfast, a person can add some vegetables and them with a bit of turmeric and salt as per taste or it can be prepared by adding up whisk silken soft Tofu into scrambled eggs for giving it an extra volume. Addition of this gives protein to the body which can ultimately help a person to stay up and active for hours.

As an appetizer


Tofu could be turned into a creamy and low calorie soup. To prepare this amazing tofu soup blend tofu and soy milk until they meet a thick and uniform consistency. After the tip of the spoon experience velvety soft and gooey texture, slow down the flame but keep stirring it for removing lumps. After the desired consistency is achieved add a bowl of whipped cream to give it a mind-blowing yummy taste.

Refresh summers with the goodness of tofu

tofu 2

A simple boring Tofu can be served as a smoothie, just whisk together it with some fruits for a super fruity twist or blend it with yogurt and corn syrup.  It could also be made into a nice green smoothie enriched with vitamins and proteins. It is suggested that add one-quarter cup of fresh fruit juice into couple of tablespoons of Tofu and then blend it but before serving it or filling up the glasses with this tofu smoothie add some ice cubes. Tofu could also be used to prepare slushes and popsicle just a little imagination is required to turn this boring into exciting.

Prepare a tofu dessert


My oh my! None of us ever thought about this invention tofu as a sweet and sour dessert. to give a person’s sweet tooth a fluffy and creamy pudding, fold tofu in layers of vanilla extract with icing sugar then blend bananas and coco powder. Mix all these ingredients together until a nice velvety texture is obtained. Drip some soy milk over top with chocolate chips, sugar candy and mint leave as garnish.




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