80/20 Fat Loss Program Review – Does It Really Work?

Excess weight gain and obesity are problems that are commonly faced by many people today. There are numerous reasons behind it and it’s hard to list them all. But mostly it’s the over eating, imbalanced diet or unhealthy lifestyle. Other factors are certain diseases or medications that makes you put on weight. Depression, stress or anxiety often turns you into an over eater to suppress the feelings. Similarly bloating, digestive disorders or low metabolism aids greatly in weight gain. Post pregnancy also leads to body expansion.

Due to above mentioned causes and many other grounds of weight gain, people are after healthy diet plan that actually works for them. For few people exercising daily is not possible. Especially those who are obese don’t really have the energy to perform any sort of strenuous workouts to cut out fats. They are often seen undergoing expensive surgeries as most of the diet plans are big scams with zero output. Those who don’t afford the surgeries end up being more depressed n keeps on gaining weight forever.

Not all diet plan programs are cheats but rather they are insanely tough for new comers to follow a restricted diet and that too for a prolonged period of time. Same boring tasteless food could never be a motivation for those who had been eating junk their whole lives. Therefore it is really hard for common person to find the perfect weight loss program for his or her body which would actually work.

What is 80/20 Fat Loss Program?

The 80/20 Fat Loss Program is healthy way of reducing weight in short time. This program helps you cut the stubborn fat deposits in your body naturally. You don’t have to forget about your favorite foods and likewise you are not supposed to workout day and night for every calorie you are getting inside. There is no need of constant calorie count rather you may eat as much you want except that it won’t make you feel bloated and uncomfortable later.

This weight loss program focuses on the food items that we really need to stop consuming. These foods appear healthy but actually they have dire actions inside our bodies and contributes in making fat deposits. Mainly those food items are eaten in breakfast e.g. bread, sausages, processed foods and lastly foods containing Trans fats.

What does 80/20 mean?

80/20 simple means that 80% of the times you would be eating a healthy balanced diet and 20% of the times you can ditch the routine. As we know in a week there are 7 days, out of which you are supposed to eat the perfect nourishment for the body. For one day you can eat whatever you want to no matter if it’s junk or unhealthy.

This way throughout your diet plan program, you would stay under privileged from eating the food you love most. Another best thing about 80/20 Fat Loss Program is that not only it helps your body shed extra pounds but also it boosts your immunity against many diseases. This happens because the program focuses mainly on healthy eating which directly relates to the immune system.

Creator of 80/20 Fat Loss Program:

Before getting to how the program actually works, let’s get to know the brain who has worked behind the amazing and easily applicable diet plan. The author of 80/20 Fat Loss Program is Emma Deangela. She is a certified nutritionist, fitness expert, author and a motivational speaker. Emma has written many diet books as well numerous healthy easy to make recipe books.

This time along with many other experts and researchers, she has come out with the best of her ever smartly weight reducing program. Her approach is very simple and makes a lot of sense. The food we have been consuming thinking it to be healthy are actually the hidden causes in making us fat and no matter how much we try, we just don’t get rid of the stubborn fat especially around belly, thighs and arms.

Science behind 80/20 Fat Loss Program:

80/20 Fat Loss Program is based on the idea that pH level of body should be more alkaline than acidic. By keeping so, the body releases fat burning enzyme Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL). This powerful enzyme helps in fat burning process and converts it into energy. Therefore it keeps you vital throughout your day by eating the right foods which helps you maintain the pH level.

The ideal ratio of alkaline to acidic is 4:1 which makes the body absorb all the essential minerals and nutrients and also facilitates body by burning up the extra fat. When this ratio gets disturbed, the absorption of right minerals is also gets distracted. Rather HSL production reduces and body starts to store fat instead.

Therefore to keep the body functioning properly at an optimal level is 80% consumption of alkaline food to 20% of acidic food. The most recommended alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables. When we don’t feed our body with these foods, the magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals lowers the alkaline levels and body gets prone to attract illness and different diseases. Also the fat burning process turns into fat storage procedure.

Benefits of 80/20 Fat Loss Program:

  1. Increase in body immunity.
  2. Higher metabolism.
  3. No calorie count of the consumed foods.
  4. A healthy Lifestyle.
  5. Weight Loss starts within a month.
  6. Keeps you energetic throughout your day.
  7. No strenuous workouts involved.
  8. No food restrictions.
  9. Look younger with radiant glow.
  10. Program can be downloaded in comfort zone of your home.

Purchasing of 80/20 Fat Loss Program:

You can easily purchase 80/20 Fat Loss program through official website. The whole program gets ready to be downloaded once you place your order. The website offers refund policy for its dissatisfied customers.


The 80/20 Fat Loss Program by Emma Deangela is a smart way of reducing weight. It helps you get into the right shape without going into starvation mode. It promotes your approach towards healthy lifestyle. It changes your focus from innutritious food to immune boosting diet.

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