Apex Hair Vitality- The Perfect Hair Solution

Hair fall has become a major concern these days. Today everyone has become aware of the  healthy  parameters of the body and people take interest to improve them. Hair adds a charismatic beauty to the personality. Be it a man or woman, they are equally important for both. With hectic work hours, poor diet choices and stressed routine, hair fall is a common problem in every third person’s life. Diet and lifestyle changes might improve but cannot completely cure it. Aging speeds up this process and we feel embarrassment in daily routine if we have a thin patch of hair visible to everyone. This is not the end. You can always try to improve. You must find out the reason behind hair fall as there could be many factors responsible such as malnutrition, aging, depression, fungal infection, allergy, stress and many more. Once you know the reason, you can work on it. Additionally you should take something which aids this overall process, whatever the reason is.  To help people overcoming hair fall and thinning issue, Apex has developed a formula which helps to re grow the hair in short time and save you from the social embarrassment. This review will explain you the effectiveness of this hair supplement.

About Hair Vitality Supplements

Apex Hair vitality is a supplement which ensures the volumeized thickening of dull and thin hair. The natural ingredients help to strengthen the hair by revitalizing the hair follicles. It works on all age groups and perfectly works for both males and females. It is based on a natural vitamins formula which are essential for the healthy hair growth. These vitamins are carefully selected and mixed into one recipe to be most effective.

What Makes It Different?

Hair Vitality works on inside and shows the results outside. It is not a medicine but a nutritional supplement which you can add into daily life. The ingredients once enter inside your body can find their way to hair follicles easily and start working on the repair mechanism from the first day on intake. Unlike other supplements, its ingredients are simple, mechanism is clear and result is fast and visible in three weeks.


What Is Inside Hair Vitality supplement?

Hair Vitality supplement is based on selective ingredients which are effective and safe. This is based on pure herbal resources. No synthetic chemicals are involved in it which are used in most of the commercially available products.  Herbal resources of these ingredients make them safe for human health and provide additional benefits. The components of Hair Vitality supplements are as following.

  • Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid provides a beautified shift to the body. A powerful dose of vitamin C to the hair adds volume to it, gives the shine and make them strong.
  • Horsetail extract or Equisetum arvense has a high amount of mineral silica which strengthens the bones, hair and nails. It makes hair strong by improving the texture of it. Selenium is another component of horsetail extract which increases the hair growth rare and prevent hair fall.
  • Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in skin and hair which is responsible for the elasticity and overall health of the skin, hair and nail.
  • Vitamin Dis strongly linked with hair loss. With less or reduced amount of Vit D, hair follicles cannot absorb and uptake the vital nutrients which are required for healthy hair.
  • Vitamin B3 improves the scalp condition by enhancing blood circulation in the scalp which brings more vitamins to the hair follicles and keep the skin moist to prevent dryness. Increased dryness can also cause hair fall so it keeps the skin soft.
  • Vitamin B6 initiates the production of hormones which control the skin and hair growth.

Benefits For These Vitamins

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Hair shine
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Increases elasticity and texture

Additional Benefits

  • Hormonal balance
  • Healthy and shiny skin
  • Strong bones
  • Skin glow
  • Strong nails
  • Prevents acne
  • Anti oxidant
  • Healing skin marks and scars
  • Digestive support
  • Improved circulation
  • Immunity booster

About Apex Inc

Apex is the company which manufactures Hair Vitality supplements. It is a USA based company which has two head offices including one in Montreal and other in Idaho. They can be contacted by calling 1-844-APEX-VIT.

Is It Effective For Hair Loss?

Hair Vitality promises the reduced hair fall. It claims to strengthen the existing hair and promote the growth of new hair by providing them ideal nutritional requirements in the form on vitamins and minerals. The formula is even more effective since it makes the route of these nutrients easy for the hair follicles to pick them up. Improves blood circulation makes sure that the hair follicle sites are never deprived of these nutrients. It is effective for hair loss as in has two additional ingredients other than hair supplements which are collagen and horsetail extract. Both these ingredients help to restore hair and health upgradation to the body.

How Does Apex Hair Vitality Work?

Hair Vitality helps to restore hair by making them strong from the roots. Vitamin B complex in this supplement improve the texture, shine and strength. It also transforms thin and weak hair into thick and healthy hair with less breakage. The Biotin component of vitamin B complex provides energy for making the hair grow faster. Deficiency of it cause hair thinning and breakage. Vitamin C and D provide outer beauty to the hair, collagen protein strengthens the hair from inside and adds elasticity. Horsetail extract is beneficial for hair fall, it makes the damaged hair re grow. For good hair you don’t just need to improve food, you also need a good hair supplement which fulfills hair nutritional requirements.

How To Take This Supplement?

It is simple to use and there is no specific set of instructions given with this pack. You just have to consume one capsule per day for healthy hair, you may take two to re grow hair. The package comes in one month supply and has all instructions given on label. Regularity makes the result faster and you will feel the difference in minimum three weeks.

Are You Worried About Side Effects?

According to Apex, Hair Vitality is effective and FDA approved. The ingredients are herbal and formulation doesn’t involve any heavy chemical treatment. It is safe to use. However, it is not suggested for children and pregnant/breastfeeding mothers. People with infections, prolonged illness or on antibiotics should use it after consulting their health provider.

Where To Order?

Hair vitality free trial is available so make sure to buy it first from its official website. It will just take few minutes to order your supply.


For lustrous and healthy hair, only food doesn’t work. Additional supplements provide food to the hair and improve quality. It also grows new hair to add volume. Apex’s Hair Vitality supplements are vitamins for hair and they give a healthy change to your hair in less than one month.

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