Abs after 40 – Does it really work?

Abs After 40- An Ideal Fitness Plan For 40 Plus Men

In our society, gender roles have a significant value. Women are characterized as caretakers and family oriented but man is the one who earns bread for the family. Body type, daily routine, eating habits, social stigmas and attitude of men and women are very different from each other. Taking a personal care is equally hard for everyone but it is slightly harder for men. When you are thinking over so many problems while multitasking, all the attention goes to the important stuff. The health is neglected and not prioritized by many of the men.

After crossing 30 men become even more career oriented, double or triple their efforts. They get a good career but ignore their fitness. Sitting all day at the office, irregular eating, disturbed sleep cycles contribute to damage fitness. After crossing 40 this effort is even more ignored. To design a program for men at the verge of aging is a dire need.

There are many fitness programs, supplements are challenges which claim to work for everyone. The fact is not all bodies are same. If you want to make changes in your life, always prefer a plan which suits your body. Abs After 40 is a fitness plan which is slowly gaining popularity with time. It is a workout session planned especially for men who are facing aging, work pressure, and irregularity. It will provide them the most efficient exercises in less time so that they can manage it along with their work. The following detailed description of the program will enlighten you with all the required information.

What Is Abs After 40?

Abs After 40 is a fitness plan which is designed to help men for healthy life. It is a 90-day long program which is further divided into three phases. It works step by step in a periodic way. The claimed result is a lean, slimmer and toned body with highly energetic and active body. The program has customized diet charts, exercises and health related tips which are all incorporated at the same time for desired results. If you want to invest for your health, prefer a program which is gender or age specific which works on your target area. Such as Abs After 40 which gives you strong and lean body after completion.

Who Has Designed This Program?

The reason that Abs After 40 is so specific is its innovative designer. It is created by a model Mark Millar who is a fitness guru himself. The 53 years old genius has designed one of the hottest plans for men which work for a maximum number of people. Mark strongly believes that men have equal right to look fit and good as women do. Crossing the youthful years means an end to the struggle for fitness generally but his specialized creation helps to attain a dramatic body despite being in middle age.

What Makes This Program Legit?

Many people criticize fitness programs for the scam but the legit programs work by providing proof with it. Mark himself was chubby, overweight and flabby as the common people are. At the age of 49, he started working on his body and transformed it completely. Today what it looks like is a dream of young people. Mark’s efforts are a live proof of the efficacy of Abs after 40.

Men’s Fitness- Background Information

Before elaborating how does this program work, we need to understand the normal process of aging in men. Like women, men age too. after crossing 30 normally people consider themselves as middle age and after 40 they consider themselves as “old” men. However, this self-definition is not valid most of the times.

What happens after 40 is that men make themselves believe that now it’s time when no efforts of body transformation will work. So they can totally ignore themselves. Irregular eating habits, no gym or workout, long hours of continuously sitting and many other factors affect the deposition of fat. The most problematic area for men is the abdomen. You will see many men who are fit otherwise but have a flabby tummy. Sometimes it is so chubby that it appears to be belonging to someone else.

As the aging continues, it becomes difficult to spend time in physical work. Additionally, risks of diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol, arthritis etc make the physical activity more limited. Years and years pass and leave you completely out of shape. Even a person convinces himself that he cannot be healthy again. So it’s both psychological and physical war which a man need to fight with.

Dieting, a most common weight loss method worldwide is not practical after 40 years of age. It is hard to adapt the body to the new routine. So with reduced physical activity, irregular diet and an “I can’t do it” mind it’s really hard to work for fitness.

How Does Abs After 40 Works?

Abs After 40 is a clear solution for all these problems. It helps to build up abs, reduces the tummy and makes it toned as per body. The methods which make all these things happen also helps to control weight have a lean body mass and overall fitness. This acquired fitness make a person healthy with enhanced immunity and reduced risks of health problems.

The program is divided into three phases which are;

  • Phase one: Weight Loss Jumpstart ( A quick way to make the body adapt it)

Phase one highlights the vital requirement of this program. It makes your body habitual of the repair mechanism. All the damages such as fat belly, hormonal imbalance and overweight are set for the repair program which is 12 week in length.

  • Phase two: Male Hormone Optimization (Controlled system for management)

It helps to elevate the testosterone level which is the natural male hormone and is responsible for all the masculine characteristics. High testosterone makes men capable of working efficiently for body fitness. It also enhances immunity.

  • Phase three: Full Auto Fat Burning Mode (Total body transformation and fitness)

Phase three focuses full body development process. It not only works for belly but the overall fats and weight reduction.

Components Of Abs After 40

There are two areas where this program focuses

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise

All the fitness experts agree that weight loss and fitness is 70% diet and 30% exercise regime. For making abs, diet is as important as the workout is. The program offers meal plans, recipes, eating tips, supplement information and food hacks for week by week.  The user starts from week one which has basic food guide and after twelve weeks he is aware of all the diet-related information with supplements to help in weight loss, weight management, health, fitness and immunity in men. Some of the vital nutritional plans of this program are enlisted below.

  • Abs After 40 Nutrition System: Mark’s Meal Plan Blueprint
  • How To Prepare Your Abs After 40 Food Choices
  • The 60 Minute Grill-And-Go Method
  • How To Become A Grab-And-Go Snack Guru
  • How To Prepare Zero Carbohydrate Chicken Tacos
  • Tasty Foods That Support High-T and Weight Loss
  • Pack on More Lean Mass By Eating More Of These Dietary Fats
  • Super Convenient T-Boosting Foods For A Defined Six Pack Abs
  • Trigger Your Body To Produce More Testosterone
  • Getting The Support For Fast Weight Loss Success
  • 7 Easy Ways To Stay On Track With Your Weight Loss Goals
  • 3 Simple Ways To Balance Your Social Life with Losing Weight
  • 6 Must Have Supplements For Men Over 40

For exercise, Abs After 40 provides above 40 programs of specialized exercises. Some of them are as following.  Click Here To See More

  • Hormone rejuvenation workout which is designed for men over 40
  • Effective Workouts which shows results and are supported by lifting weights.
  • Nutritional information as per exercises to complement each other

The exercise comprises of pushups, dead lifts, squats and much more. There are no deadly workouts which may affect the physical activity of users. Men after crossing middle ages avoid such physical activities due to the fear f an injury. These workouts which are part of Abs After 40 are performed by the creator himself who is over 50. So he has made the moves smooth and easy to that every user can perform with ease.

Resistance training (working out with weights) helps to enhance the male hormone “testosterone” which is helpful for all activities. The thing to remember is that certain exercises work at specific ages. Such as cardio, High-intensity workout, Tabatha etc can be only performed with young users. Their body and physical state allow them to perform them. Same exercises and circuits cannot be performed on older men because of their body state.

Resistance training is, however, helpful since it doesn’t involve hard breathtaking sessions like in cardio. After performing all these workouts with a follow-up plan, the result is toned belly muscles. Which are amazing to be achieved by men over 40 years of age.

Highlighting Features Of Abs After 40

  • Natural Testosterone booster
  • Nutritional guide
  • Toned body
  • Amazingly transformed abs
  • Replacement of Hormone Therapy
  • Overall weight loss and management
  • Immunity enhancer
  • Reduce health risks
  • A substitute to gym and dieting
  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed results
  • Scientifically based
  • Specialized for men
  • Specialized to be used in old ages

Pricing And Purchase

Abs After 40 is only available online. It is initially available for the price of $197.00. Since it is launched recently, the creator is giving first 500 orders for the discounted price of $97.00 only. Ordering it now will save approximately $100. It can be ordered through the official website only.

The Final Word

Mark Mcilyar, the creator of Abs After 40 has designed a program which helps older men in multiple ways. Building Abs is just one aspect of this program. It further maintains the hormonal balance, nutritional support, and dietary supplement guide. Which means Abs After 40 will not just make your body better in 12 weeks but also help for the long term after effects. After taking it once, you may like to continue the changes which it made in your life for long. Overall, the program is based on logical grounds, scientifically supported and provides maximum benefits for men which have crossed the age of 40.


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