Advanced Turmeric Review – One of the best deals among Turmeric Supplements


Advanced Turmeric is a dietary supplement containing the ‘superfood’ ingredient, the turmeric. Touted for its many benefits, Advanced Turmeric is a premium supplement containing the organic form of the herb/root. It promotes anti-inflammatory conditions in the body and healing at a cellular level. The consequence is obvious in an overall betterment and vigor of the bodily systems with optimal functioning at every level.

The supplement industry is beat with products with claims of containing the best quality turmeric. However, they are not equal with differences in their raw resource, extracting procedures, processing, and production of the final yield. Furthermore, the bioavailable form of the super ingredient is not efficient in every supplement.

That is why; certain particulars are important to keep in mind while making a purchase of even the simplest supplements like the ones containing turmeric. The following review will analyze the source and manufacturing procedures of Advanced Turmeric.

This will help the worthy customers to make a better decision about selecting a turmeric supplement for their health.

The following read will also ensure to review Advanced Turmeric regarding its bioavailability so that you are not ingesting futile fillers, binders, and false ingredients and wasting your money on any sham product.

The claims made by Advanced Turmeric

Advanced Turmeric claims that it is a premium blend of bioactive compounds as

  • Turmeric
  • Curcuminoid
  • Bioperine

The manufacturer of the supplement touts that the functional blend of Advanced Turmeric aids in

  • Fighting inflammation at a widespread level in the body
  • Boosts the immune response in the body
  • Improves cognitive functions
  • Support and promotes joint health
  • Delivers an anti-oxidant support

Advanced Turmeric is a much-celebrated supplement on the media too. The media drive behind this supplement is due to its effective role in

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Pain relief

The creators of the formula used in Advanced Turmeric claim that the specific attributes of the subject supplement are due to

  • Its high absorbability across the intestinal membrane
  • A maximum bioavailability of the active ingredients
  • Its allergen-free status
  • A gluten-free approach
  • The inclusion of non-GMO grading
  • The absence of fillers, binders and synthetic chemicals
  • Advanced Turmeric is proudly made in the US

The acclaimed benefits of Advanced Turmeric

Advanced Turmeric is the finest blend of high-quality ingredients. Without any extra addition of lame ingredients, it carries the best and delivers the best. The manufacturer of Advanced Turmeric advocate their product for the following benefits

  1. Combats inflammation at a cellular level
  2. Supports joint health and preserves the structural framework
  3. Restores the joint function and delivers respite from chronic pain
  4. Enhances the antioxidant activity of the body at a cellular level
  5. Fights free radical damage
  6. Balances the cholesterol levels
  7. Stabilizes the blood pressure easing the workload on the heart
  8. Preserves and enhances the cerebral performance
  9. Decelerates the age-related decline in memory and focus
  10. Strengthens the immune response of the body

What does science say about Advanced Turmeric

Known as the golden spice, Turmeric is a prominent culinary item in most Asian cuisines. However, it’s many therapeutic benefits are becoming known to the western medicine quite recently, though turmeric is a medicinal ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine as old as the time.

Turmeric has properties not based on mere theory or any hypothesis. Turmeric is one of the highly researched ingredients and there are over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles about this herb, which is a sister of the ginger family.

The chemical make-up of turmeric includes a number of ingredients called the curcuminoids. Turmeric has an active ingredient the Curcumin and many turmeric supplements are retailed by the active name.

The Mayo Clinic terms turmeric as a functional food because of its ability to affect the human health in a positive way besides its nutritional use.

Turmeric is

  • Safe
  • Researched
  • Potent
  • Traditionally significant

The scientifically proven benefits of a good quality turmeric supplement are

  1. The anti-platelet aggregation

Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, Curcumin found in turmeric slows or prevents platelet aggregation, a process that leads to the formation of a clot.

  1. Anti-depressive action

Curcumin acts as an anti-depressive and its actions are comparable to the effects delivered by fluoxetine (Prozac), a well-known anti-depressant.

The recently conducted clinical trial had some amazing results and enforced the researchers to acknowledge its benefits;

“This study provides first clinical evidence [emphasis added] that Curcumin may be used as an effective and safe therapy for treatment in patients with mild depression”. (Published in the journal ‘Phytotherapy Research’).

  1. Anti-inflammatory benefits

Curcumin is a superstar ingredient as far as combating inflammation is concerned. Its inflammation fighting property parallels ibuprofen and aspirin in one of the clinical trials. Since inflammation is at the heart of every disease, this specific function is unsurpassed by any supplement ingredient today.

  1. A potent analgesic remedy

Equivalent to its anti-inflammatory actions, turmeric exerts analgesic property, which supersedes the effects of diclofenac sodium, a potent pain-reliever.

  1. Turmeric for a beautiful skin

Have you ever tried turmeric mask or face wash for your skin and were impressed with the results? Turmeric delivers a beautiful glow to your skin by eradicating inflammation at the cellular level.

  1. As an anti-cancer agent

The Curcumin in turmeric is the hot topic for latest research in the field of cancer therapy.

  1. As an anti-diabetic agent

Curcumin is shown to be 400 times more potent than Metformin in delivering a sugar-balancing act.

  1. An obesity fighter

Curcumin inhibits the growth of fat cells, shown by lab results.

  1. An anti-cholesterol agent

Therapy with Curcumin had shown comparable results for effectively reducing the cholesterol levels with the known drug atorvastatin.

  1. Eases the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

What are customers saying about Advanced Turmeric?

Though we could not find any independent customers’ reviews about Advanced Turmeric there were some very encouraging testimonials from customers who had used the supplement. Here is what they had to say

Pain-free living

More energy, better focus

Recommendations to use this product

What we like about Advanced Turmeric

Advanced Turmeric contains a neat ingredient blend. It contains Curcumin with Bioperine, which is the recommended formulation by supplement experts for a turmeric supplement.

Moreover, experts advise going for a turmeric supplement derived from an organic source. The review reveals the organically sourced turmeric in Advanced Turmeric. The manufacturer has a non-GMO policy, which ensures the individual’s health security.

With no fillers, binders or synthetic ingredients, Advanced Turmeric seems to deliver what it claims; a whole bunch of benefits for an optimal functioning and enhanced performance of the overall body systems.

What are the shortcomings of Advanced Turmeric?

Though there are no downsides to Advanced Turmeric as a supplement the manufacturer could have established a secure deal with the customers by adding a money-back guarantee. There are no money back guarantees with this product so if you are confident about this product; recommendations are on for any purchase.

Furthermore, there is no independent third party evaluation for this product. This could add confidence and credibility on part of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer provides no details about the manufacturing process of the supplement. There are no added certifications for the ingredients or the final yield, which might not be a happy affair for some customers.

The cost and availability of Advanced Turmeric

The subject supplement is available at the official website. Once you complete the shipping address details, directions lead you towards a selection of different packages and your order completes.

Take home message

One could multiply the benefits of any dietary turmeric with the addition of a superior quality turmeric supplement. Turmeric has an infinite number of upshots with a strong scientific backing. A quality supplement can never put the customers at a disadvantage and inconvenience. We indeed hope that you find Advanced Turmeric meeting the merits of a good supplement.



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