Advocare 24-Day Challenge Review-Is This A Legit Weight Loss Plan?

Excess weight does not only make you look fat but it also increases the chances of some serious health issues. So, in order to reduce the chances of occurrence of such health issues, one must do effort for losing weight. This is not as simple as it sounds because it might take months to put on pounds but to shed those pounds you need years of workouts, meal plans, and supplementation.

People with excess weight have greater chances of cancer, depression, diabetes, heart diseases, and strokes. Hence, it is very important to look after your health and put some effort of maintaining the healthy weight. What if someone tells you that you can achieve your weight loss goals in just 24 days? I am sure you won’t believe it because this sounds quite impossible.

This review is about Advocare 24-Day Challenge which includes a detail about the meal plans, workout included and supplementation which is to be included in your daily routine so that you meet the 24-Day weight loss challenge.

What Is Advocare 24-Day Challenge About?

Advocare 24-Day Challenge is weight loss plan which has helped thousands of people to achieve their weight loss goals. Advocare includes meal plans, supplementation and various exercises which can be included as a part of your daily routine. Weight loss and weight gain vary from a person to person so one can pick the meal plan, workout, and supplementation according to his or her own choice.

There is a daily guide along with different apps in this program that help you keep track of your entire calorie intake and pounds gain. There are various shakes included in this weight loss program which can be a perfect replacement for your meals and can keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

The Advocare 24-Day Challenge helps to provide a kick start when a person is planning for weight loss. The program contains various choices where one can pick up the workout, meal plan, and supplements according to his or her own body and weight loss goals.

The Advocare 24-Day Challenge provides weight loss in two stages. Initially, it works to improve metabolism and perform cleansing of intestines and colon. In this way, the nutrients are better absorbed by your body and you stay healthier and lose weight quickly.

What Is Included In Advocare 24-Day Challenge?

Advocare 24-day Challenge includes a 24-Day Challenge Daily Guide, One Box of Meal Replacement Shake, One Box of MNS 3, C or E, Two Boxes of Advocare Spark, One Bottle of OmegaPlex, One Box of Advocare Fiber along with one box of Herbal Cleans.

What Are The Ingredients Of Advocare 24-Day Challenge? Do They Have Any Side Effects?

After a thorough survey of the customer reviews and scientific research on Advocare 24-Day Challenge Ingredients, we have concluded that there are a few artificial flavors and sweeteners in its ingredients that are extremely harmful to your health. Green Coffee Extract, Guarana Extract, Oolong Tea Extract, Sucralose are some ingredients which have got some adverse side effects.

These may cause a headache, anxiety, and insomnia. Artificial flavors contaminate your body and can cause a serious damage to it. The preservatives are also risky for your health and immune system. A person can face the difficulty of losing stool passing, bloating, constipation, gas and also breathing related problems.

How Does Advocare 24-Day Challenge Work?

Advocare 24-Day Challenge works in two phases. The firsts phase is from Day1-Day10 and the second phase goes from Day 11-Day24. The first Phase is called the Cleans Phase which involves the cleansing of your system and second Phase is called the Max Phase in which nutrients are absorbed by your body and your body gets refueled. Let us have a detailed look at how each of the Phases works.

Phase 1: Cleans Phase

This phase includes the intake of three supplements called Herbal Cleans System, Omega Plex and Advocare spark. The ingredients in these supplements perform cleansing of your internal system which makes it possible for all the essential nutrients to get easily absorbed by your body. The deficiency of these nutrients does not let your body function properly and one might face serious health issues with their deficiency in the body. For optimum results, one must make sure to have a healthy routine with daily exercise and healthy balanced meals.

  • The Herbal Cleans System helps to improve metabolism and digestive system which leads to the proper breakdown of food. All the waste food is excreted by your body and essential nutrients are extracted and absorbed by the body.
  • OmegaPlex contains Omega3 fatty acids which provide your body with the right type of fats, (the unsaturated fats), these are healthy ones so they do not contribute to weight gain. Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for your nerves, muscle, heart tissues, bone and immune system.
  • Advocare Spark is a supplement that helps to fulfill the requirement of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your body.

Phase 2: Max Phase

This Phase continues from 11th Day till 24th Day. After the first Phase when the cleansing of your system is performed, this Phase helps to restore your energy and provides you optimum nutrition by the three supplements called Metabolic Nutrition System, Meal Replacement Shake and Advocare Spark.

The meal replacement shake is very beneficial as it suppresses the appetite and keeps the stomach fuller for a longer period of time. In this way, a person eats less and calorie intake stays controlled.

Customer Reviews On Advocare 24-Day Challenge

Customer 1-“It was a great product and helped kick start my diet”

Customer 2-“It works….. Feel weird the first 2-3 days. But felt good after. And I saw results. You need to change your eating habits if you want to keep the results. This is not a magic potion that cures all. But it is a clean and simple start”

What Are Purchasing Details Of Advocare 24-Day Challenge?

Advocare 24-Day Challenge is priced too high at a cost of $195.70. The price even goes even higher when two additional recommended products are added which raise the cost from $30 to $40. This is an extremely high-cost program according to 24-day package and not affordable for everyone’s pocket.

There are many other similar weight loss programs offering the similar benefits at half of this price. Moreover, the artificial flavors and sweeteners added to the ingredients have proven to be extremely harmful.

Moreover, the company has poor communication with its customers which makes the customers extremely uncomfortable. Their customer service number and contacting details are given below:

  • Postal Address: 2801 Summit Ave

               Plano, Texas 75074

  • Customer Service Number: (800) 542-4800


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