Alpha King Review – Lift up your testosterone the natural way


Alpha King is a testosterone supplement by the supplement company, the Force Factor. Stating some tall claims as delivering ‘attributes of a king’, Alpha King is a supplement that enhances the free testosterone levels in the body. Whether you are fitness junky or going through the signs and symptoms of declining years, Alpha King states to make you an alpha male in every playing field with its characteristic blend of ingredients.

With the backing of real science and not just empty promises, Alpha King delivers a boost of confidence by targeting the root cause of waning physical endurance, cognitive functions, low libido and diluted performance in the gym. With the supplement industry brimming with products every day, it is supplements, like Alpha King that gains the trust of customers’ community with their authenticity and years old credibility.

The following review will evaluate the manufacturing company, the ingredients at work, the working of the product, any independent customers’ reviews and overall benefits of Alpha King in detail to enable the customers to make a decision worthy of their health and savings.

The manufacturing unit of Alpha King

A company called the Force Factor, which was established in 2009, manufactures Alpha King. Owing to the quality of its products, it was awarded the GNC rising star within a year of its establishment. The company primarily focuses on sports nutrition. Offering free samples of its products for 15 days, the company promises to bring change into your life with its premium ingredients and superior quality products.

Advocated by health experts and individuals from different sports, Force Factor remains committed to the deliverance of quality at economical rates.

An overview of Alpha King     

Alpha King is a male enhancing supplement that claims to

  • Build better body
  • Boost sexual stamina
  • Work on physical endurance
  • Increase the confidence levels, in the gym and between the sheets

Endorsed by sports personalities like Bo Jackson, the Alpha King is said to be ‘safe, easy and delivers’ the action required. With two awards from GNC, the rising star and breakout brand of the year, Alpha King also takes pride in getting a reward for excellence by the

Alpha King targets three aspects of male deliverance

  • Increasing free testosterone levels in the body
  • Boosting the physical stamina
  • Refurbishing the energy stores
  • Enhancing performance at every required field

The formula is an effective over-the-counter one with the backing and support of scientific evidence to deliver results.

The functional ingredients of Alpha King

Alpha King lays the foundations of its claims on latest patented ingredient and some classical blends. Let us see what they are

  • AlphaFen
  • Diindolylmethane
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Black Maca

AlphaFen is a derivative extracted from fenugreek seeds that hold a patent title regarding boosting free testosterone levels in the body. It helps build lean muscle mass when used in conjunction with resistance training. The ingredient is also known for its effects as an increased energy drive and an introduction of vitality you have never experienced before.

Diindolylmethane or DIM is a natural compound derived from the breakdown of I3C, a phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard, kale, radishes, and turnips and so on. It is scientifically proven to lower the incidence of hormone-dependent cancer in men by creating equilibrium in the hormonal profile.

The mode of action of DIM is exerted via its role in decreasing the amount of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), by enhancing the metabolism of estrogen (female sex hormone present in small amounts in men) and increasing the activity of 2-hydroxy-estrogens. The latter is an enzyme with a unique ability to displace the SHBG from testosterone thereby increasing the levels of free testosterone in the blood.

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the earliest herbs introduced to sports nutrition due to its attributes as increasing the male virility, sexual health, and overall vigor. It achieves all of these results by increasing the level of testosterone in the body and balancing the overall hormonal status. The extract is also known to enhance the blood circulation throughout the body. It helps fight fatigue by replenishing energy stores and improves the libido.  Though its use in male enhancing supplements is subject to controversy, it is the most widely used herbal extract in supplements claiming to boost testosterone levels in the body.

Black Maca is a nutrient-dense herbal extract native to plants found in the high Andes of Peru. It is an aphrodisiac in nature, effectively increasing the sex drive and erection quality in athletes and otherwise healthy men. Black Maca is advertised as a testosterone booster; in fact, it has no authority on testosterone levels in the body and boosts the sexual functions via some other pathways, which are not clearly understood.

The working of Alpha King

Alpha Male claims its working procedure is reported to

  • suit a 63% of men regarding their muscle build up
  • satisfy 66% of men regarding physical strength and gain
  • refurbish energy stores in 77% of men

(According to an independent study on AlphaFen, the active ingredient in Alpha King)

How does the supplement achieve all of this? Well, the working of Alpha King gyrates around freeing the testosterone in the body from its bound form to SHBG.

The question arises, why free testosterone is important. Free testosterone is able to cross into brain, muscles and fat cells with ease as opposed to its bound status and it is these specific organ systems where the testosterone exerts its maximum benefits. A high level of SHBG locks the hormone, only 2% of which is available.

Testosterone is an androgenic hormone, responsible for the appearance of male sexual characteristics in men. Being anabolic in nature, testosterone promotes protein synthesis and affects the bone and muscle metabolism in men. It increases the metabolic rate and enhances fat metabolism, resulting in leaner physique. Testosterone has important functions to play in the brain where it stabilizes behavioral alterations, improving mood, enhancing sex drive and decreasing the signs and symptoms of depression.

Therefore, whenever the level of free testosterone declines in the body, it causes mayhem in all the major systems of the body from brain to bones.

Alpha King is able to control this dilemma via its premium quality ingredients with an efficiency you would get obsessed with. The sapogenins in the fenugreek seed extract block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen that further raises the level of free testosterone in the body. 

The projected benefits of Alpha King

Alpha King raises the free testosterone levels in the body and its acclaimed and projected benefits include the following


  • a refurbished energy and vitality
  • a lean muscular body in response to exercise
  • loss of unwanted fat with chiseled effects
  • a boost to your sex drive
  • an improvement in sexual endurance with prolonged erections
  • improvement in cognitive functions with absent brain fog
  • improved focus and memory
  • no side effects
  • rapid onset of results
  • ease of use; you need to take only one capsule in the morning
  • a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee


The cost and availability of Alpha King

Alpha King is available at their official website. The company also offers a free trial and if you decide on a purchase, a single bottle of Alpha King costs about $69.99. If after the trial period, you do not want to go for a purchase, you can cancel the order by sending any unused amount.

Take home message

Alpha King appears to be a good choice among all the testosterone supplements retailed in the market because of its mode of action and the superior quality of ingredients. Many supplements are loaded with a lengthy list of ingredients, whether they are actually present in the supplement or not. Alpha King is labeled very clearly with the precise amount of quantity of every ingredient used in the supplement, so there is no confusion.

Backed by science and some credible sources, the manufacturer has provided real-life customers’ reviews on their website after proper consent taking from them. Claims of this supplement as its rapid onset of action from the very first dose can only be tested via their free trial offer. With the backing of sports nutrition authority as GNC and, the supplement is all good to go.

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