Alpha Ripped Review: Is This Muscle Building Solution Real?

Alpha Ripped is a dietary supplement designed for men to help in enhancing their overall physical performance and also increasing their muscle building output during workout with an all-natural health enhancement supplement. The ingredients formulated in this energy boosting supplement are regulated to provide bodybuilders with optimal amount of dietary support and muscle building elements to increase the muscle mass, mental focus and energy levels during and after workout sessions.

The exclusive mix of ingredients present in the formula effectively and safely raise the energy levels, optimize thermogenesis and enhance metabolism to achieve quick and full force results in the gym while also targeting unwanted fat in the body. All the ingredients found in the supplement are completely natural and organic. This is what makes Alpha Ripped natural and safe to consume. The supplement is recommended to all those looking to give boost to their workouts and to raise their self-esteem.

How Does Alpha Ripped Work?

Alpha Ripped comprises a mix of natural ingredients that work to raise thermogenesis in the body throughout the day. The ingredients also work together to boost the body’s metabolism, elevate the overall energy levels, and enhance the mental focus that helps in longer and challenging sessions of workout. The mix of natural and organic ingredients work with the body’s natural ability to manufacture important amino acid to make the blood flow more efficiently and boost body’s antibodies to prevent ailment such as flu or cold.

This gives various benefits to the body including an increase in physical performance, a boost in testosterone levels, enhanced energy levels, improved mental focus, burning extra fat, and augmenting positive moods. It provides the fat eliminating components to all areas of the body to burn unwanted fat deposits.

Ingredients of Alpha Ripped

  • L-Arginine

This is an essential amino acid that works to widen blood vessels to allow maximum absorption of the nutrients when the muscles are relaxing. It also results in the release of insulin and the prominence of veins in the body.

  • Green Tea Extract

This natural extract is used in its potent form, and has been utilized as a remedy in oriental cultures for thousands of years.

  • Forskolin

This organic herb naturally increases the T levels and hormonal levels in men’s body. An enzyme called adenylate cyclase is triggered by this ingredient, which increases the amount of cyclic AMP to enhance circulation, metabolism and energy in the body.

  • AAKG

Also known as Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate, this ingredient works to develop muscles during the recovery time following a heavy workout session. AAKG interacts with nitric oxide which results in the increase of blood flow and also delivers more nutrients to the muscles.

  • Guarana

Also called the Brazilian cocoa, this natural ingredient helps in raising energy levels, elevating mental focus and controlling appetite and hunger pangs.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine carries along an energizing effect in the body when consumed and digested. It offers the benefit of increasing the rate of metabolism via the release of fatty acids into the blood in a process known as lipolysis.

  • Cayenne Pepper

This is a popular hot pepper which contains capsaicin. This ingredient works to improve circulation, raise body temperature, boost metabolism, and strengthen the immune system to prevent common illnesses.

  • Yerba Mate

This ingredient works as a diuretic, and is responsible for triggering thermogenesis, controlling appetite and improving mental sharpness of the person.

  • Willow Extract

This is a plant found locally in Europe and has been used as a remedy for thousands of years. It is known for relieving pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. It effectively helps the muscles to rejuvenate after long and heavy workout.

  • Wintergreen Powder

This ingredient is found in the leaves of the plant and is known as a pain and inflammation inhibitor, and helps in speeding up the recovery time from intense workout sessions.

  • Calcium

This ingredient is essential in helping in the absorption of other ingredients in the supplement in blood. Calcium is also essential for the development of healthy and strong bones.

  • Kola Nut Extract

This ingredient works to increase blood circulation, mental functionality and also calming nervous system.

  • Silicon Dioxide

This ingredient is utilized in the manufacturing process of the supplement as it ensures a uniform end product.

  • Magnesium Stearate

This ingredient is used in the formula to ensure all the other ingredients remain free flowing before being compressed in its final form of capsules.

Benefits of Alpha Ripped

Alpha Ripped optimizes the body’s ability to eliminate fat by triggering thermogenesis to help burn fat and allow the development of lean muscle mass. The exclusive blend of ingredients provides high amount of energy to achieve quick results from daily gym sessions. These natural and organic ingredients are formulated to target the unwanted fat and eject it from the body in order to get the maximum out of a workout. The formula ensures the rejuvenation of muscles quicker, and continues to work even while the body is resting between sets.


  • The supplement comes in the form of capsules which makes digesting and transporting the supplement more effectively. Also, pills are much easier to take and carry around in gym than liquids and powders that require mixing in water.
  • All ingredients used in the supplement are completely natural and organic, and offer no side effects.
  • The supplement reduces the appetite and the uncontrollable desire for overindulging in foods. This will also promote further weight loss.
  • The manufacturer of the supplement is offering free trial and may have other discounts available at present.


  • The supplement is currently not available in retail and drug stores. The supplement is only available online to prevent duplicate and counterfeit products.
  • The results from the supplement are not immediate and may take a few days to a couple of weeks before results can be noticed. Daily use without skipping dosage is recommended along with reasonable amount of time to see the real effects of the supplement.

Users Review

Ben: “I got retired a few months ago and I thought about getting myself into better shape but lacked the motivation. My brother suggested me to give Alpha Ripped a try. I wasn’t sure about it at first but then I tried it. After taking the supplement only for a few days, I noticed that my energy level had risen. And after using it for a few weeks, I am now able to keep with other guys at gym.”

Tim: “I have been bodybuilding for over 10 years and have never come across a supplement that delivers such high amount of energy and mental clarity that I got from Alpha Ripped. I have already recommended it to many friends of mine.”

Final Verdict

Alpha Ripped muscles building supplement is a blend of natural and organic ingredients obtained from different parts of the world, and are specifically formulated to achieve amazing and unmatched results by elevating testosterone levels, improving blood circulation, cultivating mental sharpness, raising energy levels and boosting metabolism, while also burning extra fat in the body. The formula is especially designed to give added physical performance, better stamina, and curbed appetite. The free trial being offered on the supplement makes trying out the muscle building product without any risk to rid the body of unwanted calories and also enhance an active daily workout routine with improved recovery time during and after heavy sessions.

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