Alzheimer’s Reversing Cocktail Atlas of Natural Cures by Dr. Glenn – Is It Really Effective?

Atlas of Natural Cures Review

Our cognitive health includes memory, ability to think, mind focus, judgment and language of a person. A mild decline in cognitive health with aging is a natural process but if the situation shifts from mild cognitive impairment to serious decline, these are symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease which is a type of dementia.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include a serious decline in person’s cognitive health severe enough that a person is not able to perform his daily life tasks well.

Most of us confuse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease with aging factors but old age is not responsible for this disease. There are around 200,000 American’s who are known to suffer from this fatal disease even under age of 60.

With time Alzheimer’s disease gets worst and progresses from mild to the severe decline in cognitive performance. Alzheimer is one of the major causes of deaths in the United States was known to have no cure and people have been suffering the worst symptoms of it for centuries.

What Is Alzheimer’s disease About?

The Alzheimer’s disease starts with mild cognitive impairments but being a progressive disease the symptoms get worst over time and a person suffering from Alzheimer’s is not even able to respond to the situation in his surroundings and unable to carry a conversation. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease face many difficulties in memorizing things.

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The communication network inside our body which consists of neurons which are kind of sensors connected to different parts of your body. These sensors are responsible for conveying any sort of information which our body feels and when the body has to react to a situation. Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for weakening the connection between neurons and brain which degrades the performance of communication network inside your body.

This article shows the contributions of Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld towards the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and in his book called “The Atlas Of Natural Cures” he mentioned the cure for the various life-threatening diseases like cancer, arthritis, bad cholesterol, and bad cholesterol while his major concern was to provide a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

What Is ICT Protocol Cured About?

To reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s cocktail remedy claims to provide a healthy long life with a strong cognitive health. This cocktail provides you the right amount of nutrients which are essential for proper function of your brain.

When all the nutrients are properly absorbed into your blood, your nerve cells will not shrink anymore. In this way, the communication network inside your body which is composed of neurons connected with the brain does not alter its performance and a person stays alerted and focused for a longer period even at an older age.

The ICT protocol Cured works in stages in which the first stage includes Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) (which are trails of healthy fats) to enter into your bloodstream and make the better absorption of nutrients possible. It enhances the metabolism and digestion process. The immunity against various health issues is build up inside your body.

In this way, there are fewer chances of impairment of brain cells as the blood flow contains the right amount of oxygen which refrains the nerve cells from shrinking.

How Does ICT Protocol Cured Help In Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s and Dementia cannot be reversed was a common concept among the researchers in the United States but after years of research in this field, they ultimately reached to the solution of the problem.

This treatment for reversing the signs of Alzheimer’s disease completely is entirely different from the treatments used before. This new treatment does not rely on any surgical techniques and prescription drugs instead “ICT Protocol Cured” was developed to treat Alzheimer’s.

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The ICT Protocol restores your overall cognitive health and claims to reverse all the worse signs of Alzheimer’s such as improving your memory, increasing mental focus, ability to recognize people, alertness, sense of humor and your overall wellbeing. The ICT Protocol works better than any surgical techniques and prescription drugs.

The ICT Protocol Cured does not only slow down the signs of Alzheimer’s, in fact, it starts reversing them and provides even a sharper memory.

 The Composition Of Alzheimer’s Reversing Cocktail (ICT Protocol Cured)?

For the proper functioning of your brain, it is essential to provide it with the right amount of nutrients. When all the nutritional requirements are fulfilled, it will no longer lead to shrinking of your brain cells.

Alzheimer’s Reversing Cocktail was designed by Doctor S. Glenn Rothfeld who after his years of researched claimed that Alzheimer’s disease can not only be cured but it can be even reversed too.

It consists of the right amount of fats called “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)” which provide fuel to our starving brain. The details of ICT Protocol can be found in Dr. s. Glenn’s book which is free of charge. Dr. S. Glenn Rothfeld also says that when these healthy fats are combined with other nutrients, it will save you completely from the decline of your cognitive health.

What Are The Causes Of Alzheimer’s Disease?

When your nerve cells start getting damaged by the formation of abnormal structures inside your brain, the communication network inside your body is heavily damaged. These abnormal structures are named Plaques and Tangles (biologically) by the medical researchers. These structures tend to build up inside your nerve cells and cause a severe damage to your cognitive system.

Plaques build up inside your nerve cells that are in the form of deposits of protein. On the other hand, tangles are twisted form of protein fibers which build up inside nerve cells just like plaques. These abnormal structures, according to scientist are responsible for damaging nerve cells and disrupting communication between the nerve cells and brain.

There are various reasons which contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. Our unhealthy diet which includes a lot of junk and processed food, deficiency of some essential nutrients in our diet, increase in consumption of Alcohol, vaccines and sedentary lifestyle are some major reasons behind the progressive growth of Alzheimer’s disease.

Although no proper cure is found for this life-threatening disease, there are a number of ways in which Alzheimer’s disease can be treated. The very first thing is to plan your meals so that you get all essential nutrients in your diet. Taking supplements rich in Vitamins can save you from this fatal disease to a greater extent.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, meditation, getting the proper amount of sleep, increasing caffeine intake, krill oil utilization and a moderate amount of exercise can help you stay away from Alzheimer’s disease even if you are reaching the older age.

Apart from these natural ways of curing the Alzheimer’s disease, Dr.Glenn proposed an effective remedy for Alzheimer’s disease. It is a cocktail which contains the right amount of some good fats that enter the bloodstream and make the absorption of nutrients by the blood much easier. Let us have a look at the benefits of this cocktail.

What Is “The Atlas Of Natural Cures” About?

The Atlas Of Natural Cures is an eBook which contains remedies for various life-threatening diseases such as cancer, bad cholesterol, arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes. Almost all the health issues which are encountered at the older age are covered in this book and some effective remedies are mentioned which can help people fight from these life-threatening diseases. It covers issues related to cardiac health which occur at older ages.

This book also covers how cholesterol levels can be controlled and how inflammation can be reduced. Type-2 diabetes which is the fatal form of diabetes is also covered by this book and it mentions in it that how blood sugar can be kept controlled. “The Atlas Of Natural Cures” highlights all the diets hacks that help to fight against Arthritis pain and inflammation.

What Is The Cost Of ICT Protocol Cured?

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing Guide is available at a cost of $ 74 for one year’s subscription and covers 12 health issues. You can save your 50% money if you are above age 55 years and get Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing guide in just $ 37.

If you are ordering from the official website and in any case you don’t like Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing, you can get your money 100% back. This encyclopedia contains 500 pages in it and covers remedies for various life-threatening health problems. So, if you are conscious about your health, hurry up and signup for this encyclopedia.

Final Verdict

Alzheimer’s disease effects may vary from a person to person and progress differently in each case. The neurons in your body are seriously damaged due to plaque buildup in your brain. People have seen their loved ones suffering from the disease and this situation seemed totally helpless as there was no cure for Alzheimer’s disease so far.

Ultimately, after years of his research and study, Dr. Glenn S Rothfeld was able to find out a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. He formulated a cocktail which is rich in nutrients and is known to treat all cognitive impairments which occur in Alzheimer’s disease.

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