Apple executive restates company’s iPad Pro 2018 design support

A new stir had been created by the Apple iPad Pro 2018 to become the slimmest mobile phone device of the year. The phone had also generated a sensation for its decision to discard the use of the regular Lightning Port to fit USB type C Port. The Apple iPad Pro is now into the news because of some not so healthy reasons though. The mathematical interventions and iterations of the device now appear to be unusually susceptible to the bend tests. The customers, on the other hand, are totally prepared to treat the device with ultimate care and handle it just like a feather at a cost of US$799.

The news of fresh stock of iPad Pro arriving directly from the factory with new physical features such as distinguishable curvature in an aluminum unibody case has come in from annoyed customers. To this, the company has responded that the deviation from the level to a tablet form was absolutely normal. Nevertheless, it was due to the inconvenience of the users that they approached the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook to discuss the matter.

Although the CEO of Apple did not reply directly to the individual’s query and complaint, Dan Riccio, the Apple’s vice-president of hardware engineering did make a statement. Riccio assured that the design of iPad Pro has exceeded most of the high standards in terms of construction and designs, and is an example of high-precision manufacturing. He continued to mark that the iPad’s flatness tolerance limit of 400 microns, that counts for less than half a millimeter, thereby limiting its bending capacity. The iPad will not bend further this limit. The bent might appear to the normal eye, this is mainly because of the sharp edges or thinner outline and not any defect in the phone manufacturer. The little variation will not interfere with the functions of the tablet.

The Bendgate 2.0 will continue its saga, he mentioned. The new design of iPad fits completely to the upgraded version of the tablet. So, to the complaint regarding the reception of a bent phone out of the box is being defended by the company’s top-notch officials. It is not a defect, but a feature. Riccio answered that the 0.4 mm variance is tighter in comparison to the previous generation phones and tablets.

Such small issues are requested to be ignored for these are not truly any defect.

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