Arctic Blast review – Is it a safe intervention against chronic pain?

Is it that your arthritis has become unbearable after all these years? The signs and symptoms of chronic fibromyalgia have overwhelmed you or the intestinal cramps of IBD leave you cripple. Chronic pain is a constant drag on the body’s energy stores; it is as if you are robbed of your liveliness and vigor forever.

The sense that is related to a chronic dwelling of pain in your body cannot be described in words and that is why the situation management can be very difficult, leaving you desperate for help when nobody understands you. Well, it is time to leave that all behind because Arctic Blast promises to ease away the chronic pain sensation that has lived with you forever.

Arctic Blast is acclaimed to be a safe DMSO supplement that gives a relief from chronic painful states with strength comparable to opiates but without the side effects associated with such potent formulas. What is ArcticBlast? What are its functional ingredients? How does it work for you? Is it a safe investment regarding long-term use? Why prefer it? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in the following review, so read on.


An overview of Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is not pain relieving capsules or tablets that are dependent on the bioavailability of the ingredients to render their effects nor is it some kind of messy gel that is to be applied topically at the subject site.

Arctic Blast is dispensed as a pain relieving liquid drops, a topical formula that penetrates deep down into the skin to reach the pain site and deliver relief from symptoms instantly. Being liquid drops, they are free from messy effects of a topically applied lotion, cream or gel that take time to get absorbed and may leave an uneasy greasy feel on the skin.

Containing powerful and potent ingredients like DMSO that is safe and non-toxic in nature, the ArcticBlast deliver a rapid relief to local painful sites.

These drops are superior to oral painkillers as the ingredients bypass the intestinal route of absorption and are readily available at the painful locations.

As whole ingredients are utilized at the site, there are minimal chances of side effects that are usually associated with an oral intake of pain-relieving drugs and medications.

The acclaimed benefits of ArcticBlast

The manufacturer of ArcticBlast advocate their product by stating benefits as

  • Pain-free mobility
  • Free from side effects yet potent enough to relieve pain
  • Natural and safe ingredients that are not toxic to health
  • A leave of absence from disability and dependency
  • Ability to perform every day’s chores and your favorite goings-on and bustle
  • Collect a fresh start to your mornings without any pain and early morning stiffness

The functional ingredients of Arctic Blast

The breakthrough Arctic Blast is tagged with is a single ingredient, the DMSO, which also comes along with a lot of controversy to its use. The reason being the lack of research conducted for this ingredient. Nevertheless, let us see what DMSO is and how can it be an effective remedy for arthritic pain.

DMSO is FDA approved for the treatment of only one condition in humans, interstitial cystitis. However, the ingredient brings a promise and hope for the patients of arthritis too and the research is still in its infancy.

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A colorless liquid, DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), has an amazing ability to penetrate deep into the skin and other body membranes, and that is why it is used as a conduit medium for many other constituents with medicinal purpose.

DMSO is a by-product of the paper manufacturing process with its share of side effects in animals that is why its use in human is questioned by authorities.

Used for scleroderma and chemotherapy extravasations, DMSO is found to benefit cases of Alzheimer’s, painful cases of arthritis and bladder infection, shingles, headache and to slow the progress of cancer. The beneficial properties of DMSO are linked to its anti-inflammatory action.

However, despite the controversy, the ingredient is used by a wide community of doctors and health experts around the world, approved in Canada and Europe as a topical treatment for pain and inflammation.


DMSO vs. opioid for chronic pain

We searched for evidence of the effectiveness of DMSO in cases of chronic pain conditions like arthritis. The manufacturer of ArcticBlast have compared the effectiveness of their product with opioid, quite a bold claim but if proven, it can save one from a number of side effects usually encountered with drugs containing opioid.

DMSO was first discovered in the 1960s, when Stanley Jacob, MD, head of the organ transplant program at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, was examining compounds helpful in preserving organs for transplant.

DMSO, which had been used as an industrial solvent, attracted his attention because of its ability to penetrate skin and membranes without any damage. In his specific quest, he found out the ability of DMSO to relieve pain.

Some properties of DMSO that have made it an eligible constituent of pain relieving formulas are

  • Topical analgesic effects by blocking the peripheral nerve C fibers
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-oxidant actions
  • Eases the swelling associated with inflammation
  • Promotion of cell healing and antioxidant synthesis (Glutathione) due to enrichment with Sulphur
  • A great solvent for many pharmaceutical preparations of anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
  • Safe from side effects, contrary to the general belief and the word spread by Pharma industry

“Some 20 years and hundreds of laboratory and human studies later, deaths have not been reported, nor have changes in the eyes of humans been documented or claimed.”

The above statement was passed by an extensive study of the compound after an initial case of death from allergy was reported in 1965 of a woman who was on several other drugs at the same time of taking DMSO.

DMSO is the only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug discovered after aspirin and has fewer side effects reported; skin irritation, upset stomach and a strong odor of garlic.

Some cases of a headache were also observed while the compound may be responsible for serious side effects if taken by mouth. Until date, the topical application of DMSO has been the most effective and safest.

What we like about ArcticBlast

  • A safe remedy for pain management
  • Topical, non-greasy application
  • Added benefits of camphor and menthol for pain relief
  • Great for rapid relief of arthritic pain
  • Eases the swelling and inflammation
  • Ease and convenience of use
  • A direct application is all it takes
  • No side effects usually associated with regular pain relievers
  • A pain management formula for long-term use
  • No prescription required
  • DMSO studied for safety in numerous double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies
  • Recommended and endorsed by health experts, athletes and prominent figures around the world
  • Every purchase covered by a 365-days money back guarantee with no-questions-asked

What could be improved in the case of Arctic Blast?

Arctic Blast seems to be indicated for arthritis pain relief, however, with the background of DMSO being used for so many other chronic conditions, its use can be safely implied for shingles, fibromyalgia, headaches, etc.

The cost of ArcticBlast

The cost of ArcticBlast is about $49.95 for a single bottle and is available at the product’s official site.

As the purchase order gets bigger, so does the discount; with a three-bottle purchase, you get a discount of $149.90 with a total cost amounting to $119.95. The best value deal is the six-bottle purchase, saving you $339.75 with a total cost to be paid $199.95.

Some additional bonuses are also included in the final purchase

  • The anti-inflammation diet
  • Feed your joints back to life
  • Longevity Secrets from the healthiest 100-Year-Olds

Take home message

Despite all the controversy surrounding the active ingredient of Arctic Blast, the DMSO, the liquid pain-relieving drops of the subject product emerge as an optimistic approach to relieve the chronic suffering of many.

As far as the side effects are concerned, many pieces of research have declared DMSO as a safe and effective pain-relieving therapy. Nevertheless, as with any new ingredient, the chances of an allergic reaction are always there, therefore, a consultation with your physician before using this product would be a safe option.

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