Are There Any Effective Vitamins To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Men start growing older when they cross the age of 35 years and as a result, experience various physiological changes. They key change that occurs is the dip in hormone levels which are in charge of controlling various body functions. In males, testosterone hormone is particularly affected by aging factor which is of great importance as it plays a major role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testis and prostate.

Testosterone promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as increased bone and muscle mass. It is also responsible for the growth of body hairs. Testosterone, in short, is essential for healthy living and well-Being.

The decrease in testosterone can lead to severe physical changes like decreased body hair, increased fatigue, effects on cholesterol metabolism, hot flashes, fragile bones, decreased strength and muscle mass, increased body fat and the major issue being erectile dysfunction. The inability to get or keep a firm erection to have a sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction.

It is also known as impotence. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), Up to 30 million American men are affected by ED. Erectile Dysfunction majorly occurs when a male is growing older. Around 4-5 persons are affected by erectile dysfunction at the age when they cross 35 till 50 and 17 percent men are affected at the age around 60.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction may occur due to various reasons like aging or deficiency in certain minerals or vitamins in the male body. Erectile Dysfunction is majorly due to the reason of poor nutrition, so by taking minerals and vitamins in a correct proportion can help in maximizing sexual functions in a male body. It is often caused by the physical condition such as diabetes, heart diseases, and sleep disorders. Well, in this case, health boosting vitamins could be of great help.

What Are The Available Options To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are having a problem of Erectile Dysfunction, there are several ways available for its treatment. You need to make an appointment with a urologist or talk to your physician. It may be an uncomfortable topic to discuss but you cannot compromise your health in this case. Erectile Dysfunction can treat as there are millions of men out there who have found the solution to their problem by treating them in different ways.

Before using any remedy for erectile dysfunction it is suggested to get a complete physical checkup and blood tests as it can be a symptom of various other problems like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Also, you need to check your cholesterol, blood sugar and other markers of health.

There are various home remedies to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Alcoholism, obesity, sleep disorders, and smoking can be various reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction. So by avoiding smoking, getting proper sleep and exercise, avoiding alcohol and staying stress-free can help you to rid of Erectile Dysfunction to a greater extent. Even relationship problems can also be one of the main reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction. So if these home remedies do not work then you need to take some vitamins and mineral as the additional supplement to get out of this Erectile Dysfunction situation.

Vitamins And Erectile Dysfunction

  • Vitamin B For Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamin B which is also known niacin helps to improve erectile function in men. It has been proved according to research and survey that eight among ten men reported improvement in their ability to maintain erections, who were suffering previously from moderate or a severe erectile dysfunction. Niacin is an old drug and its safety has been quite well documented which is an exciting thing said by study author Dr. Chi-Fai Ng of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In men with the high amount of cholesterol and erectile dysfunction, a daily dose of niacin reduces their erectile dysfunction symptoms. This story was provided by My Health News Daily, a sister site to Live Science.

  • Vitamin D3 And Erectile Dysfunction

It has been proved by research that Vitamin D helps in erectile dysfunction as it widens the blood vessels so that blood circulation is improved which results in firm erections. So Vitamin D is highly recommended along with the exposure of your skin to plenty of sunlight to improve your sexual dysfunction. Consume at least the vitamin D recommended dietary allowance (RDA), which is 15 to 20 micrograms daily. Getting 15 minutes of sunlight in three days weekly also helps do the trick, says Medline Plus.

Moreover utilizing Vitamin D3 can also be harmful in a few cases. Side effects of Vitamin D3 can  include:

  1. Higher blood pressure.
  2. It can lead to severe Chest pain.
  3. You may get breathing problems.
  4. Flushed skin or a rash.
  5. Tremors (rhythmic muscle movements you didn’t mean to make)
  6. You could feel pain in your genitals
  7. A painful erection that won’t go away.
  8. You could feel dizzy, nervous, worried, or cranky.
  9. Get a headache.
  10. Your stomach may get upset or you may feel loss of apetite.
  11. A person may have trouble sleeping.
  12. A faster or irregular heartbeat.
  • Vitamin E And Sexual Dysfunction

 It has been examined by studies on the sexual dysfunction that Vitamin E helps to improve erectile dysfunction in men.  One such clinical research which was published in 2012 in Life Sciences found vitamin E supplements decreased age-related erectile dysfunction in rats. Another study published in 2013 in the Journal of Human Reproductive Science found out that rats (exposed to stress) given honey and vitamin E showed less testicular tissue damage than rats who weren’t given the supplements.

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant so supplementing a person suffering from erectile dysfunction with Vitamin E makes a great sense.

  • Sex-Life Jump Start With Vitamin C

Vitamin C which is sometimes also known as a sex Vitamin is known for its various benefits for erectile dysfunction.  Vitamin C helps in so many ways with bedroom performance, including enhanced oxytocin, lowering stress hormones and increasing mood just for starters.

The side effects which can occur by the intake of vitamin C are as follows:

  • Utilizing this Vitamin may lead to loss of benefits which can be gained through exercise.
  • It leads to the reduction in blood flow.Utilizing this Vitamin may lead to loss of benefits which can be gained through exercise.
  • Utilizing this Vitamin may lead to loss of benefits which can be gained through exercise.
  • It increases Arterial Plaque
  • It increases Nitrosamines.
  • It leads to rising in Iron absorption.
  • It may lead to various heart disease.
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