Aviva Hair – For Shinny and Stronger Hair

Longer hair is admired by almost all women, there aim is to have thicker and stronger strands of hair. Mainly due to hereditary reasons, stress and excessive heat due to styling can damage hair follicles. Collectively these reasons push women closer towards thin hair and hair fall.

There are reasons for hair loss, including pollution, hair damage due to styling, exposing them in sunlight, hereditary or lack of proper nutrition. When hair become fragile and thin mainly due to hereditary (major possibly for ancestors have face baldness or complications regarding it like hair loss or thin hair) scientifically this is known as androgenetic alopecia. In men the ratio of hair fall is relatively more and the problem is quite intense, they have the propensity to lose hair from the front hairline and on top of the head. Sooner or later they face severe circumstances like going completely bald.

According to scientist, women are a little lucky in this perspective as they don’t go bald entirely and their hair loss is not that intense. However, there they have to bid farewell to their long, shiny hair due to rough scalp and thinning of them

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Hair loss can also happen when our immunity attacks hair follicles this is part which allows hair to grow and if these follicles gets damaged chances are for disturbed hair growth.

The severity of this problem starts when hair starts to fall, initially with one or more small, circular patches of baldness, ultimately damaging the whole scalp. This may occur as an alarming situation that something has to be done for protecting remains of hair and reviving their strength and energy. Majority neglect this problem and use oils or changes shampoos thinking this might resolve the problem but reality tends to oppose this idea. Even if hair fall is due to stress it necessitates proper balance.

Ordinary supplements can’t be 100% effective as they don’t treat the root cause of hair fall, possibly this problem to return in future.

A unique product Aviva Hair has an incredible soft gel formula which heights the protections of hair. It is specially for women keeping their scalp strength and potential.

What is Aviva Hair?

It is a proprietary blend of perfect combinations as a soft gel capsules which goes into the roots of hair protecting them from further damage and fixing them. it makes them shinier and longer with remarkable thickness and eliminates fizziness.

How Aviva Hair works?

This product is having an amazing NON-GMO formula which is clinically tested and has been backed up by scientific research of each ingredient included. The best part about this nutritional blend is its complexes which has a propensity of providing long-lasting fortification to each strand of hair at different stages from the rescue to the growth.

The four compounds nourish the hair and triggers speed growth of hair. It guards scalp and hair follicles.

PentaPlex – The Growth Complex

This complex strengthens the remaining hair and stimulates their growth. It is a vitamin mixture that has essential components amalgamated for thicker and sleek hair. It protects them from pollution, sunlight, and is also a heat repellent caused due to styling.

TetraPlex – The Nourishment Complex

This complex comprises fatty acids and lipids taken from natural resources like herbs and plants. This complex aims to provide growth of hair and has critically no side effects.

Revita – The Revitalization Complex

This complex makes the inner of hair stronger so that there may remain no split ends and rough or fizzy hair.

DHT-X – The DHT Blocker Complex

This compound aids hair so that they may not become thin and fragile. It controls the environment effect and direct attack of pollution to the hair it minifies the damaging possibilities to the least and collaborates with other complexes to provide ultimate best and beautiful hair, which every woman wish for.

Ingredients in Aviva Hair

Folic acids: This supper amazing hair nutrient has also super amazing ingredients, such as folic acid which plays remarkable role in hair growth by renewing those cells that aid the growth of hair and most important thing to keep in mind the deficiency of folic acids may lead to premature graying and hair loss, besides this it is also very much helpful to nails, those for patchy dry and for acne skins and even for organs.

Vitamin B5: The pantothenic acid or commonly known as Vitamin B5 actually helps you to heal the lost skin and make it healthy attractive in appearance and most important it delays the premature look, those aging signs on the skin and wrinkles, and another part which it plays in the pigmentation of hair and prevent it from losing color.

Zinc: Zinc is considered as a vital mineral and is mostly recommended by dermatologists for skin, hair growth, nails because zinc helps in the absorption of vitamins, protein synthesis, cell reproduction and it balances hormones which rescue from hair thinning which results to hair loss that is why zinc is commonly called trace mineral.

Iodine: This supplement also contains iodine mineral which is very substantial to make hormones which are necessary for a healthy growth of hair as well as bones and teeth, the weakening and loss of hair occurs maybe due to the deficiency of iodine to overcome from this situation this supplement boosts up hair health and growth and eventually reverse hair loss.

Chromium: Another ingredient which this super supplement have is chromium which this mineral works effectively by normalizing body functions such as digesting food and also chromium mineral helps to move out blood sugar that is glucose from bloodstream into cells that is used to turn body fats, carbohydrates, protein into energy that is way helpful for maintaining body functions.

Biotin: Aviva supplements also includes Vitamin B7 that is commonly known as Biotin, it is actually a water-soluble vitamin which is also a part of Vitamin B complex, that plays a key role building healthy metabolism, nerve, digestive and cardio vascular functions which ultimately helps to thicken hair, nails and naturally beautify skin.

Long pepper extract: The Indian long pepper herb that prominently features in ayurvedic medicine, this herb popularly used as spice but it gives maximum benefits from preventing hair loss.

Boron: it is a vital mineral that is required for the normal growth of the body, which improves the natural ability of human body to absorb the calcium and magnesium which effectively helps in proper hair growth and health.

Selenium: Selenium boost up hair growth and fights from the dandruff by destroying a fungus known as malassezia from the scalp.

Price of Aviva Hair

The extended category of Aviva Hair has creams and supplements which are:

Aviva Hair Revitalizer, 60 TABLETS is available at a price of $39.95

Advanced Hair Nutrition, 30days supply is available at a price of $59.99

Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition, 90days supply is available at a price of $164.94

Advanced Hair Nutrition, 60days supple is available at a price of $114.95

Aviva Man, 60 tablets pack at a price of $47.95

Aviva Hair Rescue Keratin Renewal Masque 30days supply is available at a price of $39.95

Hydracrème & Keratin Kit is available at a price of $69.95

Aviva Hydracrème Conditioner is available at a price of $22.49

Aviva Keratin Renewal Anti-Fizz Serum available at a price of $32.95

Aviva Hydra Crème Shampoo is available at a price of $19.95

Hydra Crème is available at a price of $37.95

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