Beachbody Review – An in depth look

With summer around the corner, everyone is sneaking inside the cupboard to try to fit in all those exposed summery tank tops, skinny shorts and bikinis bewildered with the fact that how the hell am I gonna fit in these. To get your summer body ready and contour the angles and curves out dig yourself into such programs.

Beachbody is an American company that focuses on products for diet, fitness and weight loss. This brand offers many streamable workout and fitness programs, workout DVDs, supplements and gear for exercising at home. The products include P90X3, Insanity, Tai Cheng and Shakeology.

You can access and purchase all beach body items through the official website and via coaches. The brand’s goal is to help you “transform your life” with nutrition and exercise. By these fitness programs, Beachbody provides online support to customers.

They are determined to genuinely helping people in their fitness goals making it a one-stop answer for all your fitness needs.

Beachbody Overview

Beachbody brought all the rage in the fitness industry with it smashing hit programs like Insanity Asylum, P90X, and several other DVD programs. These easy to follow programs come in 60 and 90-day designs, with nutritional guides and calendars to follow for maximized results.

Beach body is also known for its leading meal replacement Shakeology. Some more high-quality DVD programs include P90X2, P90X3, Insanity Asylum, PiYo, T25, TurboFire, Body Beast and 21 Day Fix. All these programs lay different goals.

No matter what type of goal you have in mind, it is likely that beach body has a program to gear your need. These all programs laid on such different concepts have one thing in common and that is, they all come in the form of DVD formats.

You can purchase and get your desired program DVD shipped at home and take along wherever you go. If you can pay a bunch of extra bucks, buy P90X2 on Blu-ray to enjoy watching your workouts in high definition.

For a change, you can try Xbox fitness and the P90X app as well to add a little twist and fun factor to your workout routine. And try the caloric need calculator given on the website for free.

If you become a Beachbody Coach you get a 25% off on all products for yourself and you have complete access to selling all of these to your clients. So sign up as a coach for streaming workouts, chat rooms, and meal planning.

Plus – when you sign up other people to become Beachbody Coaches and sell products to their own clients, you also make a commission on their sales.

To access Beachbody’s Hulu or Netflix version, sign up on your computer, phone or tablet, and BAM! You are there, working out like a pro.


Beachbody Coach

Team Beachbody Coach is a product for anyone who wants to make some extra money from the home based fitness industry. You can make a few hundred extra dollars per month by selling products to your family, friends, and colleagues.

And if you are already an experienced professional in the fitness industry, this will be another great and additional tool to your arsenal. It is an ideal way for people intending to run home based business work for them and has good people skills to match.

Beachbody Products in a nutshell

Beachbody produces well researched, proven fitness and wellness products for both the dedicated fitness enthusiasts and professionals, as well as those who just want to do their bit for the health of their body.  These products for example,

The Shakeology program hints the goal in its title – as it’s all about various shakes.  But these aren’t any old shakes. These are a complete meal replacement and vegan products that not only help get your body back to ultimate fitness but also are scientifically proven to lower cholesterol and can be genuinely used as a regular component of a healthy diet.

Now all these programs have different goals in mind. If you mainly want to add a little or a lot of muscle, ‘Body Beast’ is for you. If you are looking to improve your overall fitness but only have 30 minutes a day, check out P90X3. Or if for instance, you need a lot of help focusing on portion control, you’d find the 21 Day Fix helpful and its portion control containers.

Other products offered are various workout programs for different levels and targeted goals. By utilizing these in the correct manner and genuinely you get a top quality gym and personal trainer results in the comfort of your own house.

In addition to that, each of the products offered under the Beachbody umbrella also come with a 100% guarantee making it a risk-free approach accessible at all times.

The Pros

  • Beachbody coaching is something one can greatly benefit with as a part-time home-based job or business for a little extra income. And if you opt to do it full time, you can make a decent income on regular basis.
  • When you sign up as beach body coach, you get a commission on every product you sell and the person you let sign up gets a commission as well making it successful for both parties.
  • Becoming a healthy and fit individual along with added income is the kind of motivation no one can turn heads from.
  • Accessing fitness and workout programs with professional trainers at hand is a glory you can’t just miss.

The Cons

  • It takes a hell lot of time, effort and dedication to become a successful beach body coach.
  • You do after all need to pay a fee to become a beach body coach.

The Beachbody review: Wrap up!

Beachbody is a compelling program that makes some of the best fitness products in the industry. If you are driven and ambitious towards making this program work for yourself, then it is THE opportunity for you and a kind that will suit a variety of people. And add to the fact that there’s great, no questions asked money back guarantee to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with what you’ve signed up for and that it works for you. Beach body has made it much cheaper and easier to get started with a workout program just by streaming it online. But let us not forget that, not every program works for every person, you just have to choose the one that works out best for you. Like some people find Insanity Asylum program rigorous rather injurious and for some, it does wonders. It entirely depends on which fitness level your body is on.


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