BellaVei Review – Legit or swindle?

BellaVei is a trade name that umbrellas a wide variety of skin care products, including face wash, moisturizers, eye serums, hand creams, hair care formulas and even teeth whitening systems. With a 40% discount tagged with a membership, the official web page of BellaVei is impressive at a glance but lacks important details regarding ingredients of its product line.

Claiming to support an aging skin and treating your hair from deep within, BellaVei has an impressive show of its products on its website. However, our skin is the largest organ of our body and represents the overall state of health in addition to catering to the aesthetic feature of our personality. Therefore, any skin care line needs a careful analysis before embarking on a purchase and this is exactly what the following review will try to achieve.

The establishment behind BellaVei

Upon searching the founding elements of BellaVei, the following address came up


Arrowtex Services Limited

Ioanni Stylianou, 62nd Floor

PC2003, Cyprus

Company Reg. number HE 272587

There is no formal introduction to the company, who operates it, manufacturing standards, resourcing of the raw materials etc. The address does not clear if the mentioned company is the distributor or deals with the manufacturing procedures.

We could not get in touch with the company on the provided contact details either. The detail info about the manufacturing company provides an insight into the quality of the product line. Unfortunately, the information found was not credible enough.

The product line of BellaVei

The product line of BellaVei includes all the important components for a healthy and radiant skin.

Catering to basic skin requirements as cleansing and moisturizing, BellaVei presents its facial cleanser and moisturizer.

Addressing the needs of an aging skin, BellaVei line includes an anti-wrinkle complex too.

Our eye area is the most sensitive of our facial features and ensures the most of aging process prematurely too. For that, BellaVei has developed advanced eye treatment cream.

Aging causes different spots and blemishes to appear and may cause skin discoloration too. Targeting this issue, the BellaVei skin whitening serum claims to deliver an even skin tone.

Facing dry hands and cuticle problems, BellaVei has it covered too with its Hand and Body Silk treatment and Advanced Cuticle treatment.

Want to rejuvenate yourself after a hard day’s work, treat yourself with BellaVei Night Time Recovery system that brings respite to damage caused by everyday pollution and sunlight.

BellaVei takes care of your hair health via its Nuviante Advanced Hair Growth Formula and Nuviante Follicle Therapy, both of which are oral supplements claiming to restore hair health from deep within.

The ingredients used in BellaVei

BellaVei does not follow a specific line regarding its ingredients. Every product has something new to offer. With a reserved attitude of BellaVei towards its ingredient list, we tried to take a sneak peek into individual products for our valued customers to deliver some information. Here is what we found out

  • Argon oil
  • Phytoceramide oral supplement for skin integrity
  • Bamboo silica and MSM in Nuviante Follicle therapy
  • Biotin in Nuviante Advanced Hair Growth Formula
  • A comprehensive combination of different vitamins in a variety of its products

Argon Oil dispensed by BellaVei claims to help dry scalp conditions and help a natural and healthy growth of hair.

Phytoceramide supplement by BellaVei, claimed to be a synonym to a facelift procedure, maintains the skin structural integrity and helps ease away fine lines and wrinkles. It also touts to deliver a hefty dose of vitamins and antioxidants to help replenish skin with important nutrients and solve the aging problem from deep within.

The Advanced Anti-aging complex contains some time-release formula that helps to keep your skin supple and fresh with the elimination of aging signs and symptoms.

Biotin is a natural ingredient used in many skin care products and BellaVei claims that their Advanced Hair Growth Formula with biotin would strengthen your hair naturally in an amazing manner. In addition to containing vitamin A, C, E, D, B-complex and minerals, another vitamin included in this supplement is pantothenic acid, an important ingredient for making hair follicles sturdy to withstand the environmental pollution.

What we like about BellaVei

There are many features of the skin care line under discussion catching one’s attention. Here are some of them

  • Caters to all kinds of skin, young and aged alike
  • Addresses all kinds of skin issues from eyes to hair, face, hands, and cuticles
  • Caters to the needs of all age groups, simple moisturizer to advanced anti-aging moisture
  • Mostly contains minerals and vitamins
  • Target oriented ingredients make up the specific product
  • Showcases oral supplements too to target an issue at the root cause
  • Offer a premier membership where you can get 40% discount on your purchase plus free samples of any new products before launching

What we do not like about BellaVei

The issues that make a purchase at the BellaVei platform skeptical are actually not related to the product line itself. The main features we do not like about BellaVei are related to its manufacturing and marketing strategies. Here are some points to ponder here

  • BellaVei gives no information to its company background
  • The manufacturing standards are not discussed anywhere
  • There are no details about active ingredients in some of the products
  • No information is given about any kind of perfume, allergic agents etc in any of the product
  • There are no money-back guarantees for any of the product
  • The price tag may be expensive for some of the customers
  • Customers’ reviews are not very encouraging

Cost and availability of BellaVei

BellaVei is available at the official site as well as the Amazon. The cost of different products is detailed at the site.

As already mentioned, BellaVei offers a premium membership where you can get 40% off at any purchase. In addition to that, free samples of any newly launched product would be available first to the members.

However, to avail the membership, one has to pay an amount of $9.95 per month, which might become a drain on your pocket if the product does not suit your skin.

Should you buy it?

BellaVei broadcasts its products quite lavishly through its website with bold claims as

‘Discover our expert solutions inspired by science’

‘Nourish and protect against harmful elements with powerful injection-free solutions’

However, they provide no proof of their experts at work or the functional science behind their active ingredients. No details about the ‘powerful injection-free’ solutions are provided either.

On one hand, this may go in favor of BellaVei that they do not flaunt what they do not contain. On the other hand, if the products do not match the efficiency statements made by the manufacturer then why such tall claims.

Moreover, the price tag attached to its skin care line is an expensive one. One can get a skin care product with legitimate ingredients in the same price tag. The premier membership appears to be a vicious circle of draining money out of your pocket every month with no access to the contact detailed by BellaVei.

Overall, BellaVei seems to lack the merits of a premium-grade skin care line with no guarantees. If you still want to go for a purchase, consult your dermatologist first

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