Biogenic XR review-perk up your sex deed


Biogenic XR is a hardcore, an elite formula to achieve the ultimate sexual endurance with longer, harder erections, and a bang performance between the sheets. An herbal product, Biogenic XR is safe from side effects yet scientifically backed ingredients enable your sexual hub to deliver the ultimate corollary for you and your partner’s pleasure and contentment.

If you are trying hard to stay in bed but find yourself done with it within a flash, then you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Health, around 37 million men in the US alone suffer from erectile dysfunction; i.e. the ability to maintain an erection long enough to satisfy both the partners.

There is an extensive amount of research work done in this specific field, trying to establish the why, what and where of erectile dysfunction. Market-related to sexual health is brimming with countless products that make tall claims of answering these question marks. The following review will help you decide if Biogenic XR cuts the deal for you or not.

Claims made by Biogenic XR

Biogenic XR is a male enhancement supplement that promises to clear any bedroom debts you might leave behind every time you attempt at the specific experience. The manufacturer of the supplement makes bold claims about its product bringing out the conqueror of the bedroom by enabling you to seal the deal efficiently.

Do you suffer from a longing after a sexual experience? Do you find yourself yearning and aching for more, but just cannot muster enough energy to make another attempt?  Erectile dysfunction is usually age-related and many medications contribute to the development of this trouble. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction (from moderate to complete) rises from 22% at the age of forty to 49% by the time one reaches the 70 thresholds.

It is not fair to label some factors as the culprit behind the issue and expect to have the same quality of life. When you are short of performing the expected, it not only instills restlessness in your partner but also fills you with insecurity and timidity. Biogenic XR with its select few and elite ingredients assures to enable you with a dynamic performance with ‘bigger orgasms and harder erections for extended time’ pushing you to heightened climax. This is the promise by Biogenic XR

Feel stronger

Better libido

Intensified sex

Ingredients of Biogenic XR

The ingredient list for Biogenic XR is not very long but is touted for their potency and efficiency. Let us have a look and analyze their functionality at delivering the desired results

L-Arginine hydrochloride

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid, implying that the body cannot synthesize it on its own if it is deficient in the diet. An outstanding pro-sexual ingredient, L-Arginine has the decoration of a competent constituent in handling the inconvenience of faulty erection. Here is how;

L-Arginine is the precursor of nitric oxide, the latter being an absolute essential for vasodilatation and increased blood supply. The anatomy of penis reveals its spongy structure designed specifically to soak up maximum blood, however, what do you do when there is not sufficient blood supply, a condition that may arise due to many factors (aging, medications, stress, anxiety, depression and so on).

This is the point when L-Arginine plays the real champion by donating its nitrogen to join oxygen from the blood. The resulting increase in nitric oxide leads to local vasodilatation of vessels in the penis, which pack up with more blood and the cycle continues as long as the L-Arginine support does. And you guessed it right, along comes stronger and harder erections for a neat time.

Some further add-on of the subject ingredient is

  • Increased libido
  • Powerful and stronger orgasms
  • Great sexual and physical endurance
  • Improved fertility in men with better sperm count
  • Scientifically verified results

Maca root extract

Maca, a nutritional powerhouse, is a traditional herbal ingredient that is native to Peru. Recent researches and studies have shown its effectiveness in overcoming a flaccid and wilted penis.

Maca root exerts its upshots by restoring libido owing to its high nutritional content. Furthermore, it creates a balance in the body’s testosterone levels and keeps the energy and stamina rationing max out.

Maca is a rich source of sterols, a precursor to testosterone. Two of its recently discovered constituents, the mecamides, and macaenes are found to be significant sex and energy enhancers.

Maritime pine

If you are skeptical about the pro-sexual qualities of some pine, think again. The active ingredients in the French Maritime pine tree are flavonoids called Procyanidins. The specific active compounds are potent antioxidants and circulatory boosters.

The combination of Maritime pine extract and L-Arginine act in synergy to boost penile circulation and erection size that is why they are a favorite recipe of male enhancement supplements.

Yohimbe extract

Yohimbe is an active alkaloid extracted from the bark of an African tree. It is sold as a prescription drug in the US as a hydrochloride form. The course of action taken by the extract is enhanced blood circulation en route vasodilatation.

Mechanism of action of Biogenic XR

The modus operandi of the Biogenic XR becomes quite apparent by getting knowledge of the working of the ingredients. Here is a summary of events occurring with the physiology of penis upon consumption of Biogenic XR.

The physiology of an erection is a complex one with neural, hormonal, and circulatory factors playing their specific functions at the particular time. The event starts in the brain with neuronal activities and engages hormonal agents along its way to the penis where the circulation of blood calls the final act within the unique circulatory anatomy of the subject organ.

Biogenic XR appears to act locally at the circulation site with its ingredients enhancing the home blood circulation within the penile structure by activating the nitric oxide cycle described before.

The increase in testosterone levels by the Maca root extract leads to a surge in physical and sexual endurance, thereby extending the time you spend in bed. An erection is no good if you cannot bring to bear it, now is it.

The projected gains of Biogenic XR

Here are the expected benefits of the Biogenic XR as a male enhancement supplement

  • Multiply your physical strength and vigor
  • Increase your sexual endurance
  • Extend the ‘quality’ time with your partner
  • Satisfy yourself and your partner with stronger erections and high orgasms
  • Benefit from other health and nutritional upshots of the ingredients
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence
  • Be the winner at relationships

Cost and availability of Biogenic XR

Biogenic XR is not a grocery store item but exclusively retailed online at their official website. Once you decide to make a purchase, simply go to the official site, fill out the necessary details and get entrée to their ordering form.

Our final take on Biogenic XR

Biogenic XR is a smart and careful selection of ingredients that help replenish you with a healthy sexual stamina and the required staying power in bed. Sex is not about a one-way traffic; rather the sexual intimacy grows and triumphs when both the partners are sharing their confidence by the same token.

Biogenic XR caters for the psychological and physical aspect of a sexual relationship by imparting self-confidence and endurance respectively.

The natural ingredients of Biogenic XR hit their marks without any side effects. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of Biogenic XR, you can always avail the 100% money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer.


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