BioLeptin Review – Experience incredible weight loss with this unique formula

BioLeptin is a weight loss supplement that targets the subject issue via targeting the hub of hunger and appetite in the brain. Containing all botanical ingredients, the supplement is a doctor-designed supplement that acts a little different from ordinary weight loss supplements. It directs the hormonal sequence of the body to work in harmony to curb hunger and increase the body metabolic rate to shed pounds speedily.

Weight loss is a complex interplay between the caloric input, output, and different biochemical and hormonal agents. The supplement industry tackles the weight loss via varying approaches; some target the caloric input while others contribute towards weight loss by increasing the caloric output. Very few supplements act on the hormonal play within the body.

BioLeptin is one such supplement that promises a healthy weight loss; how does it act and in what capacity it is effective. Let us review the prospects so read on.

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What is BioLeptin?

BioLeptin is all-natural and it acts via natural mechanisms too.

The reason behind the failure of many weight loss supplements and programs is that they act only at the outward causes of obesity and do not address the root cause. However, none of the supplements addresses the issue of overeating and habitual eating patterns, which are the main reasons behind weight gain.

BioLeptin acts directly at the ‘hunger’ and ‘satiety’ center of all our dietary activities in the brain. The result is a better response of an individual to food.

The ingredients contained in BioLeptin are African Mango and Chromium, two scientifically backed ingredients known for their role in restraining hunger cravings and improving the satiety levels.

The ingredients increase the metabolic rate thereby burning calories at a faster pace and improve the Leptin resistance in the body.

The latter action is important in an effective fat release from the body stores, thereby helping one to shed some real pounds.

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The claims made by BioLeptin

The important point is that to actually lose fat and change the figures on the scale, a mere caloric restriction or increasing the exercise output is not enough. Binge eating can reverse any benefits achieved after an hour at the gym. Therefore, it is imperative to tackle the problem at the base where it originates.

The manufacturer of BioLeptin claims to cut back on some stored fat content and accelerate the fat burning mechanism. The supplement claims to

  • Speed up the fat burning process
  • Keep the hunger cravings under check
  • Reverse Leptin resistance
  • Increase the metabolic rate
  • Maintain healthy biochemical profiles by balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels

The ingredients of BioLeptin

The ingredient list of BioLeptin is not a lengthy one. However, it is the most effective combination to solve the weight loss problem. Furthermore, a number of research and clinical studies scientifically backs the solution offered by BioLeptin.

BioLeptin contains a combination of African Mango extract. Sourced from a reliable supply, the African Mango extract present in BioLeptin is one of the purest and unadulterated forms. The IGOB131 type present in BioLeptin is one of the best ingredients available on the market. Scientific proof of efficiency, clinical validation and the backing of doctors and scientists working in the related field also add to the credit of IGOB131.

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Furthermore, the combination of African Mango extract with chromium is a synergistic one, the latter a trace mineral, which acts as a catalyst for the former ingredient. The type of chromium for the specific action of weight loss is also important. The variety used in BioLeptin is chromium picolinate.

The working of BioLeptin

BioLeptin works by increasing the hypothalamic response of the brain to the signals transmitted by the fat cells via release of Leptin hormone.

Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells and aids in regulating the energy expenditure of the body. It helps curbs hunger by acting on specialized cells in the hypothalamus of the brain. Leptin works in opposition to the hormone ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

As a general course, as Leptin is produced by fat cells, obese and overweight persons should have an increased level of circulating Leptin. This should automatically cause a shift towards more energy expenditure and fat loss. However, we see a case opposite to the sequence. What is the reason behind this unique status?

In cases of overweight individuals, the cells become less sensitive to the signals transmitted by the hormone Leptin. The result is compulsive eating patterns, which if left unchecked for a long time lead to consumption of extra calories and stubborn weight gain.

There is another theory postulated in this regard; in obese individuals, less Leptin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and exert its effects on the hypothalamus. Some others postulate state disturbance of metabolic pathways after the hypothalamus activation and so on.

Whatever the reason is; the ingredients in BioLeptin overcome the resistance posed by the Leptin hormone. Here is how.

The African Mango extract is touted for its ability to reduce body fat and decrease the cholesterol levels. The fruit is native to the tribes of Nigeria and Cameron, which show a remarkably low incidence of cardiovascular disease (according to a recent study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease).

The much-bragged benefits, with scientific backing, are

  • Remarkable improvements in body weight
  • A decreased fat content of the body
  • A reduction in waist circumference
  • Better triglyceride profile
  • Better blood sugar profile
  • Decreased levels of Leptin

Additional studies have shown similar results, with subjects losing weight (about 8-10 pounds) without making other lifestyle changes or experiencing any noticeable side effects.

“This is an extract from a food that has been consumed for centuries in fairly large amounts (reports of daily consumption for more than 10 years in certain tribes),” says Julius Oben, Ph.D., an associate professor of nutritional biochemistry at the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon.

“The high content of dietary fiber in African mango may lower cholesterol, which could equate to weight loss”

“African mango extract increases Adiponectin, a hormone that affects glucose and fat metabolism and increases insulin levels, prompting the body to use fat for energy, resulting in weight loss”

“African mango’s soluble fiber content helps to slow digestion and absorption of dietary sugar

“The fiber also binds to bile acids in the intestinal tract and helps to carry it out of the body, forcing the body to convert more cholesterol into bile acids and thus helping with cholesterol levels”

These are some of the excerpts from well-known and clinically validated studies, showing hope in the field of weight loss and obesity with the extract derived from the seeds of African Mango.

The projected benefits of BioLeptin

  • A safe and natural way out of obesity and weight gain
  • Normalization of biochemical profiles of the body
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Decreased hunger and cravings, some of the scientifically proven results
  • An optimal hormonal profile that stimulates more fat burning
  • No side effects or toxicity

What we like about BioLeptin

BioLeptin is a natural product that contains the IGOB131 form of the extract derived from the African mango seeds.

Furthermore, it contains chromium, a mineral required to activate the hypothalamus in an efficient manner that in turn helps in maintaining body temperature, hunger, thirst, sleep, and emotional behaviors.

The subject supplement is created out of some of the purest and potent extracts of the African Mango fruit. There are no fillers, binders or synthetic ingredients found in the supplement.

No shortcuts are adopted in the manufacture of the subject supplement, thereby preserving the activated form of the primary ingredient.

BioLeptin ‘reprograms your hypothalamus, resets your biological set points and reverses Leptin resistance’ by working in harmony with the hypothalamus and not against it.

With this weight loss aid, one could reap not only short-term benefits but also long-term benefits; decreased risk of cardiovascular ailments, diabetic disturbances, joint troubles and much more.

What is more; the manufacturer of BioLeptin offer a risk-free offer by rendering 365-days money back guarantee on its supplement.

The cost and availability of BioLeptin

BioLeptin is available at the official website for only $59.99 per bottle. A three-bottle purchase costs about $139.95 while six bottles cost $199.95.

All the purchases are covered by a 365 days money-back guarantee.

All the purchases are accompanied by

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