BioTrust Nutrition- A healthy way to the better looking you!

Most of the people today are working so hard to lose the extra pounds they’ve gained, via exercise. Most of them even go through painful surgeries to get their desired body shape, while others follow a strict diet plan and try to avoid almost everything they love to eat. Among those dieters, 97% are the individuals wish they had a miracle product; one they could consume to get rid of their body fat, without suffering any adverse consequences.

Taking into account these problems, Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion created an intriguing invention known as BioTrust Nutrition. It is one of the top-selling, most popular products in the market available that contains an excellent blend of high-quality natural ingredients, free from all kinds of side effects and safe for human use. It is being used by numerous people and has helped them tremendously to lose weight and live a happy healthy life.

What is BioTrust?

BioTrust Nutrition is a company that sells supplements to make your life better! It is an Aurora, Colorado-based company that was established in the year 2012.  BioTrust focuses on the distribution of carefully manufactured high-quality natural products to boost up your body’s metabolic system to help you with significant weight-loss.

The ingredients used to create this wonderful package of supplements includes Gingko Biloba, Fenugreek Extracts, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B. The company has a mission to assist in men and women’s empowerment through suitable nourishment, a balanced diet, and reduced body fat so that they can live a healthy life.

BioTrust has so far made it possible to be ranked as the best nutritional supplements, as it promises its costumers the consumption of natural ingredients and top quality processes for the manufacturing of its final product.

How effective is BioTrust?

BioTrust is the most genuine nutritional product available on the market today since it claims that the complete range of its products is free of hormones, artificial ingredients or any such constituents that may prove to be harmful to human health. They have used exactly the accurate “scientifically appropriate dosage” to create each of their products. All the by-products of BioTrust have undergone a 7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol to ensure that:

  1. World class formulators are used
  2. Only the appropriate scientific dose has been consumed
  3. 100% natural ingredients
  4. Testing of raw ingredient performed
  5. Manufacturing via methods approved by FDA
  6. 3rd party Quality Assurance testing
  7. Reviewed by Scientific Advisory Board

How does BioTrust work?

BioTrust not only targets specific portions of your body but looks after the overall health. The exciting range of BioTrust Nutrition’s product includes supplements that aid in fat loss to the pills that help in building muscles. Almost 10 different supplements are manufactured by BioTrust Nutrition, divided into three main categories;

  1. Supplements for Fat Loss
  2. Nutritional pills for muscle building
  3. Capsules for overall health improvement

The most renowned and highly consumed BioTrust’s products include:

  • BCAA Matrix: for muscle rebuild after workout
  • BellyTrim XP: burns off the unwanted fat in the abdominal area, using its key ingredients; conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), pomegranate seed oil
  • Brain Bright
  • BioTrust Low Carb
  • Metabo379: A proprietary formula designed to boost your metabolic rate. It includes key ingredients; Garcinia Mangostana Extract and BioPerine extract.
  • IC-5: Insulin for the management of body’s carbohydrate, by increasing insulin sensitivity to uphold blood sugar levels. It includes natural ingredients like Fenugreek Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Extracts, Extract from Berberis Aristata root bark, r-alpha-lipoic acid
  • Leptiburn: A supplement that stimulates the production of leptin (a fat-burning hormone) by using natural ingredients like olive oil leaf extracts
  • Pro-X10: A probiotic formula that reduces inflammation caused due to irregular bowels. It is also used for muscle building, fat loss and healthy digestive system functionality.


  • All the products of BioTrust Nutrition contain natural ingredients, blended in only the appropriate amounts required to make the perfect end product for effective results.
  • All supplements have undergone a “7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol”
  • Company offers a wide range of products, subject to selection on your needs
  • Upon ordering any two products, you’ll get the third product free. Similarly, on the purchase of four products, the company offers you two items, absolutely free.
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee Program
  • Before launching any product, BioTrust ensures that it works perfectly and effectively
  • No artificial preservatives or additives have been used in the manufacturing of products All their products of BioTrust have a GMP stamp, meaning that the facilities, equipment, quality etc. of its entire product range are GMP standard compliant.
  • The company has a forum for users on their site, where the customers can comment and ask queries about the nutritional issues.

Safety and Precautions:

The products are made naturally, making sure that no artificial flavors, additives or preservatives are used. Also, the products are gluten-free and as the company claims; the whole range of its products are absolutely safe for use and free from side-effects.

User Reviews:

The users have given a 3.5 out of 5 rating for the product, among which about 64% say that they would recommend BioTrust to their family and friends. They value the products mainly because the ingredients used for the manufacturing are absolutely natural and effective and they order and use the products faithfully.

Few users appreciated the product so much so that he told his story about how he had been suffering from digestive system disorders for a long time, but then he found Pro-X10. Since its use, all his digestive issues just vanished and so he recommended it to his sister to help her solve the same issue.

Order and shipment:

The prices of supplement offered by BioTrust vary from product to product. However, less than $5 is charged for Shipment of the product. Following are few of the products offered by BioTrust, along with the prices they are available at:

  • Metabo379 ($49/ Bottle)
  • LeptiBurn ($69/ Bottle)
  • IC-5 ($69/ Bottle)
  • BioTrust Low Carb ($49/ Bottle)
  • Pro-X10 ($49/ Bottle)
  • Bellytrim XP ($49/ Bottle)
  • BioTrust Protein Cookies ($29/ Pack of 12 cookies)
  • BioTrust Organic Protein Bars ($39/ Box of 9 bars)
  • AbsorbMax ($49/ Bottle)
  • BCAA Matrix ($49/ Bottle)
  • Ageless Body ($49/ Bottle)

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with any of BioTrust’s products, the company offers you a 1-Year Money Back Guarantee scheme. It allows you to send back the unused amount of product within 1 year of purchase, in exchange for a full refund, that will reach to you within 3 days.

Also, In the case of any query, BioTrust has a customer support center available for 24 hours. They can be reached via email at, or via phone at 1-800-766-5086 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm EST and Saturday and Sunday- 10am to 9pm)

Final Verdict:

It is important that one stops thinking so much and waste less time searching for things or asking people around when you have just the right product right in front of you.

Instead of worrying about the expenditures for painful surgeries and treatments you’d have to undergo to get the best results, just get the desired supplements for the problem you are facing, from the products BioTrust Nutrition offers you, and let yourself live a healthy stress-free easy life. Get your share of BioTrust today, and let it resolve your problems effectively, and all-natural way!

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