Blood Pressure Optimizer Review: Is this supplement really helpful?

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood that is circulating on the walls of the blood vessels. A change in its normal rate can lead to various health issues. A normal blood pressure is very important because if it is higher, then it means that the blood is putting a strain on the arteries of the heart, which may cause a cardiac arrest or stroke. If your blood pressure is low, your body experiences a wave of fatigue and it may also cause strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure. So, it is very important to regulate the blood pressure and maintain it at its optimum level. The blood pressure of a normal healthy adult is 120 millimeters of mercury (systolic) and 80 millimeters of mercury (diastolic). It is often abbreviated as “120/80 mmHg”.

Blood Pressure Optimizer, therefore, helps you to attain the desirable and healthy BP rate.


It is a dietary supplement and it is highly recommended to take 3 pills daily with 1 glass of water, after having a proper meal. The intervals between the pill consumption should be set so that the body can react effectively and efficiently towards the pill.


It is a dietary supplement and its ingredients are derived from the organic sources.

For a serving size of 3 capsules, it contains the following ingredients:

Ingredients Amount per serving % DV
Potassium (as Albion) 300 mg 6 %
Vitamin C (from Calcium Ascorbate) 55 mg 92 %
Calcium (from Calcium Ascorbate) 5 mg <1 %
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 400 IU 100 %
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 10 mg 500 %

*DV is an abbreviation for Daily Value

Other than these ingredients, it also contains plant-derived cellulose gelatin (vegetarian capsule) and rice flour, hawthorn, garlic, danshen, hibiscus, ginger, magnesium, and many more.

It does not contain any artificial colors, binders, fillers, wheat, dairy, egg, fish, peanuts or gluten.

Blood Pressure Optimizer:

Blood Pressure Optimizer is the supplements that help to lower your Blood Pressure and fixing it. Usually, the Blood Pressure rises due to the miscommunication between the heart and the brain. The manufacturers of the product claim that this new product has been engineered in such a way that it balances the Blood pressure and the user will not everface dizziness or nausea due to the blood flow. It manages hypertension as well, which is the biggest factor for the disoriented rate of blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure

It is a condition in which the force of blood against your artery walls is high enough to cause health problems such as strokes. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower the arteries, the higher your blood pressure.

  • Major factors for high blood pressure:
  1. Being overweight

The more the weight, the more you need to supply oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, as the volume of the blood circulated increases, the Blood Pressure also increases.

  1. Using tobacco

The tobacco consumption immediately increases blood pressure and the chemicals present in tobacco can damage the lining of the artery walls

  1. Age

The risk of the high blood pressure increases with the increase in the age

  1. Stress

High levels of stress can lead to a temporary increase in blood pressure

  1. Certain chronic conditions

Conditions like kidney diseases, diabetes and sleep apnea may also lead to high BP

  • Symptoms:
  1. Headaches
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Nosebleeds (only if the reading rises to a high level)

Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure may be good for some people while it may also prove to be undesirable for the others. The blood pressure of 90/60 mmHg is generally considered low.

  • Major factors for low blood pressure:
  1. Dehydration

When your body loses more water, than it takes, it causes weakness and a drop in the blood pressure

  1. Blood loss

Losing a lot of blood can cause a drop in the blood pressure rate.

  1. Severe infection (septicemia)

When an infection enters the bloodstream, it causes a life-threatening drop in the blood pressure, called septic shock

  1. Pregnancy

The circulatory system expands during the pregnancy, so it is likely that the blood pressure also decreases.

  1. Heart problems

Some heart conditions can lead to low blood pressure rate.

  • Symptoms:
  1. Dizziness
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Nausea
  4. Fatigue
  5. Lack of concentration
  6. Weak and rapid pulse
  7. Cold, clammy, pale skin


  • Manages the overall blood pressure

This the foremost and the most important benefit of this product. It resolves the obstacles and hindrances that comes in the way of a normal and a healthy blood pressure rate

  • Strengthened and flexible blood vessels

The calcium, magnesium and potassium molecules improves the condition of blood vessels and strengthen them. The strengthened and flexible blood vessels mean that the vessels will not contract or expand for a long period of time. thus, maintaining the blood pressure

  • Enhanced nitric oxide levels

Nitric oxide relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels. With the increase in the nitric oxide levels, the blood flow increases but the blood pressure does not escalate.

  • Improves the health of the heart

It improves the heart health, meaning that with the proper blood flow and blood pressure, the heart functions in a better way.

  • Beneficial for kidneys

The nephrons in the kidneys are supplied with a network of blood vessels and the blood flow through them is very important. Changes in the BP rate can cause the arteries around the kidneys, to become narrow, hard and weak, thus also affecting the kidney. The BP optimizer clears away this threat

  • Nourishment for the whole body

The organic minerals present in this supplement provides the nourishment to the whole body.

Side effects:

There are no known side effects of the Blood Pressure Optimizer, however, taken with any other food product, may cause a reaction for sensitive people. If such reaction occurs, discontinue the use and consult a doctor.

When should the results be expected?

If you are taking this supplement on a daily basis then the results should appear in a few days, but for enhanced results, other measures should also be taken. Like, improved eating habits, adding fatty acids to the diet, exercise, walking, and meditation. (to calm the nerves and release stress and hypertension)


  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • If pregnant or lactating, consult a doctor before using the supplement
  • Do not overdose
  • Do not consume it empty stomach
  • You should be 18 years or above to consume this supplement

Final verdict:

This supplement contains many such ingredients that are very beneficial for not only the Blood Pressure but also for health. It includes magnesium, calcium, horny goat weed, multivitamins and other such multivitamins that support energy levels and are known for maintaining a healthy blood circulation in heart and other organs.

The nutrients present in this supplement nourishes your body and overall improves the health of the user. So, this product should be given a try for sure.

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