Blue Apron – Switch and roll Aprons for Good

Is blue apron breaking the convention? Are we too occupied to access grocery stores and tread towards our kitchen counters? Let me answer these for you.

Often there is not enough time to prepare fresh and healthy meals on a regular basis from scratch. That’s where take outs and meal delivery services come in handy to provide you easy to prepare and healthy dishes of all kinds at your doorstep. Frozen lasagna and mac n cheese do not always seem to work.


Meal delivery services aim to benefit people by providing food made from locally sourced ingredients. The most beneficial part of these meal delivery services is that they use and sell pre-measured ingredients and seasonings to reduce excessive food waste.

In this way, country’s economy is benefitted as well as the ecosystem aided. These companies use all-natural antibiotic free meats and sustainable seafood. So, organic, healthy, eco-friendly and delicious meals delivered to your door. Score!!!

Look at you, staring at the refrigerator after a long, hectic working day that is crammed with unappetizing leftovers, stale veggies, fruits, and nuggets. You feel devastated only by a thought of what to cook. Right here, right then, meal delivery services are your answer.

You get to pick and choose a variety of meals according to your mood and taste like from a restaurant’s menu. In this case, you’ll need to check the list of meal types offered on company’s website and get your food delivered.

Imagine just craving for shrimp noodles but too exhausted to make, you order by just a click and wipe out those cravings and hunger pangs without laboring on the kitchen counter.

A large list of offerings appears on the meal delivery company’s website containing all the required ingredients for the given recipe. A few days later a box packed with fresh, chilled and premeasured ingredients with elaborate cooking instructions arrives on your doorstep. You can readily get the ingredients for the recipes from the website.

According to Technomic, a research and consulting firm for the food industry,

“These services are now a $400 million market that’s projected to increase tenfold in the next five years.”

We all desire fresh food, but we also desire to hop out of the kitchen fairly and quickly. This duo is hard to achieve by most of us.

How does Blue Apron meal delivery service work on the easy-to-prepare, healthy, and fresh foods?

Blue Apron ships you a refrigerated box packed with fresh and healthy ingredients for several meals once a week. You choose the meals you want to eat a week before the box ships. The in-house chefs in the Blue Apron are determined to create and innovate new recipes for you so you don’t get bored of repeated meal options.

It is a great and convenient way of trying out new food types that you are unfamiliar with. You will find numerous tasty and appealing recipe names online where you can decide to try something different.

You will receive a box full of joy containing everything that has already been weighed and measured so use the just the right and exact amount of everything without having to worry about wasting a cluster of food items like a bunch of parsley or iceberg.

Like seriously? Has or can anyone ever use an entire bunch of parsley? A big No! And neither can veggies like these are long lasting despite keeping refrigerated.

The only items you might have to provide would be such like oil, salt & pepper and there you are standing like a triumphant chef capable of accomplishing restaurant like dishes at home.

Pricing Plans

The Blue Apron offers two plans:

  • A 2-person and a 4-person meal plan subscription, both in which you’ll receive 3 meals per week for $59.94 a week and $9.99 per person.
  • While the family plan costs $139.84 per week and $8.74 per person.
  • Meals for two people cost $9.99 per meal per person whereas for four, meals are priced at $8.74 per meal per person.

In other words, you will receive three meals for two people per week which make a total of six meals that will cost you $59.94 including shipping.


  • A large variety of seasonal and healthy meal options catered ranging from chicken to vegetarian to seafood lovers.
  • Numerous ingredients new to your list.
  • Delivery at your doorstep.
  • Only basic ingredients like salt, pepper, and oil will be required by you to add before prepping dinner.
  • Perfectly pre-proportioned ingredients sent on your way.
  • A recipe card with detailed instructions and photos provided along.
  • To ensure a more sustainable food system, the ingredients are fetched from an organic family run farms and meat from cage-free animals.
  • Learning basic cookery skills with the help of recipe cards is an added benefit for everyone.


  • Raising the ‘handy’ insignia is not a completely hands-on meal choice because you do need to prepare and cook the meal, after all, it does not come ready to your doorstep. All you receive is a set of ingredients and step by step recipe guide.
  • You will do all the peeling, cutting, chopping, frying, and roast to prep your meal.
  • Picky eaters! Be aware! Not all dish names will fly by you.

My Final thoughts

Blue apron looks super yummy, exciting and meals you would definitely want to try to experience variety. It will save you tons on your grocery item list and bill. You will get to cook recipes different from the routine ones you normally prepare. Even if you do not use it as a regular option it can be a life saver on days when are swamped with almost everything with no edible food stored in the refrigerator.

Especially for the working professionals who cannot seem to concentrate, find dinner ideas and hunt ingredients this is a perfect service to save that last ounce of mental energy left.


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