Bokwa Workout Review – A new workout for the non-dancers

Do you wish to dance like no one’s watching? Bokwa? What on earth is Bokwa? You all must be wondering. Let’s find out. How much of dancer lies inside you? We all have done our parts in silly dance once a while in parties and weddings but yes not all of us are actual dancers.

One thing is for sure and that is the number of calories burnt be the dance professional or boogie your body does go through a lot of moves. This is the reason some of the dance-based workouts have made their way into the gyms and health studios.

The hype about Zumba has been there since long and there are a number of fitness clubs offering Zumba classes for people who want to have a little fun along with workout. There is a new aerobic dance exercise that just hit the shores and it goes by the name of Bokwa.

In this South-African inspired dance based workout calories are burnt by drawing letters and numbers with your feet. Nothing can be more fun than mixing a daily workout session with freestyle dance that both burns and puts added fun.

Freestyle dance workouts like salsa, Zumba and belly dancing, Bokwa has also startled people like never before, it has become the most touted fitness method trend of the year.

This physical fitness in the form of dance makes sure you have ample fun and fitness in your daily lifestyle whether you know how to dance or not, these dance moves will amp up your fitness game in a newer way. In this way, you easily and happily follow daily workout routines in order to improve health and combat diseases occurred due to lack of physical fitness.

What is the enraged Bokwa actually?

Bokwa is a new and innovative workout routine inspired by South African dance. It is an easy and effective total body workout in which letter shapes are used and made in order to form dance moves so people can easily follow and move.

It is the brainchild of Paul Mavi who is a known fitness instructor based in Los Angeles. Now let’s find out why is it called Bokwa after all? BOKWA is basically a combination of two words “BO” is denoted by light boxing and “KWA” is derived from the word ‘Kwaito” which is a traditional and cultural dance. This is how BOKWA came into being.

Bokwa is also classified as a cardio workout routine that allows you to trim and tone on the beat of the music by drawing the shapes of numbers and alphabets with the help of feet movements. Draw numbers and letters while dancing like nobody is watching.

The letters used for drawing while dancing are L, 3, J, K. Bokwa has become the fastest growing form of exercise around the world because it does not bore you or make your body give up. You enjoy along with gaining all the benefits required for a healthy toned body.

Why is this workout choreographed as alphabet-centric is because of the ease and comfort it provides for everyone to pick, learn and follow quickly. No professional or extravagant moves need to be mastered. These are just a few simple basic moves that anyone can flexibly add to their freestyle dance moves.

The reason behind Bokwa craze as the growing and bona fide fitness regime is the freedom and flexibility to express creativity in the form of dance. This calories torcher is adaptable for all age group and fitness levels.

Jazz it up with some shimmies, hip bumps or any kind of freestyle moves you are willing to acquire. Bokwa’s spark lies in its upbeat music, high energy but simple basic dance moves.

In 2012, Paul Mavi teamed up with a famous TV celebrity fitness entrepreneur Johann Verheem to launch this new concept starting in the UK and then the US later. This dynamic duo has currently produced over 4000 certified Bokwa instructors in the UK region and has made classes available in the 30 states of the US region.  It is aimed to be expanded more in the coming years.

Benefits of Bokwa

Bokwa is more of a dance party than a tough exercise class that feels grueling. This calorie-busting workout will pump your heart in order to improve the cardiac activity.

Cardiovascular exercises are known for maintaining the cognitive function, boosting energy levels and combat against diseases from the body. Cardio routine done regularly has proved to prevent some kinds of cancers.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that,

“Just a half-hour of physical activity six days a week was linked to a 40 percent lower risk of early death. “ But consistency is the key.

This workout interests people with hectic work schedules and busy routines and for people who completely loathe the idea of going to the gym and are never enticed being a part of an exercise class.

In addition to enhancing your body’s cognitive and cardiac function, Bokwa has some other benefits as well such as:

-Improved balance

-Increased endurance

-Calorie burn

-Fat busted

Maintaining healthy weight is essential for entire well-being. Many studies show that even a meek weight loss can help decrease fatality rate that is majorly associated with cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Even small and modest daily sessions of exercise will bring positive impact on overall health. Due to Bokwa’s fun, easy and flexible nature, anyone aged from 17-70 can join in.

Another study says that brief, high-intensity, intermittent workouts are capable of reversing heart abnormalities in diabetics.

According to experts, one Bokwa workout can actually help you burn around 1,000 calories. Moreover, it is said to be the only fitness program to date that uses hand signs. According to Mavi, the use of sign language makes it simple for people to follow the routines and respond actively.

Burning calories is no more tedious or grueling anymore. Bokwa dance workout routine is a great blend of cardio and strength training flexibly coordinated for your convenience.

Bokwa Vs Zumba

A dance class aimed to torch calories with cardio. Zumba and Bokwa are both high-energy workouts that make you sweat while rigorously shaking your whole body in different dance moves. But there still are some visible differences to consider.

Zumba is more of a properly choreographed dance routine that you need to memorize in order to follow the workout session whereas in Bokwa there is nothing to memorize because it consists of a few moves that even the beginners and non-dancers can learn on right in first class.

Zumba is known to be based on Latin rhythms while Bokwa is paired with contemporary pop music or pick any upbeat music you like to get the cardio party started non-stop.

Ending Thoughts

Bokwa is easily found in many gyms, fitness clubs and studios worldwide. It has already hit the European and UK giving birth to numerous instructors internationally for people to learn and grow the Bokwa community and followers.

You will have so much fun painting letters with your body that you will forget the idea of working out even or feel like training. So do give it a try and get lost in the movements that make you sweat like anything.

These easy to master steps will give you your desired body along with a range of health benefits and added fun factor for consistency. Start the Bokwa to know the rage behind it.




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