Bounce V Life Energy Snacks Range – Do these vegan protein balls score the basket?

The health industry is continually growing and determined to innovate novel ideas for the wellness of people in order to fully hydrate, nourish, lose weight and recover. The popular inventions these days are the protein packed drinks and energy bars, balls and snacks.

To achieve a fit body with higher immunity to fight against illnesses is a task to labor hard for. It requires a complete exercise and diet regimen followed regularly to support the body for improved muscle and bone strength with the help of potent nutrients.

In today’s fast-paced world finding organic, natural and vegan products has become a challenge and the ones available are expensive. Due to the uncommon production of natural foods, fast food has become cheaper with vast availability making it even more crucial for health conscious people to lead the ‘eat right’ lifestyles.

Thanks to our busy work routines, cooking is another hassle requiring not only time but a lot of effort and ingredients to cope up with. And people who are physically more active face this hardship on daily basis of increased appetite but do not have time to always prepare food items.

Having smaller meals with regular intervals keeps one fuller and helps the metabolism to accept and operate its role well. It prevents from acidity and stomach disorders like indigestion. Snacking is the most effective way to keep at hand small bites on the go.

Snacking is important because it can act as an energy source for the body to supply essential added nutrients. However, the healthy form of snacks are recommended to keep going that provide health benefits as well and not just satisfy the taste buds.

Healthy snacks include whole grain cereals, dried nuts, fresh fruits like a banana to boost energy, raw vegetables and last but not the least protein filled energy drinks and snacks.

Vegans face a few forms of deficiencies because of their zero intake of animal products and hence require more protein intake in order to suffice the protein deficiency in their body. These individuals then rely on dietary supplements or protein shakes and snacks to enhance the protein content needed by the body.

Snacks should be wholesome and nutritional for healthy consumption. In this article, we will introduce a company that manufactures healthy snacks enriched with all the essential nutrients required for the body to have a good immune function and high energy.

V Life is the newest range of the brand that offers their customers a selection of protein balls and bites formulated in order to be suitable for vegans.

About Bounce

Bounce is a brand created by an Aussie couple named Andy and Paula Hannagan in 2004. This dynamic duo believed that healthy and nutritious snacks are vital in creating the right eating habit pattern. These global distributors of home based protein balls sell in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US.

This highly inspirational couple wanted to encourage people to eat well, feel well and live well for a passionate, healthy and good standard of nutritional life. They were determined to create a snack that only provided health benefits but also tasted good.

With the abundance of energy bars present in the food industry, one thing is very common and that is the lack of good taste and flavor for consumers to use consistently. Bounce gained rapid popularity due to this very factor of taste.

The mission behind Bounce Foods was to promote a healthy lifestyle through nutritious snacks. They did it by inspiring people about the way they eat and help them change how to think to live well. This makes up the company’s motto:

“Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good”.

Andy and Paula greatly believed that eating wholesome foods and being physically up and about not only impacts body’s health but it also stimulates the mental well-being, overall productivity, and personal relations.

The Bounce Foods manufacture their products with a wide range of good quality ingredients and produced them without heat in order to preserve their nutritional values. The ball shaped snacks are a blend of a healthy and balanced recipe.

For the vegetarian individuals Bounce initiated a new range of products called ‘Bounce V Life’. This range is intended to fulfill everyone’s health and nutritious needs.

About V life range

This newly launched range by Bounce is named V life. The ‘V’ in the name stands for vegan, meaning it is suitable for the vegetarians as well because of its vegetable-y goodness. They will take over your taste buds due to the perfectly blended ingredients.

The main purpose of this introducing this range is to provide protein and energy content to help you go through the daily life’s activities and challenges. Be it at work, or any other physical activity or sports or workout routines.

Thigluten-freeee goodness is a great breakfast treat because they fill you up and taste flipping delicious.

Proteins are an essential element for muscle growth and strength. It plays a key role in the lives of individuals who lead active lifestyles because they are an important source of energy. In addition to that, the long chain of amino acids that compose protein content are vital for tissue repair and bone health.

The protein energy balls from V Life range are a great alternative snack that is enriched with nutritional elements. The snacks are packed with nutrients including fats, carbs and proteins to support body’s dynamics and enhance energy levels in order to function well throughout the day. Apart from that these energy balls are a great way to satisfy those hunger pangs immediately.

It provides consumers with a tasteful variety of flavors formulated with healthiest ingredients like Kale. Now kale is not a very favorable food chosen by everyone. These balls ensure that you in take even the bad tasting healthy foods in the form of a healthy and rich flavored ball. Consuming supplement capsules and pills is not fun but snack balls are a big YES! The V Life range comes in five flavors including:

  • Almond Spirulina
  • Cashew Peanut
  • Almond Kale
  • Beetroot Cashew
  • Coconut Cumin


  • A wholesome nutritious bite
  • All natural ingredients and manufacturing methods
  • A completely gluten free choice
  • Wide ranging flavors and ingredients that benefit health


Some consumers have reported that the balls harden if leftover outside or cold.

The Verdict

Bounce energy balls a protein packed goodness that provide body high energy with the help of its excellent choice of natural and nutritious ingredients. These snacks make sure you are up and about throughout the day and on track in between the meal gaps and not gorging on packed junk food.

It is an on the go snack that comes in a very reasonable size ratio for grabbing a bite or two. It contains no artificial preservatives, is gluten and GM-free with high fiber and protein content making it an excellent healthy choice.

So gain all the energy you need in order to lead a healthy life with good quality snacks that not only taste good but are packaged favorably to suffice all your needs.

V Life range is an ideal choice for people looking for energy snacks without any harmful and artificial substances such as gluten that risk health in the longer run. They include vegan protein in order to fit in the diet of vegetarians.

Bounce V life protein energy balls are composed of superfoods to fuel your body and promote overall health and well-being effectively. Order a V Life Taster box from the brand’s official website now priced at £9.99.


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