Calorie King Review – Does This App Contain The Genuine Information?

What Is Calorie King About?

When weight loss is the major goal you have, it becomes important to keep a count of your daily calorie intake. Do you exactly know which food in your meals is contributing more to your calorie count? What are the healthy meals that you can add to your diet plan so that you consume less and fewer calories?

Do you know that some pills and supplements can actually suppress your appetite? Keeping a count of calorie intake is very important so that when you are on a weight loss mission, you must have an idea about how much calorie intake is allowed.

There are many diet charts available online and various weight loss plans, all of them in a way or the other provide information on these topics but it has become a much easier task when it came out in the form of an iOS App called Calorie King, where you can search for food. The App has got many features and it helps by providing all necessary information about achieving weight loss.

What Are The Main Features Of Calorie King?

This amazing app provides some features which keep count of calorie burn and intake. It includes suggestions for healthy eating, different weight loss programs, calorie counter (which is available offline too), different types of exercises which provide guidance on how to plan weight loss.

While the other weight loss schemes suggest consuming supplements and pills for weight loss, Calorie King App includes some healthy meals that contain the appropriate amount of calories required for losing weight. One does not have to follow a crash diet program and cut from all favorite food. It only pays stress on healthy eating schedule.

There are different weight loss programs available if you visit this app. You can choose the program which suits you and goes according to your weight loss goals. As everyone has different targets for weight loss according to their own body structure, so one can pick a weight loss program of their own choice.

Calorie King includes different types of exercises that help you to get a perfectly toned body. There are different exercises for each part of your body so that if you want to target fats on the particular part of a body, you can easily find the best exercise among various available options.

The calorie counter in the app is one of its stunning features because this is required by everyone who is on weight loss mission. The calorie counter keeps track of your daily calorie intake and the calories burnt every day. This tool is easily available online and even when your internet connection is lost, it can still provide you service.

By following the amazing features of the app, one can get many techniques and strategies to plan for weight loss. When you will take all the nutrients in the right proportion and do not exceed the amount required by your body, the daily exercise for the fatty portions of your body and a keep a count on calorie and fats intake, you will start noticing the astonishing results in a matter of few weeks only if you strictly follow all the recommendations.

Does Calorie King Help In Weight Loss?

There might be so many queries in the minds of people who have not used this app so far. This review will make sure to through light on all those advantages that can be attained if you are the user of this application.

So, if you follow all the suggestions and recommendations provided by this amazing application you can lose weight quickly and safely (around one to two pounds a week). The weight loss may vary from person to person but on average a person loses weight per week and within a few weeks, a person can notice prominent results.

The application majorly controls your daily food intake and keeps your diet balanced in a way that you do not exceed the amount required by your body. If exercised along with properly balanced meals daily, weight loss becomes much quicker than earlier.

The Calorie King App contains the most accurate, genuine and updated database.The Calorie King application is not available on Android. However, the creators of this application say that there will be the android version of the application announced soon.
The App keeps the count of calories and carbohydrates which are very helpful for diabetic patients. No unique feature is presented by the application. Almost all the features are presented separately by different weight loss programs. The only benefit of Calorie King over other weight loss programs is that it combines all features in one application.
There are more than 70,000 foods for which the database provides the calorie and carbohydrate count.
The Calorie king App has some features available offline too (like calorie counter).
The application contains various exercises which can be a part of your daily routine.
The Calorie King App provides the weight loss progress information in the form of graphs and charts.

Does Calorie King Have Any Side Effects?

There are no major side effects of following the Calorie King app noticed so far. The application helps you to estimate your calorie and carbohydrate intake to make you achieve weight loss goals easier for you. The healthy meal plans, information about fast food chains and restaurants and the most updated database will help you meet your target weight loss safely and quickly without any harmful effects.

The Contacting Details And Availability Of Calorie King

The company which has created this famous application is named, “Calorie King Wellness Solutions”, which is a company, located in California since July 7, 2005.  The address of the company is mentioned below:

Calorie King Wellness Solutions
5480 Baltimore Drive
Suite 211
La Mesa, CA 91942

Customer Reviews On Calorie King

“GREAT, no-frills book, REASONABLY priced that is a small size, good for taking with you discreetly. There are other things in here that are nice; mini fat, calorie and carb counter, tips on exercise, fat intake/reduction, sugar reduction, carb/fiber intake, etc. Just my own personal wish–I would’ve liked this book to be more than for 10 weeks, though.”

Cost Of Calorie King

The cost of the Calorie King App is very reasonable and it is priced at $49 per year. The company also offers the free trial of the app for a month which costs only $12 per month. You can avail the opportunity of the free trial and get the app for a month to test that does this app provide the genuine information or not. If you follow the instructions provided by the amazing features of the app, you will definitely notice a huge difference as it will transform your lives completely.

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