Cannabinoid Plus review – A healthy indulgence


Cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp seems to be the solution to almost all body ailments and that is why there is a huge demand for this product in any shape, oil, capsules, tincture, Vape and so on. CBD gummies is another addition to the variety of products being manufactured with the subject constituent. Colorful, tasty, fun shaped and chewable, CBD gummies are a favorite among all age groups, especially those individuals for whom the raw oil or capsules is difficult to ingest.

Health packed treats, CBD gummies deliver a host of benefits and the supplement market is brimming with them under different trade names. For the consumer sector, the decision about a purchase among the retail market becomes very difficult due to the media hype and hard sell attitude of a manufacturer. To know your CBD is vital, not only on grounds of your health rationale but also for a secure investment of your hard-earned money.

Cannabinoid Plus is another name to the infinite list of CBD products and via the following review, an attempt is carried out to know the features that make this product a plus among its counterparts.

About the manufacturer of Cannabinoid Plus

We rummaged around to get some information on Cannabinoid Plus but could not get any name. Except that the manufacturer is US-based and the product is manufactured by cGMP certified facility, the official site does not lend more information.

The product is not BBB accredited either nor it is retailed at Amazon, so there is no way a company name could come up except if the manufacturer decides to fill in the gap themselves.

About Cannabinoid Plus

Cannabinoid Plus is dispensed in an impressively packaged bottle with 30 CBD gummies. Cannabinoid Plus is tagged with many advantages and health up shots but the product is labeled specifically to help in

  • Overall wellness
  • Muscle support
  • Natural sleep

CBD shot to fame because of its many health benefits targeted at almost all bodily systems starting from the nervous system to musculoskeletal, catering for physical as well as psychological troubles. There are even claims of counteracting cancer and other debilitating conditions.

However, the attributes of CBD are not associated with any high or jittery after effects, the reason being its derivation from a plant species, Cannabis sativa or commonly called industrial hemp. The Cannabis Sativa yields an extract, which has a high CBD to THC ratio, a measure that makes the CBD a therapeutic choice for many medical conditions.

CBD is different from its cousin, THC, which is the constituent of the most prevalent drug used for leisure and recreation, cannabis. The difference of CBD from THC lies not only in the source but also in its psychogenic effects, for which the THC is infamously made use of. The infamous and tarnished repute of THC was often confused with CBD in the past but times are changing for CBD because of countless pieces of research done to establish it’s therapeutic use in medical field. Up until now, CBD is recognized for its anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antiepileptic, and anticonvulsant benefits.

Cannabinoid Plus add a smart incentive to CBD use for individuals who can benefit from this compound but for one reason or the other, fail to consume it. Some people show aversion to the smell while others do not like the taste, some are allergic to the capsule form while still others may not acknowledge the CBD as a therapeutic idea. CBD gummies can be used as neat and tidy solution to all of these mindsets.

The touted claims of Cannabinoid Plus

The claims by Cannabinoid Plus are similar to any customary CBD product with nothing distinctive to brag about. However, the benefits themselves are a big talk on streets because they are simply amazing. The manufacturer of Cannabinoid Plus states the following announcements for its product.

  • Helps manage painful conditions specifically neuropathic pain
  • Relieves the stress and anxiety of an overactive mind
  • Aids in moods and behavioral composure
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Refurbishes energy stores of the body
  • Normalizes the blood pressure
  • Supports the gut health
  • Helps in post chemotherapeutic nausea
  • May provide long-term support for cancer and epilepsy
  • Soothes the inflammatory conditions of the body

How Cannabinoid Plus works for you

Cannabinoid Plus owes its functionality to the CBD content and CBD is known to work via the endocannabinoid system, which is a recognized arrangement of receptors and neurotransmitters in the body, both in the central and peripheral organization.

The endocannabinoid system is involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes including fertilitypregnancy, during pre-and postnatal development, appetite, pain sensationmood, and memory, and in mediating the pharmacological effects of cannabis”.

Our body already produces chemicals, which bear a close resemblance to CBD and THC, in response to many stimuli. Upon introduction of an external source of CBD, they act in conjunction with the natural constituents of the body and help bring a relief to a variety of symptoms, some of which are listed in the benefits of Cannabinoid Plus.

Is Cannabinoid Plus a worthy choice among the rest?

With hoards of products available in supplement market, finding the best choice among the rest becomes an overwhelming job. However, if one knows the features of a superior quality CBD product, the task becomes a lot easier. We have tried to assemble some traits for a worthy and convenient purchase and analysis of Cannabinoid Plus is done on the same criteria.

  • Evaluate the source of CBD

The source of CBD is the primary criteria for judging the quality of a CBD product. The source includes the site of growth, the methods employed and the plant species used (sativa, ruderalis or indica).

The cannabis plant is termed as Hyperaccumulator; meaning that it absorbs all kinds of contaminants from the soil. Therefore, the soil, climate, and adjacent plantations are some of the many factors that affect the final yield of Cannabis and any CBD product. If the soil is contaminated with heavy metals, the CBD product might bring a fatal consequence.

Experts suggest looking for a source of cultivation where the land has been in use for some generations for cannabis cultivation with a well-preserved environment. That is only possible in geographical locations where Cannabis cultivation is legal.

  • Know the extraction process of CBD

An extraction process that is petroleum free yields the best of extracts. The recommended method for cannabis oil extraction for various products is cold press Co2 extraction method, which is virtually chemical free with no toxic residues and environmentally friendly.

  • The THC content should be less than .03%

Industrial hemp is typically low in THC content and ideally, the concentration should be less than .03%.

  • A whole plant extract is a superior yield than all

CBD extracted from the stem, seeds, and stalks contain a wide range of CBD constituents including terpenes, flavonoids, sugars and other CBD varieties.

  • An independent third party evaluation

A third-party evaluation of a CBD product adds to the credibility and authenticity of the supplement.

Cannabinoid Plus prides them to be a product derived from an organic yield. Though the extraction process is not mentioned by the manufacturer they claim that their product is manufactured out of toxin-free constituents implying that no petroleum method is employed for the extraction method.

The good thing about Cannabinoid Plus is that the gummies are ‘full spectrum CBD’ product thus it contains all the significant cannabinoid constituents and terpenes, which adjunct the health benefits of the final product.

The manufacturer has given evidence regarding third-party evaluation with methods like HPLC, mass spectrometry and column distillation. With cGMP certification of the Cannabinoid Plus gummies, the manufacturer assures quality deliverance.

The THC content is not known for Cannabinoid Plus, however regarding the CBD content, with 300 mg of CBD per 30 gummies, the CBD delivered per gummy is about 10 mg.

Therefore, overall, Cannabinoid Plus gummies almost meet the experts’ criteria for a quality CBD product and represent a case of merit deliverance.

What we like about Cannabinoid Plus

The highlights of Cannabinoid Plus which have caught our attention are

  • Represents a full spectrum cannabis product
  • Derived from a non-GMO, organic source
  • Manufactured under cGMP facility
  • Beneficial in many medical conditions
  • Final product tested and tried by an independent third party
  • Details of laboratory evaluation are accessible on the official page


Cost of Cannabinoid Plus

The cost of Cannabinoid Plus can be accessed by going through the purchase form on the official page. Being legal in all fifty states of the US, Cannabinoid Plus is a convenient purchase for its customers.



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