Cardio Clear7 review – The credible contrivance against heart failure


Do you want to stay young at heart without the huff and puff of aging years? Besides the yearning for staying young, the many signs and symptoms of a hampered heart as fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive decline mark you with an unseen fear of dropping dead any time. When a task of simple stair climb becomes lumber for you, it is the time that one must start taking proactive measures of defense against cardiovascular symptoms.

Cardio Clear7 is a potent remedy comprising of natural ingredients and anti-oxidants to protect your heart from cellular damage, a factor lying at the base of many aging ailments including the heart. With a powerful ingredient blend and a strong guarantee, the manufacturer of Cardio Clear7 claim that their supplement would reverse the clock back in time regarding your heart health.

An overview of Cardio Clear7

Cardio Clear7 combines the wisdom of modern medicine and alternative therapeutic approach to fight the factors that gradually weaken the heart muscles.

According to the American Heart Association, the latest statistical figures regarding cardiovascular disease are

  • About 1 out of every 3 deaths in the US are listed as due to an underlying cardiovascular in origin (801,000 deaths in the US)
  • Cardiovascular disease claim more lives per year than all forms of cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease combined
  • Every death per 40 seconds in the US is of cardiovascular origin, amounting to 2,200 deaths per day
  • An approximate of 92.1 million American adults live with some kind of cardiovascular disease
  • This particular health issue is adding to the economic burden of the US; “direct and indirect costs of cardiovascular diseases and stroke are estimated to total more than $316 billion; that includes both health expenditures and lost productivity”

The manufacturer of Cardio Clear7 seem to be in total agreement with these figures and they are motivated enough to design a supplement that aids the heart health by removing the underlying factors leading to this disaster. The designer of the subject formula calls their heart benefitting blueprint as the CSP compound that enables the heart to carry on its functions with vigor.

About the CSP compound in the Cardio Clear7

The designer of the Cardio Clear7 has advocated the supplement by giving real-life examples of individuals who led a fit life regarding diet and exercise yet they succumbed to heart failure in their prime like Jim Fixx, Bob Harper, and Alan Thicke.

Adam Glass is the brains behind the Cardio Clear7 and he believes that genetics and family history is not the answer to neither sudden cardiac deaths nor does he blames the aging process for the whole scenario. According to him, the real culprit behind a failing heart is the oxidative damage caused by stress and toxins from the production of free radicals inside the body. The free radical damage leads to

  • Mutation and gradual death of mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells
  • Oxidative damage to the LDL particles make it sticky to cause arteriosclerosis

It is the oxidative damage that causes the mitochondria to stop working in the heart muscles, which ultimately lose their pump and beat activity and the subject ends up in heart failure. Mitochondrial dysfunction is particularly detrimental to the heart because it is the most overworked organ of the body and without proper energy refurbishing mechanisms; the result is a simple failure.

Blocked vessels add fuel to fire in such cases and the whole situation adds up to congestive heart failure, one of the many conditions adding to the rising statistical figures regarding cardiovascular conditions.

Cardio Clear7 is all about clearing and blocking the oxidative damage, it delivers a damage control mechanism in the form of CSP compound, specific to the subject supplement.

The ingredients of Cardio Clear7

The functional ingredients of Cardio Clear7 are the CSP compound, let us see what it is.

As explained by Adam Glass, the CSP compound comprises of three super ingredients that help in a natural way to erase our body of the free radicals, a constant threat to our heart.

  • CoQ10

According to a recent study, CoQ10 is ranked among the best selling supplement with its sales soaring up to $849 million by 2020. The reasons behind this astounding sale figure are many; the most exceptional one is its beneficial role in cardiovascular disease

Reducing the risk in diagnosed cases of heart disease

Improving the prognosis of patients with heart failure

Lowering blood pressure

Alleviating the side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs

An overall protective role in CVD

CoQ10 is not a stranger to our body, a natural anti-oxidant; it is a fat-soluble substance having properties similar to vitamins. Besides a powerful antioxidant, it helps cell extract energy from food resources.

As we age, the concentration of CoQ10 and the body’s ability to produce its active form start declining as early as 20 years. The European Journal of Heart Failure has published a study data extending over a period of 10 years and came up with the following results. These results describe a continued dosage of 100 mg taken thrice daily.

An impressive decline in the overall morbidity and mortality of patients with heart failure

A drastic improvement in the quality of life

The downhill course taken by the mitochondrial dysfunction speeds up aging and disease.

“The scientific evidence on this point is so strong that a growing number of cell biologists believe that the number and functionality of the mitochondria can specifically determine an individual’s longevity”

This process can be slowed and possibly reversed with the help of the key ingredient in Cardio Clear7; the CoQ10.

  • Shilajit

Shilajit is a sticky substance, often called the ‘blood of the mountain’, because it is derived from the slow decomposition of plants in the rocky mountains of Himalaya. It is a component of Ayurvedic medicine, generally prescribed for an overall well-being. An adaptogen, the herbal tonic restores energy and enhances immunity by fighting the stress and fatigue causing factors.

The combination of Shilajit and CoQ10 is a potent arrangement for increasing the efficiency of mitochondrial function, an act missing in cardiovascular disease conditions. Shilajit acts as a booster to the function of CoQ10.

  • Pyrroloquinoline quinone

PQQ takes the protective effects of CoQ10 and Shilajit to the next level by increasing the number of mitochondria in the body. Relatively a new component, PQQ is a powerful antioxidant, naturally found in many of the food items.

Delivering actions similar to vitamins, PQQ has displayed properties, which are heart friendly. It greatly reduces the amount of oxidative damage within our bodies and improves the functioning and growth of mitochondria.

How does Cardio Clear7 work for you?

Cardio Clear7 targets the mitochondria, which are the power generating stations of all cells of human body.

When a heart fails, it just does not stop working. A heart failure implies that the heart is lacking the necessary energy to pump the blood for efficient working of other organs in the body. This happens when the mitochondria in the heart cells cannot replenish the energy because of their own declining functional state. The mitochondrial function is on the other hand dependent on a steady supply of CoQ10.

Cardio Clear7 refurbishes the body with CoQ10 and Shilajit potentiates its ability a step further. The whole process is catalyzed by PQQ, which plays its part in the growth and maintenance of mitochondria. Shilajit not only enhances the functions of CoQ10, it also increases the production of energy production from the mitochondria in the form of ATP.

Cardio Clear7 is manufactured by a quality conscientious producer, which make the best use of superior ingredients in a precise dosage to deliver the acclaimed results.

The convenience and ease of taking one tablet a day of Cardio Clear7 add to its attributes, which include deliverance of ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve the cardiovascular health at all levels.

Cost and availability of Cardio Clear7

Cardio Clear7 is available at the official site only, a fact that goes in favor of the supplement because coming from a single manufacturing source, the subject supplement is tagged with the credibility of results and authenticity of ingredients.

A single bottle costs about $49.95

A three-bottle package deal costs about $119.95

The best deal is the six-bottle deal, costing about $199.95

All the purchases are covered by 365 days, money-back guarantee, with no questions asked.

All the purchases come along with three bonus publications, free of cost.

  • The Diabetes Loophole book
  • Belly Fat Furnace (
  • Conquering Chronic Pain Library

Take home message

Cardio Clear7 is a heart supplement that we find very clear and transparent in dealings; how it deals with the root cause of heart failure, how it tackles with a solution that is science-based and clinically validated by tests and studies. Therefore, it is high time that one starts taking the heart problem, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, with serious proactive approach rather than waiting for such a misfortune to strike and cause damage.

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