Cannabidiol is escalating with immense popularity across America; states have approved CBD oil across the country for use and sale. Tennessee and Texas approved it recently a total number of 17 states have approved the use of this oil, some of them are Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Virginia, Alabama and others to name a few.

What is cannabidiol?

People come across a lot this term THC which is the ingredient responsible for marijuana for giving its users the ‘high’ rocket effect. Cannabidiol in marijuana being another chemical, by separating the compound from THC many health benefits can be enjoyed without encountering any side effects.

Cannabis basically contains 60 known chemicals and cannabidiol and THC are two of them. Researchers suggest that CBD could be effectively used for treating some diseases like arthritis, Nausea, bowel disorder and another autoimmune disease.

According to other research ‘project CBD,’ it has significant neuroprotective effects and lately one other important potential has been explored relating to CBD which has anti-cancer significance.

Why doesn’t CBD get you high?

*It is non-psychoactive, since it does not get high the users so it does not excite competitive marijuana users, on the other hand, it is a very smart choice for those who wish to take it for health benefits, however THC targets your CB1 receptors which lead your mind to open benefits linked to marijuana which is supremely concentrated in your brain.

Doctors all over America are studying CBD for its various medical properties and they have started viewing it as legit treatment method because users don’t feel high on it. A study from 2011 scrutinized effects of CBD different doses including high dosage too, they concluded that it was safe even if is consumed in high dosage and it does not indulge with psychological or psychomotor purposes.


There are several benefits which this CBD has to offer to health, to give support to the fact a study in 2013 published in British journal of clinical pharmacology inspected multiple CBD studies and they found that the compound had all the following medical properties and benefits.

Some other benefits include

–  Reduces insomnia caused by THC
–  All the ingredients are toxin free
–  It is very helpful in Parkinson’s
–  It helps in relieving chronic pains
–  It helps in fighting spasms and PTSD

Side effects

With proper reference to medical studies THC and CBD have been found to have no risk, CBD oil has not found to cause any negative health problems or some crashing side effects instead it has been accepted well with studies even high CBD oil consumption won’t do any harm.

Why is CBD used more in medical treatments than THC?

Since THC is restricted as an illegal drug and is associated with long-term physical side effects like lack of ability to think and plan, impaired reasoning and thinking, poor decision making and no control over impulse moreover long term use of THC cause abnormalities in brain and heart which could be fatal on the other hand CBD does not have cognitive effects similar to THC, in fact, CBD is known to combat psycho active effects of THC.

The plant cannabis contains minimal amounts of CBD and maximum amount of THC which gives away strong buzz to users and stoned feeling since with the impressive medical marijuana affects breeders have been creating strains minimum ratio of THC and higher of CBD to spare the psychoactive side effects, therefore, CBD efficacy combined with no health risks make it a better choice for medical application than THC.

Some other ingredients being used in this oil are sunflower lecithin, MCT oil, clover honey, peppermint, organic vegetable glycerin.

Sunflower lecithin

It is a type of phospholipid-rich in sunflower seeds, it is contained in dehydrating seeds and separating it into gum, oil and other seeds. Lecithin comes from the gum it is organic and natural with absolutely no genetic engineering it is used as a nutritional supplement. Nutritionists highly recommend 1,2oo mg amount of lecithin daily to have muscle, brain and nerve benefits. It’s known to be the best brain supplement because it contains choline, an important neurotransmitter which plays an efficient role in concentration.

MCT oil

It is one of the fastest source of clean fuel for body and brain it is a form of fatty acid that is saturated coconut oil is a vital source of MCT’s it is known for its beneficial approaches like improving mood, fights against bacteria and infections.

Clover honey

It is produced by bees that feed themselves on the nectar of clover plants it has antibacterial affects, regulates blood pressure, promotes wound healing, removes bad cholesterol, prevents aging and combat burns.


It has numerous benefits it is hybrid species and relives sore muscles along with that it has anti microbial properties and boosts plus soothes digestive system it is also known as M balsamea wild and it has been used medically for many years.

Organic vegetable oil
It is derived from soy and is used in body care and cosmetics it has a consistency like honey and is sweet in taste it has solvency action this oil metabolizes and is different. So its viscosity is used in food for sweetness and moist

How to use it?

The dosage should be taken accordingly to the disease but It is recommended to take orally before swallowing it keep under your tongue so that it can be absorbed properly this step is important because it would prevent CBD break down by the digestive system.

Where to buy it?

It is available on the official website with the discounted price.


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