CBD Nutrition Coffee review: How does it work?

For many people, CBD Nutrition Coffee serves as the perfect morning treat to start the day without having to experience the side effects of a caffeine buzz. Astonishingly, 83% of people in US drink coffee on daily basis.  In a fast moving world with social pressures pulling us down, it is no surprise that we drink coffee.

Not only does coffee help us wake up in mornings, but it also has whole lot of health benefits than one might know. Add supplementing coffee with CBD oil can further enhance those benefits. To those who make use of coffee and CBD oil, the blend sets their anxiety on snooze and also energizes the moods.

Why does CBD Nutrition Coffee feel so energizing?

Simply mixing a dose of CBD oil in the regular coffee offers optimum benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Both coffee and CBD oil possess the quality to help in feeling better, and when mixed together, they offer a much wider spectrum of benefits than an average coffee does.

Benefits of Coffee

People usually drink coffee to help them to wake up in the morning, provide little energy boost during the day, or relieve stress after a busy day. Coffee gets a bad reputation but it is really quite a healthy option. An avid coffee drinker may be getting many coffee benefits such as following:

  • Coffee is a natural antioxidant

Coffee is indeed a natural antioxidant for the body. Even though the body can get antioxidants from other sources such as fruits and vegetables, it absorbs more in the daily cup of coffee.

  • Coffee is good for liver

People who drink around a cup of coffee each day are 20% less prone to getting liver cirrhosis disease.

  • Coffee improves brain function

Whether a person didn’t get a good sleep or they just need their morning coffee before talking to anyone, coffee really does enhance the brain functioning. It marginally improves reaction time, concentration, logical reasoning, and alertness.

  • Coffee aroma relieves anxiety

Nothing can beat that beautiful smell of brewing coffee. The aroma offers calming effect and it does relieve a lot of anxiety just by smelling it.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil comes from naturally-occurring compounds in the hemp plant known as Cannabinoids. CBD oil supplements mostly make use of industrial hemp. While hemp and psychoactive cannabis (more commonly called marijuana) come from different kinds of the same plant, the two are quite different from each other in properties. CBD oil has many medical benefits which include the following:

  • Natural pain relief

CBD oil is a natural pain-relief and anti-inflammatory agent, and using CBD oil regularly helps in relieving joint pain, stiffness and aches throughout the day.

  • Relieve symptoms of epilepsy

Thanks to recent medical advances, CBD oil is now being used by doctors everywhere to treat epilepsy and seizures not only in adults, but also in children.

  • Reduces anxiety

CBD oil offers a natural remedy for reducing anxiety triggers that are caused from panic disorder, PTSD, OCD and social anxiety disorder without causing harmful side effects.

  • Relieves headaches and migraines

Tension and stress can bring adverse effects on our bodies in different ways. CBD oil helps to relieve both headaches and migraines and also to keep them away.

  • Promotes healthy sleep

When taken daily, CBD oil helps in getting the body adjusted in a regular sleep habit, which helps to reduce stress and improve brain functioning. Taking a dose before sleep, helps with insomnia and gets the body into the REM sleep mode.

Benefits of combining CBD Oil and Coffee

Combining the benefits of CBD oil and the benefits of coffee, one gets an amazing morning routine that is great for the mind and body. While coffee has many health benefits, the caffeine it contains can cause increase in stress hormones called cortisol. On the other hand, some people experience drowsiness after using CBD oil.

So, when both are combined together to create CBD coffee, one gets the best of both worlds. Some would like to call CBD and coffee ‘a match made in heaven.’

  • Increases energy and reduces anxiety

While coffee enhances energy and mood, CBD oil relieves stress and anxiety.

  • CBD coffee alleviates mood

Both CBD oil and coffee give boost to the overall mind orientation by increasing the production of serotonin hormone in the body.

  • Both have antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are required to purge free radicals and toxic agents from your body. They safeguard our DNA and cells from harm and help in formation of new cells.

  • CBD coffee is good for brain

As coffee increases the brain functioning, CBD oil keeps neurons in good state and prevent from disintegration in the brain. Hence, CBD oil and coffee together could be even better for brain.

Recipe: Peppermint CBD Latte


¾ cup of hot coffee

¼ cup of hot milk

York Peppermint Patties

½ dropper of CBD Nutrition Coffee


Take Peppermint Patties out of wrapping and break into small pieces. Prepare coffee in a coffee maker as normal. Heat ½ cup of milk for 2 minutes. Mix until it reaches desired frothiness. Afterwards, dispense ¾ cup of hot coffee into a cup and add ½ dropper of CBD Nutrition Coffee.

Mix it well using spoon, then pour hot milk into coffee. Top it with froth to make it a latte. Melt York Peppermint Patties in the microwave and top it on latte for better flavor. Enjoy CBD Nutrition Coffee!

Are There Side Effects?

While many studies are conducted to show signs of health benefits of CBD, research is currently focused on its long-term effects. In case one notices unwanted side effects from the use of CBD, immediately stop taking it and consult the doctor. CBD oil works as a supplement to support and promote a healthy lifestyle. When one makes effort to take care of themselves, the rest of the health usually follows.

Where Can I Buy CBD Nutrition Coffee?

One can easily find CBD Nutrition Coffee from online or in a health food store. It is available in a powdered or oil form, and can be made into a cream or gel for application on skin. It can also be taken as pill or sublingually. There are some CBD food products available such as chocolates and gummies. But it is suggested for first-time users to use the oil dropper in order to correctly measure and adjust the dose.

Some people may feel sleepy or tired from a full dose, so in that case, go with half the dosage. Another great option is CBD in supplements, especially if one is not too fond of taste of the oil. Some CBD supplements come with vitamins or turmeric in order to help in reaping additional nutritional benefits.

The Bottom Line

While it is worth giving CBD Nutrition Coffee a try, making CBD coffee does not have to be too complex. Adding a little drop of CBD oil to the coffee would equally provide all the health benefits. There is still a lot that needs to be learned about CBD and more research is required to examine its effects on specific medical conditions as well as the overall health. People who tried it say that it truly did help to relieve anxiety when taken. Time and more research will tell.

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