CBD Pure review-experience the difference


CBD Pure is one more name to the ever-extending nomenclature of hemp extracts with claims of being the ‘most powerful’ and ‘beneficial’ preparation available in the market.

With the word ‘cannabis’, the view that comes to one’s mind is of late 60’s with nomadic culture among the younger lot, enjoying and rejuvenating their lives. Well, such were the effects of cannabis, which is still the most prevalent recreational drug around the world because of its convenience for pocket and ease of accessibility.  However, the image is changing, at least for the sister-plant of cannabis, the cannabis sativa. A specific variety of cannabis (commonly known as hemp) that has been cultivated, as far as recorded history is concerned, for many of its industrial and domicile use as well as religious, cultural and recreational applications. The latest in the picture is its medicinal use for many therapeutic conditions and general well-being.

There is as much controversy as the hype surrounding the cannabis but with continued research and studies revolving around the subject plant, all are due to resolve in due time because of its immense benefits. What is CBD, its effectiveness and side effects, its long-term indications and should you be investing your worthy money in products like CBD Pure, let us have an insight into the topic.

About CBD Pure

CBD Pure is extracted oil from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant with a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and cannabidiol preserved in the final product.

The cultivation of industrial hemp is not legal in many states of the US, however, it is legit to import it and process it in the US. That is why; the hemp utilized for CBD Pure is imported from Denmark. What is more, the hemp variety is ‘certified organic’.

The consumers must understand the importance of certification of a product being organic; it implies that the harvested crop was completely and absolutely free from any pesticide or harmful chemical use. The soil of the cultivated land was not laden with synthetic fertilizers. The land from which the hemp variety was obtained was not surrounded by any terrain soiled by synthetic and artificial measures.

Being ‘organic’ means hard work and toil to bring purity and superior quality to the yield and that is what CBD Pure is all about.

The ingredients of CBD Pure

The ingredient list of CBD Pure is simple yet the simplicity carries the huge responsibility of quality and potency delivered.

Cannabis is controversial and consumers’ hesitation to adopt it even as a therapeutic option is because of the associated ‘high’ and ‘toxic state’. However, it is here that the scenario for the cannabis changes for the best. The particular variety that is called hemp has a high content of CBD to THC ratio, the THC being negligible in amount. It is the THC, which is the responsible culprit in cannabis for creating high sensations. The CBD has emerged as the most beneficial and favorable agent for human health and the claim by CBD Pure, of it being the most beneficial, is spot on. CBD Pure contains a high content of

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes

More than 85 cannabinoids have been identified in hemp extract and they are believed to bring a host of advantages to its consumer.CBD is the most prevalent of all cannabinoids present in hemp variety and is known for its anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidant, antidepressant, anxiolytic and neuroprotective properties.

Similarly, terpenes are the compounds that give color, smell, and flavor to its carrier. These organic constituents of plants are the essential elements of oil present in them. There are around 120 terpenes identified in cannabis plant that play a synergistic role with the cannabinoids to exert the health benefits. An example of terpene in cannabis is BCP (beta-caryophyllene) that has anti-inflammatory effects via the CB2 receptors in the human body. It is the first of cannabinoids to be approved by the FDA as a dietary element and is non-psychoactive in nature. The number of terpenes in hemp oil is dependent upon the type of extraction and processing procedures followed.

The working of CBD Pure

With the advent of study and research done in the field of cannabinoids, the human body was found to contain cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) located throughout the body. These play a vital role in regulating pain sensations, appetite, mood and memory protocols and make up the endocannabinoid (EC) system.

The CB1 receptors are prevalent in brain, lungs, liver, and kidneys while the CB2 receptors are found in the immune system and the blood-forming organs. The interaction of these receptors with specific cannabinoids is responsible for gastrointestinal and heart activity, as well as it serves neuroprotective functions in addition to maintenance of bone mass.

CBD extract has little affinity with either of the two receptors and it acts via activating many receptor-independent pathways. A good example of how CBD works in your body is its activation of 5-HT1A serotonin receptors at high doses, thus conferring anti-anxiety effects. This reaction is also involved in many other physiological processes as anxiety, addiction, appetite, sleep, pain perception, nausea, and vomiting.

At some receptor sites, CBD acts as an antagonist that blocks or deactivates another G-protein receptor, GPR55. This receptor, when activated is involved in bone resorption and cancer cell proliferation. Thus, CBD helps in bone mass reservation and retardation of cancer cell explosion.

Benefits of CBD Pure

CBD Pure delivers the following upshots owing to its purity and potency of the CBD and terpenes content.

  • Restoration of balance of endocannabinoid system without any side effects of high sensations
  • A healthy mental balance with a more calm and relaxed state

  • A general well-being on account of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects
  • Maintenance of healthy bone mass and risk reduction for osteoporosis
  • Retardation of cancer cell growth and reversal in many cases
  • It actually helps in with drawl symptoms during drug rehabilitation by alleviating symptoms like body aches and pains and nausea

What we like about CBD Pure

Here are some highlights of the specific features of CBD Pure

  • CBD Pure is made out of certified organic yield of hemp plant
  • A full spectrum of cannabinoids is delivered which is proven by research to exert a synergistic effect
  • Co2 extraction method is employed thereby ensuring maximum drawing out of the hemp constituents
  • Cold press method of extraction is also conducted to preserve the biochemical integrity of the compounds extracted, without the use of any harsh solvents. The procedure is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and for the obvious reasons, most expensive one
  • Sublingual delivery system ensures a rapid absorption rate of the constituents
  • Regular lab testing at different stages of processing and packaging ( pesticide testing, microbiological screening, cannabinoid profiling, terpene analysis, residual solvent testing)
  • Quality is ensured by third party lab evaluation
  • CBD preparation available in three different strengths
  • A 90-day money back guarantee in case of discontented customers

Cost and availability of CBD Pure

CBD Pure is available online and they deliver within every state of the US except for some (the details of which are provided at the official site). Owing to the import of certified organic hemp, expensive extraction procedure, and quality insurance every step of the way to final yield, the cost of CBD Pure is a little high (but certainly no comparison to health benefits it delivers)

CBD Pure 100 $29.99

CBD Pure 300 $54.99

CBD Pure 600 $70.99

Conclusion on CBD Pure

The manufacturer of CBD Pure products has ensured quality and purity at every stage of creation and design. While making a purchase of any CBD product, the source of hemp and extraction processes used should be kept in mind. Another aspect is the final quantity of CBD in hemp oil. CBD pure meets the mark at all levels and it should make a worthy purchase for the valued customers.

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