Celebrity Slim Program- Welcome Your New Body


Weight loss is a challenge when it comes to shedding off extra pounds. In an extreme weight loss plan, an external help in nothing but a blessing. Celebrity Slim Program is a rapid weight loss plan designed by an Australian fitness company which supports your weight loss in an efficient manner. This review will help you to understand how does this program work.

About Celebrity Slim Program

Celebrity Slim Program is a healthy weight loss plan for those who are a victim of obesity. It is designed to make the process of weight loss effective and rapid by inducing minor changes which lead towards a significant difference in weight loss patterns. It replaces certain food items with their healthy alternatives which are not only good for health but promote the calorie shed off.  Celebrity Slim is a big set up of different programs which are accessible online. They offer different programs according to the need of the user, and you can select any one which suits you. Additionally, they offer specialized supplements which make the process smooth and efficient. These supplements include power packages, transformation kits, protein bars, food recipes, smoothies and drinks to initiate weight loss and others.

As mentioned before, Celebrity Slim gives a choice of many programs for the users to select. A short description of how to do these programs work will make you an idea about them. The program runs in three phases which are listed below.

  • Phase One- Kick Start

The first phase is the kick start which initiates the weight loss by 30 minutes of cardio daily. It can be done in one go or three steps with 10 minutes each. Celebrity Slim suggests different workouts be a part of it such as climbing, jogging strength training, swimming or stair climbing. The recommended meal is taken early morning on an empty stomach then mid-morning snack and afternoon snack followed by a regular dinner. It is advised to take plenty of water with this program which rapidly drops the weight, setting the way for effective weight loss.

  • Phase Two- Towards Weight Goal

During this phase, it is advised to eat more which is more in quantity than the phase one. Exercise is not essential, but it always helps to acquire desired goals. Celebrity Slim meal replacement breakfast and lunch are taken with three mid snacks followed by a traditional dinner and maximum water intake.

  • Phase Three- Maintenance

This maintenance phase is necessary to make the results sustainable. It is usually a self-selected activity along with Celebrity Slim replacement meals only for breakfast, and all other meals and snacks are of routine.

These three phases overall make a weight loss plan start with full energy, and by the end, it promotes the maintenance too which is the best to be offered by any program. Additional requirements are not to consume alcohol, reduce smoking and dining out. However, some cheat meals and drinks are allowed in latter stages.


Recommendations And Restrictions

Celebrity Slim Program is all about planning healthy meals and supporting it with exercise. At initial stages, the meal care is utmost required which is relaxed in later stages. The healthy food ideas offered by this fantastic weight loss program are fresh fruits, green vegetables and soups followed by high protein foods e.g. eggs, red meat and fish. Foods such as bread, rice, pasta, ice cream, candy, chocolate, and sugar are not recommended at all. Some vegetables like potato, desserts, and frizzy drinks are also not advised to be used.

Celebrity Slimming Plans

Celebrity Slim Program offers five diet and slimming plans which are selected with a personal choice. Here are a list and duration of these programs.

  • Kick Start Plan (Three weeks)
  • Healthy Habits Plan (Four Weeks)
  • Reshaping Plan (Six Weeks)
  • Toning Plan (Six Weeks)
  • Total Transformation Plan (Eight Weeks)

As the names indicate, these plans are for specialized functions. From three to eight weeks, you can give your best to your body, and by the end, you will not be disappointed with the results, your body will make you proud by exhibiting incredible results.

Celebrity Slim Program Products

There are various supplements and products which are offered by the manufacturers which include;

  • Weight Loss Shakes
  • Protein Bars
  • Meal Replacements

Packages Availability And Pricing

All five packages are available online which can be purchased through the official website. The price of these packages is as following.

  • Kick Start Package ($80)
  • Reshaping Package ($188.99)
  • Healthy Habits Package ($145.01)
  • Total Transformation Package ($239)

Celebrity Slim Program- Summary

Celebrity Slim Program is an efficient and trending weight loss plan which has become successful for many of the people. The company has made these plans in consultation with fitness experts and the supplements are supported by clinical researches. As a comparison with various other weight loss programs, Celebrity Slim Program promotes a self-motivational plan which is combined with their meal replacement for amazing results. It doesn’t only make you slimmer but helps to maintain this lost weight for a long time. For more details and orders, visit the official website.

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