Ceva Slim weight loss gum: Does it really work?

We all know that obesity nowadays is on rising. It is the most serious health issue in the United States. There a are number of companies and campaigns that highlight the healthy diet and daily workout, but obesity is till on its rise.

Despite the use of strict diet plan, that is completely vegetarian, it is still at its peak. Moreover, most of the people have to do the desk job. They don’t get a chance to work in a physical intense situation, which is the main cause of their obesity.

There are many weight loss “tricks” on which media keeps on shedding the light but most of them are unhealthy and fake. They can even put the individual at a high risk of irreversible damage. Although weight loss tricks are the powerful motivator for the people who want to get thin quick. But these methods are short-term and do not facilitate the overall health of the body.

The benefit of maintaining the healthy weight is that a person can eliminate the probability of dangerous health risks, so, the consumer must be careful with its decision that how he is going to lose weight without affecting its body.

Modern technology has allowed the people to deal with their weight issues without affecting their body harmfully. Different techniques and different diet work on different people under different lifestyles and health needs. It can be low-carb diet, self-monitoring, calorie counting, focusing on portion control, and an increase in the physical activity will definitely result in maintenance of the healthy body and weight loss.

In addition to regular exercise and healthy diet, 1in 3 Americans use the supplements to ensure the achieving in their weight loss goals. These supplements are made of natural ingredients, consisting of various herbs and vitamins. These products can give a lot of benefit in the journey of better health.

Depending on the health problems, these supplements can be used to treat a number of health issues without any side effect. It is because they are made of all natural ingredients. It is free from the chemicals that are likely to present in the pharmaceuticals. There are also supplements which promote the weight loss by suppressing the hunger.

Ceva Slim is a dietary supplement that can lose weight. It is present in the form of chewing gum. Unlike other supplements, this gum promotes weight loss, by using its highest quality ingredients.

Ceva Slim is only effective and convenient, but also safe to eat and provides its users the simplest and healthiest way to lose weight in the market.


About Ceva Slim Chewing Gum

It is a weight loss supplement as mentioned above. It is made of fresh mint flavor. People can lose weight just by chewing this gum. Now, you don’t have to go through the expensive treatments and rigorous weight loss diets.

You just have to chew the gum; the ingredients from the formulas enter their body and start working immediately. Within minutes, you will feel that your hunger is suppressed and your fat began to block and burn.

This formula is first in existence. This formula combines the two natural and active ingredients to create a fantastic weight loss chewing gum. These two compounds are Chlorogenic acid. (CGA), and the other is Hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

In addition to burn fat, it also increases the metabolism of the body. It does not contain any milk and soy. It is because it would be difficult for the people who have the milk intolerance. It is also free from gluten and aspartame.

The manufacturers claim that this gum should be chewed for ten minutes before every meal. The technology uses the formula in which the natural ingredients enter the bloodstream within 10 seconds of chewing. After 15 minutes, the ingredients are fully absorbed by the body. It is recommended to take 4 gums a day, before the meal because it reduces the appetite in between meals.

Ingredients present in Ceva Slim

Chlorogenic acid (400mg)

It is an extract from a decaffeinated green coffee. It I harvested from the unroasted coffee beans. It inhibits the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate and promotes the production of glucose in the body. It also absorbs the fats from the food that is eaten and also activates the metabolic function to excess fat. Other than regular exercises and portion control diets, this product will contribute to loss extreme weight.

Hydroxycitric acid (400mg)

It is found in the small pumpkin shaped fruit called tamarind. It is shown to lose weight in two ways. The first way to lose weight is the increase in the serotonin level in the body. The increase in the production of this hormone improves the mood which is related to emotional eating. The second way is to block the fat by preventing the function of the key enzymes from which the body makes fats from carbohydrates.

  • Chromium

It can be found in the body. It is responsible for assisting in absorbing glucose.

  • Green tea extract

This ingredient is present in almost all the weight loss ingredients. It increases the metabolism and the helps the body to lose weight.

  • L-Carnitine

It is an amino acid. It is useful in assisting the metabolism and also provides essential nutrients to the body.

  • Biotin

It is a vitamin B complex. It is mostly found in liver, egg yolk, and yeast. It is mostly involved in the synthesis of glucose.

  • Thiamin

It is found in many food products and used to provide the nutrients to the body. It is also known as B1. It strengthened the immune system and improves the overall health.

Purchasing Ceva Slim

The purchasing options and prices for Ceva Slim are below.

  1. CevaSlim Gum – Sample pack (14 pieces) – $4.95
  2. CevaSlim Gum – One Month Supply (120ct.) – $120.00


Ceva Slim is the new and simple strategy to lose weight without affecting your body and without the harsh workout. You just have to chew 4 gums a day to suppress hunger and then get ready to see the amazing results.


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