Chief Originals Betaine Anhydrous Review – Read before you buy


Betaine Anhydrous Endurance powder by Chief Originals is a nutritional supplement especially aimed at enhancing athletic performance. In addition to the specified function, it boosts overall health and vigor by supporting digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems of the body owing to its many health benefits. With its potential upshots both as a pre and post workout formula, Betaine Anhydrous Endurance powder delivers quality and purity that is unsurpassed in the market.

The supplement is non-GMO, kosher friendly, Halal in addition to being free from pesticides, gluten, and soy products, thereby ensuring a high degree of purity and excellence. The manufacturer particularly states that the subject supplement is free from any substandard China ingredients, therefore we may expect the Betaine Anhydrous powder by Chief Originals to be slightly higher in cost than its counterparts but with an assurance that it will be true to its claims.

What is Betaine Anhydrous? Is it a design only for athletes or for anyone? What are their health benefits regarding sports and physical fitness? How does the supplement help other organ systems in the body? Are there any side effects associated with its use, either short or long term? Who are the possible candidates for its use?

To know the complete details, read the following review.

An overview of Betaine Anhydrous Endurance

Retailed by the Health Ranger Store and dispensed as powder and capsule formulation, the Betaine Anhydrous Endurance support is a high-grade supplement, which is fast becoming the favorite of both health experts and athletes owing to its multi-dimensional health benefits.

The upshots of the subject supplement umbrellas not only the immune system and cardiovascular fitness but also caters to individual structural units of body parts involved in a physical activity. The supplement prepares the body for a workout session, enhancing the body’s endurance and repairs and heals after a workout session to reduce the intervals between different phases of any exercise.

Betaine Anhydrous Endurance is verified by a laboratory to be free from any GMO introduction, soy and gluten components. Catering to the needs of a variety of population, the supplement is kosher and Halal certified. What is more, a lab verified product that is tested against the presence of pesticides and heavy metals, containing none of the former and being almost null regarding later.

The claims made by Betaine Anhydrous Endurance

Chief Originals tout their Betaine Anhydrous formula to be an athlete’s best friend. Being an endurance supplement, it enhances the physical stamina by increasing the muscle resilience and thereby increases the overall performance with fewer breaks between workout sessions.

The Betaine Anhydrous speeds up the muscle repair and helps alleviate pain in the joints and muscles. With muscles and joints in a better state of health affairs, you are sure to put in the best in any workout and get the maximum output at the same time. Some of the benefits regarding an enhanced athletic performance as detailed by the manufacturer are

  • a pre workout support supplement
  • improved post-workout muscle composition
  • enhanced muscle performance
  • maintains cellular hydration levels
  • upholds osmolyte levels
  • aids in quick and speedy post workout recovery
  • an enhanced physical endurance and stamina
  • sustains energy levels and stabilizes mood

Parallel to enhancing the athletic grit and fortitude, Betaine Anhydrous Endurance is claimed to benefit the overall health and fitness of the body, so it does not matter if you are not a gym enthusiast, the supplement is sure to deliver benefits to an otherwise healthy individual.

Upholding and preserving cardiovascular health, the Betaine Anhydrous Endurance also boosts the immune status of the body and liver in its functions. The benefits of such a supplement aids in regularizing the digestive system and according to the manufacturer of the Betaine Anhydrous Endurance, the formula is effective enough to cater to a healthy digestive and gut function.

For obvious reasons, if your gut is in a healthy functioning state, it imposes less of strain on the rest of the systems including musculoskeletal with a resultant increase in overall athletic strength and spirit. This merits the supplement as a favorite of athletes and health experts alike.  Some of its benefits regarding other systems of the body, according to Chief Originals are

  • promotion of heart health
  • backing up of healthy digestive state
  • endorsement of an active immune system
  • improves the overall body composition

How does the Betaine Anhydrous work for you?

Betaine Anhydrous, also known by the name ‘Trimethyl Glycine anhydre’ or ‘Trimethyl Glycine Anhydrous’ (TMG) is derived from an amino acid, choline and has acquired a load of praise and attention as a sports supplement, both as a pre and post workout ingredient. Its significance regarding the normal physiology of the body is due to two factors

Regulation of homocysteine levels

It is a natural chemical found throughout the body and its dietary sources include cereals, spinach, beetroot, seafood items, and wine. A pet ingredient in many supplements that increase the athletic performance, it is an FDA approved ingredient for lowering the body’s homocysteine levels in individuals with a genetic disorder that interrupts the normal metabolism of homocysteine.

Homocysteine is another amino acid, which takes up the methyl group from Betaine Anhydrous and acts to maintain robust vascular and checked inflammatory processes in the body. In case of any deficiency of TMG, the metabolism of homocysteine is disturbed resulting in major interruption of many organ systems of the body.

Thus supplementing with TMG aids and support heart, bone, muscle, nerves, eye, blood, and brain health, some of the organ systems that contain natural homocysteine and are dependent on it for a proper functional state.

Acting as an osmolyte

Betaine Anhydrous is a natural osmolyte present in our body fluids. It has the ability to get dissolved in normal body fluids, both within the cells and around, playing a crucial role in maintaining cell integrity, volume, and fluid balance.

A role as a mood preservative

Owing to its role in increasing S-adenosylmethionine, Betaine Anhydrous act as an alleviating factor for depression and anxiety, though the research is still going on in this regard. So be it an athletic figure or any other, the ingredient may deliver some respite regarding a better state of mind.

Projected benefits of Betaine Anhydrous Endurance

Betaine Anhydrous is an ingredient that can act as a power-boosting agent before a workout session as well as after a workout. A great aid for athletic competitors and for those who want to build a physique, either powerlifters or engaged in aerobic or anaerobic physical activities.

If you are in a healthy body framework but not a fitness freak, you might want to take up Betaine Anhydrous due to its role in preserving cardiovascular, liver, digestive, and cerebral and immune systems of the body.

The projected benefits of Betaine Anhydrous Endurance by Chief Originals are enumerated with this background

  1. an increased power output and strength during training
  2. ay help fat loss and build muscle by lowering blood lipids
  3. an enhanced ability to deliver performance regarding anaerobic activity, thereby increasing the time duration of a workout
  4. enhanced physical endurance
  5. refurbished energy stores
  6. maintains cellular hydration similar to Creatine
  7. may affect blood lipid levels and decrease the LDL levels
  8. may help in reducing the body fat and weight management
  9. a better mental status owing to its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  10. a fair status regarding heart, digestive and liver health

Why prefer Betaine Anhydrous Endurance by Chief Originals

Now the million-dollar question is; of all the supplements boasting to contain Betaine Anhydrous, why should the subject supplement be bought at the platform of Health Rangers.

The answer is clear-cut and simple; Betaine Anhydrous Endurance formula by Chief Originals is a premium quality supplement with no compromise on quality. Catering to a wide range of population with its vegan free, gluten free, kosher friendly and Halal status, the supplement is free from pesticides, GMO, and heavy metals, thereby ensuring safety and well-being of the consumer. The final yield is tested by an independent third party to be safe from hazardous ingredients.

With a membership offer and reward points system, the retailer has tried to cut back on the total cost for the customers to facilitate a purchase.

The cost and availability of Betaine Anhydrous Endurance

The supplement is available at the official site in three different package deals

Available as capsules or powder, the cost for the capsules is $11.95, $33.95 and $64.95 for a single, three and six bottle purchase.

The powder is available at a cost of $22.95, $64.95 and $119.95 per single, three and six packs, each containing 7oz of high-grade Betaine Anhydrous formula.

All of the above prices are at a discounted rate with free shipping available at a purchase order of more than one bottle/jar.


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