China-based WeChat gets new Snap-like “Stories” feature

With a massive user base of more than 1 Billion, the China-based messaging service, WeChat just recently added Snap-similar video feature which is a massive change since 2014. This revamp to the application comes after Tencent, the technology enterprise which owns Snap stakes saw an increase in rivalry from the newly released video apps such as TikTok and the news app named Jinri Toutiao.

WeChat over the years has morphed way beyond the straight-up messenger facility. The application now includes several utility purposes. With 1 million+ applications that can help accomplish various tasks ranging all the way from ride-hailing to shopping without having to leave the WeChat platform.

However, many users have also expressed frustration with regards to maintaining the core of the application’s idea which was socializing with friends, family, and acquaintances. Moments, which is a feature added to the Facebook News Feed has changed the actual meaning of the way this social media platform functioned. It started with a platform for close friends who wanted to share videos, photos, and articles but now the newsfeed content has become a blender with time. The contact list of WeChat users has grown where they include anyone and everyone like local sellers or bosses for clearing the payments via this platform.

Allen Zhang, the WeChat founder is famous for his particularly heightened obsession with the user experience. However, the founder has been particularly cautious with the tweaks in order to ensure that this new design to the app acts as a guidebook for the future of WeChat in years to come.

This newly introduced off-the-cuff feature for a video was aptly termed as “Time Capsule”. This is one among the most noticeable update by WeChat. In past, the users shared videos via three popular destinations which included the group chat, Moments, or to a friend. Currently, these three routes remain completely unchained. However, with the inclusion of “Time Capsule”, the users of this platform can easily upload videos with a length of 15 seconds. The longevity of these videos shall be 24 hours after which it will disappear from the platform.

This feature is similar to the Snap Stories along with its range of cloned up competition such as Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, the app SnapChat has also derived inspiration from the Chinese applications with its recent redesign. Time Capsule acts as the step-up version of WeChat’s previous video tool.

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