Cianix review – A scam or legit?


Low on confidence and self-poise with diminishing performance in every field; these are the accounts of a majority of men who have accepted it as a normal aging phenomenon. However, the narration is different with those men who have taken up Cianix, an option you can avail too if you want to maintain a commanding stride in your life.

Cianix is a male enhancement pill that claims to bring out the alpha male in you. Apart from improving performance in the gym with an impressive physique, the supplement also helps in an enhanced cognitive function and augmented performance between the sheets.

However, with a capitalized hype behind such supplements, it is difficult to decide whether a supplement is worth its claims. By researching into the actual ingredients and the science behind the working, coupled with some factual customers’ reviews, a smart decision can be made about any purchase and this is exactly what this review is about.

The deal about Cianix

Today’s era has seen a diet revolution with a downpour of processed food. The synthetic process is not only limited to food items but to food containers too with a surge in artificial chemicals that mimic estrogen-like effects in human body. The result is a declining function of testosterone even in average men, still in their middle ages. Here when testosterone supplements come in handy and Cianix is one of them.

Cianix is a testosterone-boosting supplement available in a pill form. As a regular supplement, Cianix helps improve physical endurance as well as the sexual one. The supplement also builds up a physique of your dreams if your aim is to supplement it with exercise as it aids in fat burning and muscle buildup in addition to speedy muscle recovery.

Parallel to its benefits in the gym, the supplement is touted for increasing libido, sexual endurance with extended and harder erections. Manufactured out of natural ingredients, Cianix claims to deliver results without any side effects.

The claims made by Cianix

Cianix is not a luxury item synthesized for any lavish activities. It is one of the many testosterone supplements that are the need of the day.

Declining testosterone levels, either due to age or any disease sequence, leads to an array of symptoms that can demoralize an individual, both in body and mind. A simple failure of delivering an average performance in bed can decrease the self-poise and confidence creating relationship rifts that are difficult to manage.

If you were always a gym enthusiast, then you can, without doubt, understand the importance of an extended workout, the recovery time period and overall physical endurance. All of these factors act in conjunction to save you from embarrassing ordeals in the gym in front of your peers.

Cianix states to address all these issues by targeting the root cause, i.e. the low testosterone levels. It does so with all natural ingredients and contains no fillers, binders or synthetic chemicals. That is why it is not only effective but free from side effects. Some of the highlighted upshots of supplementing with Cianix are

  • Increased libido
  • Stronger and harder erections
  • Extended erections
  • Enhanced sexual endurance
  • Triggers fat loss
  • Stimulates muscle buildup
  • Shortens the recovery time with increased number of repetitions
  • Enhanced physical stamina
  • Sharpened focal ability
  • Improved cognitive functions
  • Better memory protocol
  • Regularized sleep patterns

Testosterone is not only essential for physical or sexual life but is also an important component of proper brain functioning and disease prevention later in life, so the latter are some of the long-term benefits.

The ingredients of Cianix

The manufacturer of Cianix has given not many details about the ingredients on the official website; here is what we found out

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wild Yam Extract
  • Boron
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Nettle Extract
  • Epimedium
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Orchic Substance

The supplement has a long list of ingredients and each one of them is potent enough as a testosterone booster. Except for boron, which is a mineral, rest of the ingredients is traditional in nature, used in herbal medicine with individual functions.

All of the aforementioned components are quite popular choices as a testosterone booster but the exact quantity is not mentioned on the label of Cianix, which leaves us wondering if the supplement actually contains all of them.

The working of Cianix

The working of Cianix can be understood based on the ingredient list of the subject supplement.

We will start with boron, which is a trace mineral required in small amounts by the body. It is beneficial in overall well being of the body but its efficacy in improving the testosterone levels in the body is debatable. The research regarding the subject matter is still in infancy however, some research studies point out its beneficial role in raising the free testosterone levels in the body.

Saw palmetto is an FDA approved ingredient for the treatment of BPH, a condition that arises due to declining testosterone levels with age. It supplements the level of testosterone by reducing its breakdown and it has positive effects on libido and sperm count.

Wild yam extract is another herbal product that is aphrodisiac in nature. It improves libido and causes an increase in blood circulation that might help in conditions of erectile dysfunction. The extract also boosts the production of DHEA, which is a natural precursor of testosterone in the body. it also reduces the cholesterol levels in the body and may be responsible for the fat cutting effects of Cianix.

Sarsaparilla root extract is an herbal product with a wide range of benefits including an enhanced libido owing to the saponin and phytosterol present in it, which are the precursor to testosterone in men.

Nettle extract is another potent alternative remedy for declining ale functions due to its content of isolectins, which inhibit the testosterone binding to the SHBG thereby raising the free testosterone levels in the body. The extract is also known to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, is a pro-erectile testosterone booster. Its mode of action is via increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide increases the blood supply very effectively and is thereby responsible for harder and stronger erections. Though the research work is limited to animals only, yet it is a powerful tool against declining hormonal functions in men.

Tongkat Ali is another age-old herbal remedy for declining sexual functions and hormonal profile in men. It also boosts muscle buildup and balances the cortisol levels in men, the main stress hormones. The extract increases the free testosterone levels by decreasing its bioconversion.

Orchic substance is a glandular extract from a bovine source and contains many minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, and growth factors. The variety of components in orchic substance works in conjunction and provides building blocks for testosterone.

 What we like about Cianix

Cianix claims to be an all-natural testosterone-boosting supplement containing a variety of potent ingredients that are known to deliver results in the form of a balanced hormonal profile.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, implying that it creates a positive energy surge in the body and stimulates the growth of muscle cells. Therefore, the ingredient list helps to raise free testosterone levels in the body, either by inhibiting its breakdown or it’s binding with the sex hormone binding globulin.

Some of the ingredients are precursors for testosterone, making available the raw material for its synthesis in the body. While other ingredients work by increasing the blood supply to different organs including the sexual apparatus (penis) and its control (the brain). An enhanced blood circulation to the brain not only enhances libido but also caters for improved brain functions with better focus.

One of the ingredients, Tongkat Ali, is responsible for controlling stress hormone thus delivering improved sleep patterns.

A free 14-day trial period is offered by the company.

What we do not like about Cianix

Apart from the ingredient list and their working, there are some issues with Cianix as a product.

  • No manufacturing details are given
  • No details about the quantity of individual ingredients is given
  • We cannot say for sure whether the product is a proprietary blend or not
  • The manufacturer mentions no details about possible side effects whereas few side effects are related to each of the ingredients which could present as many folds
  • No alert about possible allergen reactions is given
  • There are no guarantees and no manufacturing certifications available
  • Some of the customers have complained of being redirected to another product while ordering the same packaging and attributes, causing confusion
  • Some of the customers have called the free trial period a rip off because the company auto charges you before the end of the 14 days
  • No clear dosage instructions are available
  • Too expensive; it costs $90 per 30 capsules

Our final say on Cianix

If you do not know what you are taking in your body, do not go for it. With slim details on ingredient quantity and quality, one cannot suggest the use of the particular supplement and this holds true for Cianix, especially when a product is tagged with no guarantees yet a hefty amount is sure to be chunked off you every month via auto subscription.



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