Cize Dance Workout Review – A Fresh New Way of Burning Calories

Cize Dance Workouts by Shaun is an amazing new way to burn those stubborn fat deposits in a very joy able way. If you are one of those who easily gets bored with similar workout drills on daily basis, here is something you must consider to achieve a beautiful slim body structure while having fun. The Cize Dance Workout routine lets you move in different dance steps that would affect your targeted areas that need to be trimmed. This innovative idea is helping people and benefitting them in attaining a healthy and fit body.

An Overview:

We seldom start to gain weight without realizing it and comes to a point where the weight becomes alarmingly too much. Obesity is the root of many diseases and you can’t stay in that bulky body else it would lead to many illnesses. Unfortunately, the lifestyle we are living today makes us put on a lot of chunks of fat. There are many explanations to such unforeseen weight gains.

The food we are eating which apparently looks healthy is most of the times containing elements that make our body store fats rather than burning them. Sugar contents are high and we are now obsessed with junk food which is rich in unhealthy components and contributes greatly in accumulating fats in our body. The meals we consume are prepared from genetically modified ingredients. All these factors add up in producing big body shapes. These dynamics ends up in a slow metabolism and low energy levels. This ends up in low motivational force to make up go to gyms and cut off those extra pounds from our body.

Shaun has come up with a solution which is applicable in the comfort zone of your own home. This program lets you do all the fun in front of your TV screens and brings back the drive of losing weight in which you lost all the interest.

What is Cize Dance Workout?

Cize Dance Workout is a series of effective yet entertaining dance workouts. It is available in DVDs and inhibits professionally choreographed routines spread out over a period of 30 days. The creator Shaun proudly claims that it will enable you to achieve the dancer’s body one dreams of.

The dances have been divided into step by step movements for better learning and understanding. It is easy to grab those moves and once you master them, there’s no stopping you then. It keeps you engaged in its fun and you are able to burn 300-600 calories in an hour. Who thought workouts can be so amusing? Say bye to those boring training and hardcore exercises now.

Benefits of Cize Dance Workouts:

There are apparently many advantages of this incredible routine. Let’s discuss few of them here.

  1. It is a fast calorie burning workout.
  2. Improves cardiovascular conditioning.
  3. Tones the muscles well.
  4. Develops core strengthening.
  5. It’s fun to execute.
  6. It can be implemented anywhere you want.
  7. Provides you an added opportunity to improve your dance skills.
  8. Best for people with no previous experience of workouts.
  9. Also, contains meal plans which are easy to prepare.
  10. For any queries or doubts, you would be provided with online support.
  11. No exercising equipment is needed to achieve your goals.
  12. Can easily be learned through step by step guidance.
  13. Low priced as compared to other extensive exercising workouts.

How Cize Dance Workout Program Works for you?

The program has been broken up into six dance components. Let’s have a look at each of them.

6 Hot Dance Course on 3 DVDs:

  1. Crazy 8s:

It is 35-minute routine dance. It will be easy to learn and master in a short while. You would be dancing on “Hands in the Air” by Timbaland in this.

  1. You Got This:

New moves would be taught in this course. You would enjoy the workout on track of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

  1. Full Out:

This course will take you another level and there would be more sweating and fat burning in it. You will master the moves on “Lose my Breath” by Destiny’s child.

  1. In The Pocket:

The sequence will keep progressing and your weight loss will start to boost. The steps and moves would be on “Problem” by Ariana Grande.

  1. Go For It:

The level of intensity has really raised up at this course. The workout would involve lots of rigorous but fun moves on the track “Pass that Dutch” by Missy Elliot.

  1. Living in The 8’s:

This is the last routine but very beautifully designed by Shaun. It works your body out in an emotional way on the song “Chandelier” by Sia.

4 Free Bonuses:

  1. Get Started Guide:

It’s a comprehensive step to step guide on Cize dance workout routines helping you to develop a better understanding of how the program works for you.

  1. Eat Up! Meal Plan:

The meal plan comprises of easy recipes which are full of nutrition and low-calorie diets. These will give you an energy boost to perform better in your workouts.

  1. Beginner and Advanced Calendar:

These calendars will help you keep track of your progress in this fitness journey.

  1. 8 Count Abs Workout:

This workout is focused on abs and core strength development.

Along with these bonuses, you would be provided with 24×7 online support from weight loss experts and also other Cize customers.

3 Free Gifts:

In addition to the DVDs and bonuses, Shaun is giving his valuable customers free gifts too.

  1. Weekend Survival Guide:

This guide will help you how to cheat on weekends without actually affecting your week’s hard work.

  1. 7 Day Cize Down:

This guide constitutes recipes of easy to make meals which are best suited for weight loss.

  1. “Work your Body” Bonus DVD:

It involves dance tracks of high energy especially designed for this program. They are strenuous but highly effective. Burns calories to the next level.

Buying and Purchasing:

You can easily purchase the program from official website with a 30-day money back guarantee on any dissatisfaction. A three-month program is for the cost of $19.95 exclusive of shipping and handling charges.



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