Clinical Grade Berberine Review – Lower Blood Sugar Naturally and Effectively

Clinical Grade Berberine is a special dietary supplement that is quite popular for its anti-diabetic and bad lipids lowering effects. Berberine is basically a compound extracted from various herbs. It  is linked to several health benefits and it has been long used in the Chinese medicine system.

Today, clinical studies and scientific research has reported its benefits for improving diabetes, and lowering blood sugar levels as well as bad cholesterol.

Clinical Grade Berberine is supplemented for its anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects. It lowers blood sugar levels, considerably and also helps users to deal with bad lipids. Consumption of berberine helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels, eventually improving cardiovascular health.

It can also improve intestinal health and it is able to reduce glucose production in the liver. Clinical Grade Berberine is an efficient alternative to metformin and other strong diabetes medication. It is an all natural supplement and helps your body to naturally control blood glucose levels, preventing diabetics from experiencing blood sugar spikes from time to time.

The Health Benefits of Clinical Grade Berberine

Berberine is actually an alkaloid that the herbalists extract from various healthful herbs. He compound has been reported to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. However, Berberine is much credited for its anti-diabetics effects, and its potential to lower cholesterol.

The use of Berberine for medicinal purposes dates back to hundreds of years, and today it can be witnessed widely used in the ancient Indian medicine known as the Ayurveda, as well as the ages old Chinese medicine.

However, it was originally used as an anti-microbial agent to treat various infections and diseases. Today Berberine is used for managing diabetes in a better and safe manner. Berberine acts a natural diabetes support; it lowers blood sugar levels naturally and keeps the glucose levels under control. Studies have also reported Berberine efficacy in lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Besides that, Berberine also exhibits the following therapeutic effects:

  1. Clinical Grade Berberine prevents the liver from producing glucose
  2. It lowers blood sugar levels
  3. Controls cholesterol levels in the blood
  4. Supports cardiovascular health
  5. Boosts metabolism and elevates energy levels
  6. Improves intestinal health, and helps in better absorption of nutrients
  7. Various studies have also linked Berberine to immunity boosting effects
  8. It may also help people to burn body fat naturally and limit weight gain

Dr. Whitaker has come up with this pure and natural formula of Clinical Grade Berberine to especially help diabetics manage their condition in a better and safer way, but seems like users would be able to enjoy several other health benefits as well.

About The Developer – Dr Whitaker

Clinical Grade Berberine has been developed by the well known MD, Julian Whitaker. He is famous for his alternative medicine and his natural supplements are famous worldwide.

He is also the founder and director of Whitaker Fitness Institute and over the last 40 years he has helped countless people to improve their health and fitness through natural means. He is also an author of best-seller books including a few addressing blood sugar and aging support topics.

He was also awarded the following awards for his excellent services in the field of alternative medicine:

  • First Amendment Hall of Fame Award, Emord & Associates, 2014
  • Excellence in Nutrition Science Award, 2014
  • 30th Anniversary Award of Excellence, Burzynski Clinic, 2008
  • American Physician Award, Reflexology of America, 2006

Today Dr Whitaker has been enjoying the limelight and popularity because of his well known anti diabetic supplement, the Clinical Grade Berberine.

Clinical Grade Berberine gives users the fully researched and recommended daily dose of 1500mg of pure Berberine.

Clinical Grade Berberine is a high quality Berberine supplement and it has been prepared by using 100% pure Berberine. It has been developed after years of research and a team of experts, under the strict supervision of Dr. Whitaker so that the formula delivers exact amount of daily recommended dosage.

Clinical Grade Berberine is backed by science and proven by clinical trials for its potential anti-diabetic and cholesterol lowering effects.

On the official site of Clinical Grade Berberine, the company has also cited scientific work that confirms the therapeutic effects of Berberine on diabetes.

  1. Study 1

According to the official website, in one study observing the anti-diabetic effects of Berberine, fifteen adults were given 1,500 mg of Berberine (500 mg, three times daily at the beginning of each major meal) for 3 months. The results confirmed that ‘’Berberine promotes normal fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose levels’’.

  1. Study 2

In another study, the researched observed that Berberine was effective to support normal lipid, LDL, and triglyceride levels.

There are countless Berberine supplements available on the market, but none of them provides the research level of 1,500 mg of berberine daily. Considering that, Dr. Whitaker came up with a formula that contained the exact 1500mg dosage of Berberine. So he launched his very own Clinical Grade Berberine to help people lower blood sugar levels as well as control the cholesterol and bad lipids in their bodies, efficiently.

How to Take Clinical Grade Berberine

The supplement should be taken with a meal, or shortly after, to take advantage of the blood glucose and lipid spike associated with eating.

Final Word

Clinical Grade Berberine is the only Berberine formula that contains the exact researched based recommended dosage of 1500mg. It appears to be a promising product and it seems that Clinical Grade Berberine by Dr Whitaker has the potential to deliver beneficial effects on blood glucose control. It may be a better alternative to conventional oral hypoglycemics. It can also help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, thus this supplement also provides support your heart health.

If you are looking for a natural treatment to replace metformin and insulin, then Clinical Grade Berberine might be the right choice for you.

Clinical Grade Berberine enjoys a good reputation in the market and there are countless positive feedbacks about the product over the internet that confirm its effectiveness.

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