Contrave Review – Is This Weight Loss Pill Worth Trying?

Shedding pounds has always been a huge struggle for everyone. Nowadays, all of us are trying to shed pounds using one way or the other. Putting on pounds is much simpler while shedding pounds is totally opposite to that. To run away from the huge struggle for weight loss, people are adopting shortcuts. These shortcuts are always associated with some risks which in some cases are very serious ones.

The shortcuts to weight loss are taking weight loss supplements and pills which in most of the cases do harm your other body functions rather than weight loss. These weight loss pills do not work for everyone and their effects may vary from individual to individual. Moreover, it is a huge nonsense to think about losing weight by just taking a pill. A safe weight loss always includes some exercises and a healthy eating plan.

This review is to focus on one of such weight loss pills called Contrave. This weight loss pill claims to lose weight but after a survey of customer reviews on the product, this pill seems to do more harm rather than bringing weight loss benefits.

What Is Contrave About?

Contrave is a weight loss pill that works on your brain and helps you achieve your weight loss goals. It works in two stages:

Stage 1: The first stage involves the appetite suppression. In this stage, Contrave works on your brain in such a way that even if you are on an empty stomach or in need of food, it will not transfer the correct signals to your brain. In this way, you will feel less hungry and your appetite will be suppressed. It controls hunger pangs. The desire to eat your favorite food is reduced. In this way, the calorie count per day remains controlled.

Stage2: The second stage controls your stress levels by acting as an anti-depressant. As we all know that stress is also among one of the reasons for weight gain. When you stay stressed or depressed for a longer period, few hormones are released inside the body that causes obesity.  Contrave claims to act as an anti-depressant and controls the production of that hormone released due to stress.

 This weight loss pill is strictly recommended to be taken on doctor prescription as it has got some serious side effects in some cases and even the manufacturers of the product are not sure that how the does it work.

What Is The Composition Of Contrave?

The ingredients used in the composition of Contrave are the drugs that are aimed to control depression and reduce hunger pangs. The ingredients used in the Contrave formula are listed below:

  • Naltrexone Hydrochloride
  • FD&C Blue #2 Aluminum Lake
  • Edetate Disodium
  • L-cysteine hydrochloride
  • Bupropion Hydrochloride
  • Colloidal Silicon Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
  • Lactose Monohydrate
  • Crospovidone
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Opadry II Blue
  • Hypromellose
  • Lactose Anhydrous

These ingredients are associated with side effects so this drug is only sold on a doctor’s prescription.

What Are The Side Effects Of Contrave?

Contrave has got side effects which are also mentioned on the official website and experienced by many customers. The drugs used in the composition of Contrave affect adversely on your brain’s thinking capability. It can bring suicidal thoughts to any age group taking this weight loss pill. Usually, Contrave is restricted to people who are under age 18 years.

Some common side effects associated with Contrave are:

  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • Depression and Increased stress level
  • Thoughts on Suicidal attempts and dying
  • Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
  • Inflammation in some parts of body
  • Some serious allergies
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Panic attacks
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings and loss of sex drive

Customer Reviews On Contrave After A Survey

 “I have been taking Contrave for 3 weeks. I am now on 2 pills in the morning. I am constantly hungry, growling stomach and actual pains. I still have cravings, especially CHOCOLATE. My insurance does not cover the cost of this medication and I am not sure it is worth $140 per month. for 60 pills. I might try it one more month, but I’m hungrier now than I was before I started using it.”

“The worst weight-loss drug on the market, I actually gained four pounds.”

What Is The Price And Contacting Details Of Contrave?

Contrave is a weight loss pill which is manufactured by a company called Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. The cost of this weight loss pill varies from $55 to $200 per month (the cost of this weight loss pill basically depends on the dosage, location of delivery and insurance).

The company which manufactures this weight loss pill has a poor record of manufacturing drugs as most of them have serious harmful effects. A lot of people suffered from serious life threatening health issues due to the consumption of drugs which were manufactured by this company. Moreover, the side effects are never mentioned on the products.

The customer service provided by the company is poor. (877) 825-3327 is the phone number on which users can contact for their queries but they usually do not respond. The company is located at One Takeda Parkway, Deerfield, Illinois 60015.

After a thorough survey and research of the customer reviews and the poor records of the company, because it has been fined many times due to the risks which were associated with its products, I would seriously not recommend wasting dollars on this unfavorable product.

Recommended Dosage

Contrave is recommended to those obese people whose BMI varies from 27-30 or even greater. The dosage varies from person to person according to their weight. Only one pill per day is recommended in the very first week’s dosage. The dosage is increased from 2-4 pills a day as the time progresses. It is said by the manufacturers that taking this weight loss pill along with exercise and low-calorie diet can bring a noticeable weight loss in a year but by looking at the customer reviews, most of them experienced weight gain as well due to harmful effects of drugs used in its composition.

Contrave Review Summary

Contrave is a weight loss pill which includes bupropion hydrochloride and naltrexone hydrochloride as major ingredients. Contrave works on your brain in two stages which involves the appetite suppression and in the second stage, it acts as an anti-depressant. Most of the customers think it is priced too high because there are many other alternate weight loss pills that serve the same with less harmful effects.

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