Derma Nova Collagen Age Defying Cream Review, legit or scam?


Derma Nova is an addition to anti-aging skin care product that wipes away other rival items by claiming that theirs is a product that works actually.

Middle age and beyond is the cohort that skin care lines particularly focus, making tall claims to reduce or even reverse the aging signs and symptoms but hardly ever one comes across a product that takes all the credit for itself as being the only product that actually delivers what it claims, and puts a period to others. That is quite a bold statement that seizes one’s attention quite right away. Before you get overwhelmed and opt to make a purchase, an insight to Derma Nova is necessary to get a hold on a worthy purchase. So read on…

About the company

Derma Nova is the company that is manufacturing the under discussion anti-aging product, the Collagen Age Defying cream.

A little research online led us to two companies with Derma Nova banner, one was located in India and the other in New Zealand. The one in India goes by Derma Nova Laboratories, dealing in chemical products.

The official website offers no information on the manufacturer details or company’s record of accomplishment. So there was no way to identify the manufacturer of the specific anti-aging product or link it with the companies based in India or New Zealand.

The company was explored for its record on BBB business profile and no accreditation for Derma Nova was found there either. However, the following contact details were located as

Derma Nova

PO Box 8068
Norcross, GA 30091-8068

About Derma Nova Collagen Age Defying Cream

As the name indicates clearly, the product being discussed is a collagen based, an anti-aging formula in a cream preparation.

Collagen is an integral part of our skin and is the primary target of the aging process. Collagen is protein in nature, found in abundance in our skin, bones, and various connective tissues of our body. Wherever located, it provides strength and resilience. Collagen is present in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis, where it functions to keep our skin wrinkle free by keeping it supple, young and elastic.

The body is able to produce sufficient collagen during the young years of life but its synthesis begins to decline after the age of 40, the menopause stage of a woman’s life cycle affects its production the greatest. This results in classical signs and symptoms of aging as sagged skin, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen can be found in nature and has diverse roles to play from medical use to aesthetic deployment. Cosmetically, collagen is used in dermal fillers to erase years off your skin. However, the procedure is invasive and expensive. Many creams and serums claim to use collagen to their advantage, presenting a non-invasive means of ironing fine lines and wrinkles. But the fact of a matter is, collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed into the skin layers and such a claim by any skin care product is simply a marketing gimmick unless the product is able to stimulate the natural course of collagen production within the skin layers.

Derma Nova Collagen Age Defying cream has the following claims to make in this regard

  • 81% increased hydration
  • 76% visibly brighter and firmer skin
  • 68% reduction in fine lines

The Derma Nova Collagen cream promises to ‘rejuvenate, replenish and moisturize’ your skin with a more radiant look, close to a skin lift.

The composition of Derma Nova Collagen Age Defying Cream

The official site provides not a detailed ingredient list for the Collagen Age Defying cream but enumerates two primary components

  1. Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7
  2. Shea butter

A little research revealed some other ingredients in Derma Nova Collagen cream

  • Glycerin
  • Triglycerides

Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 is used as an anti-aging agent owing to its ability to lighten skin and improve elasticity. However, many collagen-based creams are controversial in delivering the results because collagen is not absorbed through the skin layers, on the other hand, Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 has the ability to penetrate the skin and get other anti-aging ingredients to make way with it. It is preferred over other anti-aging ingredients because

  • It counteracts the production of Interleukin, a chemical usually produced in response to inflammatory processes in the skin; as a result, skin heals faster.
  • It stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers in the skin by acting as a cellular messenger, thus reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age marks, and spots.
  • It also increases the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is a natural humectant, attracting and retaining moisture, resulting in a smooth and fine finish to the skin.

Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 is an FDA approved product, is a combination of four essential amino acids (glycine, glutamine, proline, and arginine). Though tested and proved as a safe product to be used in skin care line, its prolonged use can lead to issues as skin discoloration as it breaks down the skin pigments and may cause allergic reactions. Its concentration in skin care products is usually in minute amounts, often dispensed along with other anti-aging agents but a cautious approach is always a better choice if it is the primary component of any skin care product as Derma Nova Collagen cream.

Shea Butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream and with its superb healing power, acts as an exceptional moisturizer for your skin. Termed as ‘skin’s best friend’, Shea butter has the same moisturizers as the ones present in our skin thus it has amazing properties of improving different skin conditions as aging and wrinkling skin, blemish control, itch and dryness of eczema and dermatitis etc.

Glycerin is another natural humectant that is present in Derma Nova Collagen cream. It draws water from deep within the skin layers and helps moisturize it.

Triglycerides are considered an important part of any skin care line because of their ability to act as a skin barrier to prevent water loss and thus retaining moisture in the skin. The type of triglyceride used in Derma Nova Collagen cream is not known, however, the most commonly used triglyceride used in skin care products is derived from coconut oil (caprylic/ capric acid) and when used in conjunction with glycerin, it has superior skin replenishing properties.

The cost and availability of Derma Nova Collagen cream

The manufacturer of Derma Nova Collagen Age defying cream extend an exclusive offer

A 12-day trial period with free bottle of Derma Nova Collagen cream at the cost of shipping and handling charges of $5 only

So what is the glitch? The problem is their auto-ship subscription that starts at the end of this so-called ‘free trial period’ and renders the whole deal ‘not very free’ at all.

Twelve days is too short a period to gauge any product especially a skincare one. Most articles are delivered within 3-6 working days and six days are not enough to test a product for its efficacy to recommend or seal a purchase of $59 every month.

Derma Nova Collagen cream is available only via this channel and there are no refunds available beyond the 12-days free trial period.

To cancel your auto-ship subscription, you will need to go through their customer care unit for which the company has no BBB backing.

Our final say on Derma Nova

Collagen Age Defying Cream by Derma Nova boasts just the right kind of ingredients for aging skin. Nevertheless, are the ingredients there for sure and if the cream delivers what it claims, you have to be one of the customers to experience it. There are about three testimonials on the official web page supporting the product but we cannot be sure of their authenticity and could not find any specific independent reviews.

The other aspect, which presses on a cautious approach towards this product, is the use of Palmitoyl teterapeptide-7. This ingredient is known for its skin discoloration issue over a prolonged period so it negates the claim of Derma Nova about clearing the skin of spots and blemishes. Therefore, an extended use of this product is not recommended.

The product does not have any backing or support of any independent tests or trials or laboratory testing.

Furthermore, the auto ship policy of the manufacturer binds you into a compulsion of receiving this product on monthly basis, a not very preferred reality from customer’s point of view. If you do not like the product, one is stressed to go through customers care.

Overall, Derma Nova Age Defying Cream is recommended for use as a moisturizer but not for an unlimited time frame. As an anti-aging, customers have better choices to make in the competitive aesthetic market.




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