Dermatek review, for a mole-free skin

Dermatek is a skin cream that clears your skin of unwanted moles within days. The cream helps clear your skin of any other blemishes as well leaving a flawless and a youthful look.

A mole, also called Nevi, is a normal manifestation of our skin and these usually develop in childhood or may appear as a part of the aging process on the skin.  Moles may grow in size with age, sometimes disappearing altogether. An adult may have up to 40 moles on their body, which is considered a normal count.

They are usually brown to tan in color; some may be red, pink, black, and colorless to individual skin-toned. Moles can appear on any part of the body and they are harmless unless they start to itch, bleed, change shape etc.

Moles do not represent any form of the underlying disease; some individuals are genetically prone to them. They develop because of overgrowth of cells in the skin, which are not distributed evenly and depending upon the color of pigment they contain, a mole of varying colors can crop up.

Moles can be your birthmark or may add exquisiteness to your looks but they can be a nuisance if

  • Start bothering by rubbing against your clothing or other apparel
  • Appear at a site whereby disturbing the normal function of any other organ ( e.g. moles appearing at the inner or outer angle of the eye may hinder vision)
  • Unattractive to oneself or others

There are many options for this kind of situation, either accept it as an appendage and ignore it or get it removed. Your dermatologist is a better judge of when and how to remove any mole.

However, if you are the one who wants to take the matter into your own hands and wants a discreet solution to the problem, Dermatek skin cream offers a rescue solution to such annoyance.

The deal about Dermatek

Dermatek is a radical and innovatory skin cream that enables you to get rid of unwanted, unpleasant and unsightly moles at the privacy of your home. Some of the other advantages of this skin treatment are

  • Hasslefree without any mess

While many surgical procedures done at the dermatologist office can leave a scar or any incompletely removed mole or skin tag followed by infection if not properly catered for, Dermatek is a hassle-free solution that clears you of skin troubles.

  • Pain-free therapy

Dermatek is a pain-free management of skin tags and moles, where you have to apply the cream to desired area and the cream, will work its way deep into the skin to gradually but effectively without the pain of any cutting, shaving, burning or freezing procedures.

  • Fast acting combination

Dermatek mole remover, skin cream works fast enough for a skin ointment to bring a flawless touch to your skin. Depending upon the skin type and the mole size, it will usually take three days to a fortnight to erase the mole off your skin.

  • Effective intervention with blemish control

Dermatek not only help get rid of a mole but its combination of different essential oils make your skin moisturized and unblemished.

  • Targets both moles and skin tags anywhere on your body

Dermatek mole remover can be applied anywhere on the skin surface according to an individual’s need.

  • Cost effective formula than surgical interventions

Dermatek therapy for skin moles and tags is affordable and cheaper than a visit to a dermatologist clinic and having a mole removed that may cost from $100-$500 depending upon the individual case.

Ingredients of Dermatek mole remover

Dermatek cream is a combination of ingredients that are FDA approved being all-natural oils. Here is a list

  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Sesame seed oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Calunda oil
  • Thuja Occidentalis

This list of oils is a little confusing because jojoba, sesame, Calunda and Thuja Occidentalis oils have no role to play in removing skin tags and moles.

On the other hand, sweet almond oil and tea tree oil are used for mole reduction and removal as home-based remedies. Lavender oil is also known for its potency against mole removal as well as its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thuja Occidentalis is mentioned in the ingredients of Dermatek as it active and primary ingredient for mole removal. There is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of Thuja Occidentalis as mole removing agent.

The manufacturer of Dermatek has termed this ingredient as HPUS, implying that the ingredient is officially recognized by the American Homeopathic Pharmacopeia.


Rests of the oils have soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties and help reduce puffiness, blemishes, and breakouts on the skin that is for sure.

Side effects of Dermatek

Dermatek does not contain any harsh chemicals for the purpose of mole removal. Its ingredients are safe to use on the skin. The mole removing oils exert their action deep within the skin layers while the soothing and anti-inflammatory oils keep your skin free from any irritation and scarring.

Customer’s review on Dermatek

The official website of Dermatek contains enthusiastic reviews from users and a recommendation from a dermatologist. However, we could not find independent customer’s reviews on the effectiveness of Dermatek.

Dermatek credentials at BBB profile is rated as A based on customer’s services rendered by them. However, searching for customer’s feedback, we did find some very negative and discouraging comments about their customer services and some complaints about overcharging the purchases.

Cost of Dermatek and any guarantees

The official website offers a discount opportunity for its customers; the retail price of Dermatek is about $159.95 but if you want to get your purchase done at the website, you will be getting a 75% discount on Dermatek purchase with the product costing you $39.95.

The shipping of Dermatek is free. The company offers no money back guarantee on their products.

Final say on Dermatek

Dermatek claims to help you achieve a mole free and unblemished skin are trustworthy enough because

  • Ingredients are natural
  • Ingredients are FDA approved
  • HPUS cover

However, if you are opting for a home-based treatment that can deliver the results discreetly, you can adopt many other combinations of essential oils that would help you do exactly that but at a cheaper cost. Therefore, the cost of Dermatek is an issue.

The manufacturer provides no information on the content of their cream so one cannot be sure how long the cream will last and how many purchases you have to make.

The ingredients of Dermatek are natural with no side effects reported as such but the product is not tested by any independent laboratory for its effectiveness. Moreover, the manufacturer offers no money back guarantees. These considerations make Dermatek purchase somewhat unconvincing.

Furthermore, Dermatek is a fair option for moles or skin tags that are few in number and accessible on your body. For moles that are numerous, found at your back and deep rooted, you might have to opt for a dermatologist recommended options.

The conclusion on Dermatek is; the ‘revolutionary technology’ of Dermatek is nothing new but based on time-tested herbal oil remedies that can be applied with discretion and cost-effectively. So why go for a purchase that is not proven by any scientific test and trial to deliver any superior results to traditional therapies.

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