Detox your kidneys the natural way

Bean shaped kidneys play a significant role in our body efficiently and effortlessly, without our conscious effort. Have a look into some dialysis ward and one can well appreciate the cleansing mechanism Mother Nature has granted us with. However, this capably running sieve can also become clogged and bunged, owing to constant workload and environmental toxins. The result becomes apparent as various signs and symptoms that arise due to slowing down of the organ function

  • Dry skin with rashes
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue with lack of focus
  • Palpitations
  • Recurrent urinary infections
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • A feeling of cold and fever with lethargy
  • Changes in appearance of urine
  • Muscle cramps with stiff joints
  • Lower back ache
  • Disturbed appetite and sleep patterns
  • Headaches
  • Bad breath
  • Body odor
  • Gas and diarrhea
  • Increased thirst with food cravings

It can be observed that a slight malfunction in kidneys’ performance can lead to a variety of signs and symptoms representing different systems. The situation can turn out to be worse if not properly taken care of and in such a situation, a precautionary approach is better than an intervention. There is no better way of dealing with your kidneys than natural ones.

There are some general rules pertaining to reviving the kidney function as well as the herbal approach to the subject matter, with different kinds of teas and drinks as an aid.

General guidelines for regular cleansing action

Before embarking on to specific remedies for a kidney detox or a kidney flush procedure, read on the basic guiding principles for a healthy functioning pair of kidneys. By taking care of our everyday diet and fluid portion, the job of a kidney cleanse is halfway done.

  • Drink plenty of plain simple water

Water is the healthiest of drinks on our globe, we are raised to our adulthood with advice like ‘eight glasses of water every day’ and there is no denying this fact. Water is the only fluid that has the inborn ability to keep your body’s biochemistry in homeostasis. Taking adequate water delivers instant results in the form of passage of clear urine that has a very subtle smell, indicating a clear filtering system within your kidneys. No other fluid or drink can replace this amazing knack of water.

  • Fill yourself up with fiber

Taking a regular intake of fruits and vegetables can also help keep the biochemical profile of our body particularly the ones high in potassium as bananas, grapes, oranges, prunes, kiwi, milk and yogurt etc (patients with heart disease should keep their potassium levels in check). Adding vegetables that support a healthy kidney function like celery, beetroot, seaweed, and spinach will keep your kidneys at optimal working.

  • Incorporate fruits into your daily routine

Fruits specifically berry and especially cranberries are an important part of a kidney cleanse. They contain quinine, which is converted into hippuric acid in the liver that is a huge aid in removal of urea and uric acids via kidneys. Berries are also rich in anti oxidants that help fight our body against different infections including any kidney issues.

  • Keep at a healthy choice of food

Avoid too much of alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and processed food items. The fresher your meals are the better reflection it is on your kidney function. Cut down too much of proteins from your diet and go for leaner meat choices from a white source (less of red meat). Too much of salt (as in processed food items) and sugar can present an extra load on the kidneys, therefore, balance is mandatory.

  • Introduce barley and apple cider vinegar into your life

Barley is a grain unlike any other. Having a cup of barley porridge in the morning will rejuvenate you for the whole day. It is observed that a regular consumption of barley aids in bringing down the creatinine levels in the blood representing a healthy kidney function. Barley removes the buildup of toxins within kidneys. Soak a handful of barley in some water and drink it up in the morning.

Similarly, apple cider vinegar is another tonic for your kidneys. Its rich antioxidant content reduces the oxidative stress on the organ and it helps maintain blood sugar and blood pressure, thereby decreasing the overall workload on the kidneys.

Herbal approach to kidney detox

Herbal teas and drinks can outline your kidney detox ritual every few weeks, making it a targeted approach to the subject. Some of the best herbs for this purpose and their mode of consumption will be discussed as

  • Burdock root

Tea made out of Burdock root acts as a diuretic flushing the kidneys of accumulated toxins and acts against any extra fluid build up in the body.

  • Stinging nettle

A rich source of Vitamin C, three cups of stinging nettle tea per day adds to the diuretic function of the kidneys and washes them thoroughly.

  • Rehmannia

A Chinese herb used in the traditional medicine for aiding kidney function can be used as a tea.

  • Parsley

Parsley is a potent diuretic and can be taken as parsley juice with a squeeze of lemon.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a root that has established culinary standing in Asian cuisines, an excellent aid in digestion and helping the kidney flush its toxins by acting as a diuretic. Ginger can be utilized by making a tea.

  • Rakt Chandan

An ayurvedic remedy for kidney cleansing and curing kidney infections.

  • Dandelion

The dandelion tincture is a food additive, however; its potassium content makes it an excellent choice as a diuretic. For kidney detox, use 10-15 drops of dandelion mother tincture thrice daily. This remedy can be safely continued for six months.

Make a dandelion drink by taking a teaspoon of dried dandelion and adding it to a cup of hot water. You can add half a teaspoon of honey for taste, sip this tea at least twice a day.

  • Gokshura

An ayurvedic supplement that boosts kidney functions and brings relief in cases of recurrent kidney stones and kidney infections. It maintains urinary flow and soothes the lining of the urinary tract.

Drink/juice recipes for kidney cleanse

If you are a juice enthusiast and like to try new drinks, then here are some easy juice drinks for an enjoyable kidney detox procedure.

  • Celery drink

Take two celery ribs with half a cup of parsley; add a small cucumber and a carrot to enhance the flavors. Blend the ingredients and enjoy this drink once a day for two weeks for a thorough kidney rinse out.

  • Parsley tea or juice

Parsley can be used as a tea or a juice drink. For tea, take I tablespoon of dried crushed parsley and add hot water to it. Let it infuse, strain and drink this tea twice daily.

For juice, take ¼-cup parsley juice, water ½ a cup, honey and lemon juice ½ teaspoons, blend with a little-crushed ice. Take this drink twice daily for two weeks (pregnant women should avoid it).

  • Watermelon juice

Summers are a great time to detox your kidney and one way is to make use of watermelons. Take few slices of watermelon, blend it with a peeled lime and add honey for flavor. Watermelon is a rich source of potassium and water, thus a great aid in rinsing the pair of kidneys.

  • Beetroot juice

Try beetroot with carrot and lime or beetroot with ginger plus honey.

  • Carrot and cucumber juice

With a little ice added, carrot and cucumber make a powerful duo for an effective kidney flush. This juice will help get rid of uric acid and other toxins from the kidney.

  • Make a cleansing beverage with two teaspoons of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a pure glass of water. It can be consumed anytime for four days in a row for a rejuvenating rinse of the kidneys.

The expected outcome of a successful kidney detox

There is no legit way of knowing that a kidney detox is complete but usually the signs and symptoms subside whenever the procedure is complete or successful. Starting from our skin, which regains the glow and smoothness, all the skin appendages benefit (as hair and nails). One should feel the gradual disappearance of muscle cramps and joint stiffness with an energy that repels any kind of depression or mood alterations. Your headaches should be gone by the time the urine attains its pale color and there should be no urinary infection, whatsoever at the end.

Everybody has an individual biochemistry and responds at a different pace to any detox procedure. The natural remedies take time but they are effective, however, if you are suffering from diabetes, any cardiac condition or any kidney ailment, always consult your physician before initiating any detox regime.

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