Do Cell Phones Affect Brain Activity?

Are you always using your cell phone and people literally need to remind you of being around them? Are you a social media freak who loves to communicate all the times? Are you the one who always keeps the cell phone in the hand, even while sleeping? Admit it that cell phones have emerged into our routine lives for more than just a necessity. At one side people endorse them for being so fast and calculative. On the other side, there are severe health damages linked with it such as cancer.

Cell Phone And Bain Caner- How Are They Linked?

The most latest news which suggests a limited use of cell phones is brain cancer. Yes you have read it right, the excessive use of cell phone is directly linked with brain cancer. It might sound bizarre but the truth is that it really causes it. As the cell phones create an energy spectrum around the user, this energy negatively react with the brain. When you hold a cell phone in your hand, or with your ear for long period, it increases the transfer of energy even more. Metabolism is a process which controls the energy flow inside the body. Glucose metabolism decides how our brain utilizes the energy which we gain from food. when you are using phone, or even holding it, it is more likely to affect you.

Is It Clinically Proven?

This research is preliminary assumption based. There are no clinical links with it which suggests if it is significant or not. Human brain is so sensitive that the cells get affected even my minor radiations. The radiations which are emitted by the cell phones are so strong that it can potentially damage the brain too.

Cancer: Cure vs. Prevention

Cancer is one of the most discussed human disease of the new age. It has been controlled but why do we first need to catch it even if it has a cure. The best solution is to avoid a situation where it is more likely to affect you. The epimediological studies suggest that cell phone excessive usage cause acute damage to the brain, the damage may not be visible or clear at that time. But it leads to a predispose development of a future concern which could be as big and worse, as cancer. Brain cancer is a terrible thing which has multiple reasons. Being one of the most common and highly risky factor, cell phones are potentially linked with the most disastrous effects.

Glucose metabolism has high prevalence near and inside brain. The orbitofrontal cortex and the temporal pole of your brain may be at highest risk to catch these frequencies. This area has highest absorption tendency to radio frequency and electromagnetic fields which your cell phone emits. It really doesn’t matter if your phone if off or on, whenever you are near it, you are at risk. However, the risk is even more increased if you are using the cell phone or its turned on.

So Whats The Solution? 

So, it’s better to avoid a situation which can get you into serious health trouble. Using cell phone is fine but it’s better to be attentive to avoid such a situation. Always make sure that you are not overusing your cell phone, even if you sleep, make sure it’s away from you. These small lifestyle changes will help you to improve the quality of life with the best health.


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