Does Power Testro booster really help in building muscles or not?

The Power Testro is one of the most effective newly launched nutritional supplements that claim to enhance your stamina and boost lean muscles in your body by using amino acids effectively. There are other similar products available in the market as well but there are several qualities present in this product which makes it stand out. Let’s have a look what Power Testro is in detail.

What is Power Testro?

The Power Testro is one of the newest nutritional supplement that is mainly composed of ingredients like L-citrulline and L-taurine for widening the blood vessels and enhancing the maximum strength of your body. It is only available for US residents and offers trial based usage. The company prescribes its usage half an hour before work out.

As this will help in widening your blood vessels and increase their functionality in all possible ways. It also increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood vessels which improves blood circulation. The amazing combination of these powerful natural ingredients even helps you to have sharper concentration.

The Company behind product ‘Power Testro’

According to sources, Power Testro came into being in the year 2016. The Power Testro is made by a company that has not disclosed its name on the official Power Testro website. But however, the contact information and shipping address has been given with full details. The address is as follows:

780 Morosgo Dr. #13111
Atlanta, GA 30324

Similarly, for contacting the company through email:

For customer support, call their toll-free number at (866) 981-5134.

From different sources, the company is apparently located in Atlanta, GA.

How Does Power Testro Work?

The Power Testro natural supplement claims to work with the combination of the following three active ingredients:

  • L-citrulline,
  • L-taurine, and
  • the most effective Pure N.O. Super Molecule.

According to different positive reviews, this male enhancement supplement is 100% natural. It also comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for your ultimate satisfaction. Let’s have a look at the effectiveness and details of each ingredient one by one.

  • L-Citrulline

L-citrulline has been one of the most effective elements for boosting the production of nitric oxide in the whole body. It really helps in relaxing your different parts of the body whether it is arteries, muscles or tissues. It also improves the blood flow in your body which is quite necessary for your work out.

This amazing compound takes an active part in enhancing the functioning of heart and blood vessels. Only L-citrulline can help in lowering the blood pressure, improving the condition of erectile dysfunction, heal wounds because of diabetes, and improve the nourishment of muscles in adults with some chronic intestinal problems.

  • L-Taurine

It has been said that L-taurine is one of the most powerful antioxidants which has always been used to dilate different blood vessels, improve the blood circulation, and help in delivering oxygen to your muscles.

According to medical professionals, the L-Taurine is possibly effective for different purposes like congestive heart failure and other liver diseases (like; hepatitis). However, it not much effective for people having diabetes, lack of exercise performance, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, anemia, lack of mental performance, muscle soreness, inherited muscle wasting disease and lack of sleep.

  • Pure N.O. Super-Molecule

There is not much information given about this super molecule but most of the expected guesses lead to the amino acid L-arginine.

All of these three powerful ingredients have something in common; that all of them are Amino acids. As we known amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they come from different sort of dietary sources because our body cannot produce amino acids on its own self. The Amino acid supplements are most popular in the bodybuilding community and for similar kinds of needs.

Majorly, they have only explained the two or three ingredients that are present in this supplement but we don’t know about what other ingredients are added to it as the company admits usage of other compounds in making this powerful formula.

However, the manufacturer has strongly claimed that all of the ingredients used in this natural supplement are composed of 100% natural formula with no fillers at all. Similarly, the exact amount of L-citrulline and L-taurine is also unknown.

People are usually curious about the amount and ingredient used in this products they are using so the lack of information might cause a setback on its sale. Apart from this, there haven’t been any issues reported in this product but has been claimed as the supplement containing highest quality and highest concentration of ingredients.

If you really want to take your workouts to the next level, which helps in boosting the testosterone production and build more lean muscle mass then we suggest you choose a product that’s supported by research and documented studies (As is the case with this supplement). Not only this but also that this powerful formula doesn’t have any distinct side effects and is not the subject of any scam reports.

How to Use Power Testro?

The manufacturer and experts recommend taking two Power Testro tablets 30 minutes before you start your workout daily. After performing the workout, make sure that you stick your healthy diet plans, drink maximum amount of water and avoid junk food for increasing the effectiveness of this powerful medicine. It won’t do any instant magic to your body rather you have to follow a healthy regime for gaining maximum benefits.

How to Buy Power Testro?

The manufacturer of Power Testro claims that recently media and positive reviews have made this product more famous and powerful. This action has restricted them to give trial offers to 250 trials per day. So, one can easily say that the trial offer is always available.

Similarly, most of the trial offers come along with a great deal like you have to pay only $4.95 today for shipping and handling. The ‘free-trial offer’ thing catches most of the attention of people associated with it.

There is one thing to remember that whenever you enter your credit card information to pay the $4.95 shipping and handling fee along with it, your credit card is pre-charged a total of $89.95. That specific charge will not be fully processed until 14 days after your order, after that the charge will start appearing on your credit card.

This specific amount of charge covers your initial shipment of Power Testro, which is a full-sized capsules bottle. You will receive a full-sized shipment of Power Testro delivered to your doorstep.

For your assistance, all of this information is hidden in small, light-grey text at the very bottom of the Power Testro ordering page.

If you ordered the trial offer of Power Testro and don’t want to pay the full $90 fee, then you should call the company at (866) 981-5134 for cancellation.


The Power Testro is an amazing product but if you are intending to improve the overall shape of your body by developing different muscles and burning the excessive fats because it does not have any powerful and suitable ingredients. Yes, it’s true that this natural supplement is highly effective but very expensive as well.

It has been predicted that maybe it could be harmful to human health if used for a long time and in higher dosages excessively. So, if it is taken with proper instruction in a suitable amount daily then there are no chances of side-effects.


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