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Dr.Hyman is a functional medicine expert with many publications to his credit. At the same time that he plays a role of an author, he is a good speaker with sound knowledge of his forte. Being an established family physician, Dr.Hyman has dedicated and committed to empowering the public to take control of their health by acquainting them with the authority and control they possess over their health.

The internet presents an amazing deal with the world becoming a global village. Among its much potential, the ‘online track’ has enabled many entrepreneurs and pioneers to take a leap in time and highlight their work to the entire globe. Similar is the case with doctors and other professionals in the health field. Where it took years of experience to achieve recognition in the community in the past, identification and credit are a matter of few media appearances and an online site. However, things are not that simple; a successful online credit is only feasible and viable in cases of legitimate, authentic and indisputable toil, whatever the field may be.

The site representing Dr.Hyman expertise and endeavor in his specific work field is an example of one such sweat and exertion. Let us have a look at how the public can benefit from it.

Who is Dr.Hyman?

Mark Hyman MD is an expert in functional medicine, a field the public is not very articulate with, that deals with finding solutions to chronic conditions like hormonal, digestive, metabolic and neurological etc. The concept behind functional medicine can be defined as

  • Treat the individual, start healing and get rid of disease
  • Understand the science behind the disease and you will get to the solution
  • Human body is intelligent enough to self-regulate the homeostasis among the many systems
  • Human body is bestowed with an inborn ability to heal itself
  • Health is not merely the absence of disease (contrary to the definition defined by WHO), rather it is a state of enormous vitality that umbrellas all stages of human existence

“Functional Medicine looks to find the root cause or mechanism involved with any loss of function, which ultimately reveals why a set of symptoms is there in the first place or why the patient has a particular disease label”

The fact that makes functional medicine a step ahead of other approaches is the therapeutic model where patient and the practitioners are at the foundation and disease and its solution follow it.

Dr.Hyman has distinctive attributes to his career as

In addition to all of the above, Dr.Hyman has worked at the level of policy makers, delivering his consultations on various platforms. He has many awards to his credit too. His numerous citations and research work can be accessed at his website.

Highlights of Dr.Hyman official site

The official site of Dr.Hyman exhibits his attempts and ventures focusing the health of an individual. It features his

  • latest articles
  • recent videos on assorted topics
  • Dr.Hyman publications
  • Dr.Hyman programs targeting different aspects of health and vitality
  • Information to keep you updated on Dr.Hyman upcoming events
  • Insight into his establishment and his endorsements into other foundations

Let us have a sneak peek into his programs, which he has personally designed for wellness and vigor of an individual. Currently, he has introduced three of his agenda plans with his expertise as a practitioner of functional medicine.

  • 10-day detox diet

Is available as a book, as a course with complete supplements to aid you along the way, and DVDs (if you do not have time to read).

The cliché of this course is the declaration that “food is the most powerful medicine on the planet”. Debuted at number one both on Amazon and on The New York Times Best Seller list, 10-day detox is all about resetting the hormones, brain chemistry and inflammatory states in our body to stride towards weight loss and fitness.

The site also provides access to a range of supplements that accelerate your journey in the direction of the superior bodily state.

  • Eat fat, get thin cook book

As the name indicates, this publication is about incorporating healthy fats into your diet along with the complete guidelines and recipes for this venture. Dr.Hyman explains how in the absence of processed food, refined sugar, starches and carbohydrates, fats can not only add flavor to your food but actually help you lose the ‘fat’ stored in our bodies by shutting down cravings.

The doctor has collaborated with a chef and infused his knowledge with the chef’s expertise to create 175 recipes for any time of the day that satisfies your taste buds as well as suffice the nutritional requirements of your body. The recipes also include salads, smoothies, vegan specialties and treats for the sweet tooth. Dr. Hyman is all set to prove that the low-fat era is about to end in his specific publication.

  • The blood sugar solution

This specific publication of Dr.Hyman uncovers the formula for combating obesity and diabetes, for which he pronounces a term ‘diabesity’ because, according to him, these two conditions are interrelated and are becoming a global pandemic. According to the doctor, these two conditions are chronic in origin and for such a state that begins silently; there should be a lifelong solution, which he has revealed in his book.

Dr.Hyman has utilized his proficiency of functional medicine to control and reverse obesity and diabetes by the following steps

Optimizing nutrition

Balancing the hormonal state

Cooling off inflammation

Fixing the digestive system

Enhancing detoxification

Boosting the metabolism and energy levels

Composing the mental status

Dr.Hyman ensures success via a six-week program that takes an individual step-by step to a better health category. He explains that diabesity is a social condition, thus a social approach would take you out of it and he tells you ways to do it. This book would help you by giving the control of your body in your own hands and setting your systems on an auto-mode, without the need of any doctor or physical expert. The recorded testimonials of real life individuals would urge you to take the proactive approach to health and vigor.

The Blood Sugar Solution cookbook compliments the original book for people with prediabetes, diabetes II or for those who simply need to lose weight and get their vigor back. The book takes you on a course of low-glycemic, anti-inflammatory, gluten- and dairy-free way of eating along with teaching you the flexibility to work through holidays and family events without getting off track.

Some words about Dr.Hyman organization

Dr.Hyman is the founder and director of the UltraWellness Center. The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA is the hub of functional medicine services provided by a team of physicians and nutritionists. The physicians are board certified in family practice or internal medicine while the nutritionists are also trained to work along the lines of utilizing food as a therapeutic agent. The physicians and nutritionists work in collaboration to deliver functional, integrative and nutritional medicine as a basic line of defense against disease.

There is an extensive list of disease conditions, which are treated at the UltraWellness Center from acne to Thyroid disorder, simple detox to digestive problems and so on via the following integrative approach

  • Diet and lifestyle modifications
  • Nutritional and specialized testing
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Medications

So whether you are facing some individual circumstance or suffering from chronic state and need to get back into your healthy self again, get a personalized therapeutic schedule for yourself or a loved one at the UltraWellness Center.

Final say

The official site of Dr.Hyman is not about all praises for the doctor himself; rather it opens up a window to extreme health and wellness via the tool of functional medicine. It clears away any skepticism about how the very same food you consumed for so long and got into trouble can be the exit route out of it. The site provides complete information on books and supplements if you are proactive enough to achieve the desired targets. If you want a personalized attention, you can always visit the UltraWellness Center and see for yourself how things work out at the platform of functional medicine.


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